Gov. Daugaard Signs IM 22 Replacement Measures

Gov. Daugaard Signs IM 22 Replacement Measures 

PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard this morning signed five measures to replace concepts of Initiated Measure 22 which were supported by the public.

“State officials of all stripes undertook the difficult work of replacing Initiated Measure 22 with constitutional, workable legislation that meets the goals advanced by the IM 22,” said Gov. Daugaard. “Public servants from West River and East River, on the right and the left, and in the legislative and executive branches came together on these bills.”

Among the bills signed was House Bill 1073, the lobbyist gift ban bill brought by Speaker Mark Mickelson. HB 1073 prohibits legislators, statewide elected officials and heads of Executive Branch agencies from accepting pricey gifts from lobbyists.

“Proponents of IM 22 sold the measure by promoting a perception that state lawmakers are receiving expensive gifts from lobbyists. The speaker’s bill addresses that concern by helping to ensure a legislative process which allows lobbyist influence only through their arguments,” the Governor said.

Gov. Daugaard also signed House Bill 1076, Rep. Karen Soli’s bill to establish a government accountability board. The board is made up of four retired judges and has the authority to turn issues of concern over to the Division of Criminal Investigation. Rep. Soli worked with her colleagues across the aisle and Executive Branch officials to form the proposal.

In addition to HB 1073 and HB 1076, the Governor also signed:

HB 1052 – An Act to provide certain protections for public employees.

HB 1165 – An Act to provide for annually updated financial interest statements for any person elected to statewide or local office.

SB 131 – An Act to revise certain provisions concerning the period of time certain persons are prohibited from lobbying after leaving office.