Gov. Noem Launches Whistleblower Hotline for Higher Education

Gov. Noem Launches Whistleblower Hotline for Higher Education

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem announced a new whistleblower hotline for students, faculty, parents, and taxpayers to report concerns at institutions of higher education in South Dakota. These individuals can call 605-773-5916 to voice their concerns.

“Our children are our future, and South Dakota universities and technical colleges should best prepare them for our future,” said Governor Noem. “As I work with our Board of Regents and Board of Technical Education to chart our path for higher education, we are giving students, faculty, and parents this tool to help voice any concerns so that they can be addressed.”

Governor Noem first announced this whistleblower hotline in a letter to the Board of Regents.

Governor Noem recently appointed Jim Lochner and Doug Morrison to the South Dakota Board of Regents. She will be making additional appointments to the Board of Regents in the near future.


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    1. kind of like a “cultural revolution?” interesting point. i’m gonna pull out a book from my asbestos lined library.

  1. People that don’t like Spearfish don’t like Spearfish because of the geology.

    They usually don’t like it because of some of the strange behavior that endures here.

    I’ve been back here going on 12 years, now, and I’ve story boarded the book about my experience as a worldly outsider with exceptionally thick skin and an aptitude for diffusing social engineering s-shows.

    The culture of this town literally pushes people into poverty and on to social services. There is no desire to create foundational economies and upward mobility for young high school graduates into future proof jobs (EB5 and H1B are very, very bad for our community). It seems to be all sex ops, exploitation, and draining people ala the Dark Crystal.

    The first step to fixing a problem, sadly, is facing the problem and removing leader that cause them (not necessarily elected leaders).

    The way Spearfish has operated in that time (which includes the university) has been perplexing and obnoxious.

    But I love the geology so I stayed.

    I also LOVE a good brain fight and test of will (you have no idea what I’ve been through and how hard it’s made me in some important ways).

    When people hear I’m from here and they are from some other state or have never lived near Spearfish, they usually have nice things to say. When speaking to SD insiders, though, you get slurs like “fascists” and “spearditch”.

    It’s earned, but not by me.

    I’m making my stand here, and I am humbled by all the support from people of all walks of life who have been damaged by what I would call lazy economic leadership (among other things done lazily).

    Where we are, how we got here, where we want to go, and how we’re going to get there .. that’s my focus.

    The Governor just left some teeth on the ground and opened a nice wide path forward.


    Because for a long time the bad outweighed the good .. probably still does, but it’s calculus; a quickly changing problem changing at a changing rate.

    From what I could see of the incoming class, BHSU’s house better be in order, because parents are not just watching, they are on watch.

    Higher education starts with reason/common sense, western values like free speech and self defense, cleaning out the G.D. heavy drugs, checking the pill pushing psychotropic community, and full access to children for parents while allowing a natural progression of independence for children, who all have different timelines for everything.

    BHSU’s “separation ritual” is a bad strategy (we just went through that cute little isht show) and gets things off on the wrong foot.


    Please follow up and follow through.

    I’ll be doing my thing for as long as I can.

      1. I type 100 wpm. It took no time at all, really .. less time than a smoke break.

        What do you have to say about the issue, bro?

  2. don’t like Spearfish should read don’t not like Spearfish (it’s a double negative, but I would argue an appropriate one).

    1. thank you. i was just about to make that exact comment, about the appropriate place for a double negative.

  3. Who will resign from the freedom caucus to join the board of regents? Who else loves freedom as much as our governor? Will Sue Peterson drop her senate run to serve freedom? Will Bethany Soye? Julie Auch led the fight against the communist Chinese takeover of our monitory policy and she would be great. Amelia Joy just her advanced degree in Washington while serving full time as the govs press secretary. What about Maggie Seidel? She’s eligible and lives in Pierre now I believe fighting for student success. The options for freedom are endless.

  4. If they’re in college, they know how to contact you already, Kristi. Students should flood her tattler hotline with complaints about the food.

    1. I wouldn’t bet your next paycheck on every SD College student knowing how to contact the Governor. Nice stomp on 1A though, how dare anyone tattle?! Never ceases to amaze me the double standard regarding whistleblowers. Seems like you pick and choose whichever way the wind blows that day. I’ll make sure to be upwind because the stench of corruption with Elk’s ilke will surely make me more nauseous.

      1. ANYONE can google how to contact Kristi Noem.

        I don’t want the governor micro-managing higher education. Politicizing every aspect of college life. Universities are supposed to expose students to a range of ideas. But she is trying to silence opposing views. And… of course… get headlines.

