GOP Chair Dan Lederman on Twitter

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  1. I’ve heard the gov has a choice.

    I would like the gov to come out and oppose the legislature meddling with the party and I’d also like to see the new chair say the same.

    1. the last time we got the Governor’s Choice, the party was run as the Governor’s PAC, there was no recruitment or support for legislative candidates, and the central committee members were treated like mushrooms.
      Dan will be missed

        1. The choice of Tony VH and Dusty J to run the party after giving rave the boot was brilliant. Ended up running the books in the red while focusing on computer games. Was in the state for a couple cups of coffee.

          1. it was Pam Roberts who treated the Central Committee like mushrooms and did nothing in the way of building the party, recruiting or supporting candidates. Under Pam, the Central committee meetings, which many people drove over 4 hours to attend, lasted about 45 minutes and consisted of her telling us about high-flying fundraisers few of us had been invited to much less even heard about. And while she described them as wildly successful, one person who had been invited said it was the last time he was going to spend money like that, it was a bad experience. Not enough pheasants or something.

  2. Thank you Dan for working hard for our state and party. Sometimes the people that work the hardest are the least appreciated. I appreciate what you have done.

  3. Upon the announcement of Dan not running for re-election for SDGOP Chair the Nebraska based blog “Dazed & Glazed” aka Dakota Free Press turned into an Anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic, Racist, Anti-LGBTQ, Conspiracy theory hate fest. Rather than be gracious and wish Dan Lederman well in his next chapter recognizing doing a great job with SDGOP dominance absolute despicable behavior is displayed over at the “Dazed and Glazed” blog.

    1. Which one of those people are growing weed? It’s not your Public Enemy #1. I wonder how Mr. Fred feels about the GOP demon weed peddler.

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