        She creates friction every week with her political stunts. She… is the problem.

    2. if this hotline triggers more debates over breastfeeding advice i will consider it worthwhile.

    1. Curious on who you think is at top of the food chain for South Dakota Education?

  5. I used to do what I could to sell SD Universities to prospective students in and out of South Dakota. A few followed my advice. It was one of the best experiences I ever had attending a state land grant university in SD. No more! I’ll advise them to go elsewhere.

  6. Is this P. Aitch a pronoun in Colorado now? So glad we don’t have to deal with their problems like crime, homelessness, and the amount drug abuse in Colorado.

  7. This is too crazy to not respond to. Less government is what our governor touts. Is a tattletale phoneline less government? Is she going to follow up on these? Sounds like big mama is watching. I taught for 32 years and in those years saw some, not all, parents give their kids everything, no rules, no expectations, got them anything they wanted – i.e. they entitled them. Then we went through no zero or F grading. You mean a kid who slouches in school and doesn’t put forth the effort gets a B? Low graduation rates may be because the kids aren’t cutting it. Would you want your kid to go into the work force if they weren’t ready or hadn’t completed the curriculum efficiently. Let’s monitor the grade records and attendance of the kids not graduating.

  8. I graduated from 2 South Dakota Universities over 50 years ago..BA and MS. Great experience at both institutions. Prepared me for my field and gave me a foundation of communication skills and the flexibility of a Liberal Arts Education so that I was confident I could adjust and adapt to challenging situations and people. I have benefited economically, socially, and professionally, all of my life from my South Dakota education. Sorry to say, I think the Governor has completely missed the boat on this one and I hope, cooler heads will prevail.

  9. Poor Duety is going to spend his whole first term repairing the damage Kristi has wrought for a few headlines.

  10. I just let the Board of Regents know that in addition to the students misuse of pronouns, they had better keep a close eye on those brainwashed kids and their dipthongs and dangling participles. I’m on the fence about serving Chinese food at the Student Union though. I do love a good moo goo gai pan. Keep up the good work Gov. Noem, you’re a true visionary.

  11. On the heels of the Colorado Education Association adopting a resolution declaring that “Capitalism inherently exploits children, public schools, land, labor and resources,” this is a good idea. Funny this came out of Colorado, where the federal government already owns 36% of the land, (and the state owns ALL the public schools.) Who is exploiting whom there?

    If such nonsense is espoused here, immediate steps should be taken to pay educators according to their needs, not their abilities. Tenure can be decided by the number of children they produce, not the number of books they have published, a widowed school bus driver with several dependents can be paid more than a childless school superintendent. Things like that. It would be fun to watch.

    1. i think it’s fair, in the spirit of milton friedman, to pragmatically track the actual state of things, in concert with our inmost desires for pure free-market capitalism. in a prior era, our government had the power and moral imperative to be an even handed referee, putting limits on unbridled exploitive capitalism, and enforcing a fair playing field. over time, these referees have been through a form of exploitation which have left them beholden to the cronies in the current form of crony capitalism which exists in the usa. our government uses various justifications to pick winners and losers on a constant basis, rather than let the free market lift hard workers and penalize scoundrels. the sin of the colorado education group is in their imprecise wording of the issue, and an unfortunate phraseology that plays into marxist-style class warfare. it is harder to declare an intention to dissect and review crony capitalism and get people excited about it i guess.
      the concept of exploitation is certainly fair game for our schools and students though.

  12. The growing number of top graduates from SD high schools that require tutoring at state universities should give folks something to ponder.

    1. As a valedictorian of one of the SF schools I have to inform you we don’t stay in state.

      Maybe think before talking out your cloaca next time.

      1. Then leave. Experience what you believe to be the better life. Then like many I know, they come back. I’ll take SD over any state right now. My years on this planet reinforces this on my travels abroad and in the 49 states. Experience education on the west coast or drugs in Seattle and Portland. Massive homeless encampments in CA. Violence in Chicago and New York. Taxes in MN.
        I’ll take this state warts and all over any other.

      2. Also, your false sense of success of bring a “valedictorian of one of the SF schools ” doesn’t guarantee you anything in this world. Be prepared to be working for a C student. Much less arrogant and hard working.
        The students in the trades are guaranteed a job and could have their own business in 5 years. You’ll be doing their books or law work.

    2. This is a perfect example of saying you’re out of touch without literally saying “I’m out of touch”

  13. A well considered survey required of all college graduates would definitely be a source to indicate which colleges and departments are in lockstep with which idealogy. The growing “payroll savings practices” in school districts should also be something to look at. A newly minted teacher replacing experienced teachers may save a buck or two up front but what is the true cost with our children, the future of our states greatest investment?

    1. Yay for you! I support endless bread sticks and salad at Olive Garden… Whats your point?

      1. Hey Pain in the Aitch…should you be giving the competition, Olive Garden, kudos when you are a McDonalds grill operator?

        1. Ooooh, is that a slight against folks who work at fast food establishments? Well well well, aren’t you the distinguished one!

          1. No, not a slight against people who work at fast food establishments. Only a slight against a moron fry cook who tries to pass himself off as a genius.

      2. My point is this: the state and its taxpayers fund our institutes of higher learning. It is stupid to have college professors and students waste time talking about who identifies with what pronouns. Students should go to class and learn about science, history, English, business…all of this other unrelated garbage provokes aberrant woke chatter. Good God.

  14. If any of the supporters of this foolish hotline had even studied history, surely they would remember how well similar pogroms have faired in 1930’s Germany, 1920’s Russia, and so on and so forth. But that would require them to have the wear with all and grace to acknowledge that other viewpoints can exist.

    1. Oh man! I am going to call that number, because you’re studying non-SD approved history! I feel your comment makes me feel inferior and sad – due to my German heritage. How dare you!!

      1. wow, i was going to call and report the misspelling of “wherewithal” but you do you.

      1. Sooo, you’re against the gov’s tattle-tale phone number just like the “libbies” phone number about the thing you disagree with? Careful, your whataboutisim is showing…

  15. Thank god. A hotline for people to report each other to the governor’s office. We need some sort of camp for reported people to re-educate them after liberal brainwashing.

    Some REALLY uncomfortable historical parallels people are ignoring.

  16. Freedom dude. That’s the point. I can’t wait to see what’s next. She has to be desperate as the GOP field expands and she slips further out of sight.

  17. Having received a Liberal Arts education in the Humanities in South Dakota, I see this “hot line” as doing nothing but causing trouble for dedicated teachers and gifted students. I think the Governor only wants to look for trouble and cause needless controversy.

  18. Interesting thought.
    The left loves not allowing conservatives to speak on college campuses or have differing viewpoints that don’t follow the progressive narrative.
    They insist that biological males compete with biological females but call themselves feminists.
    They insist and mandating bathroom choice yet not allow others to have the same choice.

    Some of this unfortunately is just an evolution of control each side perpetuates.

    Teachers and school boards forcing their views on students and parents instead of just focusing on education.

    1. Sure! Why not bring Sidney whatever her name is to our college campusus and she can talk about how the 2020 election was stolen. Why not Alex Jones? Mike Lindell?

        1. Do it and make arrangements. It would be fun to watch and add to the prestige and recruitment of our state universities. Serve beer, peanuts and have some good laughs.

          1. Antifa, the klu klux Klan on the left and neo nazis on the right. They are both extreme and both have a right to speak. Whether anyone listens or goes to their rallies is another thing. As long as you’re not pushing violence it’s a constitutional right.
            Both sides have their extremes that inflict violence.
            People will judge. Universities were the birth place at Berkeley in the 60s but the left is the one shutting down speech they disagree with. Free speech gives us the right to offend and be offended but shutting down speech you disagree with is a dangerous road.

  19. Good point..Ymous, but, as citizens we all have a duty to be civil in our discourse and not go out of our way to offend people or threaten their rights.

    1. With all due respect is a 2 way street. Shutting down speech that’s offensive to one but not others?
      Who decides this?
      We saw an election cycle where the government shut down speech through social media that was true.
      You don’t have a right to not be offended.
      Calling someone anti trans because they don’t agree with child mutilation doesn’t seem fair but speech is protected.
      The last institution I want calling balls and strikes is the government

  20. Elk thinks it no big deal the CIA and intelligence community ran a disinformation campaign in a US presidential election. Enuff said.

  21. Kristi keeps attacking campus drag shows that are seen by few adults and virtually no children. But she is not alone in her hysteria.

    There he is. On the left column of this page… Scott Odenbach. Taking the words PRIDE MONTH and using the middle letters to puke out the word “DEMON”.

    Juvenile and vile. Who does that? Most of us know good people who happen to be gay.

    Do you think before you post this garbage for the world to see, Scott?

    Every group or political organization has flaws, but I’ll tell you what’s demonic. It’s not a rainbow parade. It often comes from those you think you can trust. Priests and ministers that are known to have abused children by the thousands. Those abuses… actually exist.

    Would Scott Odenbach ban churches too? After all, minister sounds a lot like “sinister”.

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