Gov. Noem Pledges to Keep Elections Free and Fair

Gov. Noem Pledges to Keep Elections Free and Fair

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem sent a letter to the South Dakota State Legislature, thanking them for their continued emphasis on free and fair elections in South Dakota.  In the letter, Governor Noem promised to continue working with legislators on election integrity in the upcoming legislative session. You can read the Governor’s letter here.

“It is our duty as elected officials to deliver free and fair elections — the people of South Dakota deserve no less. Those elections must have integrity,” said Governor Kristi Noem. “Our American form of government is built on the people’s voice, which they speak at the ballot box.”

Governor Noem was responding to a letter received from 24 state legislators last week. In their letter, the group of legislators praised the Governor’s past leadership in preserving the state’s election integrity. The Governor thanked lawmakers for their help in those efforts.

“I appreciate the attention of the legislature on this important issue, and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished together to strengthen South Dakota’s already excellent election laws,” continued Governor Noem.

Earlier this year, Governor Noem signed a ban on “Zuck Bucks” in South Dakota, prohibiting private funding of election costs.

Governor Noem stated that all elections in South Dakota should be conducted in a transparent fashion. She said the public needs to have faith in the voting process.

“That also includes ensuring that the right to vote is not tainted by illegal ballot harvesting or improperly ‘stuffed” ballot boxes,” wrote Governor Noem.

17 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Pledges to Keep Elections Free and Fair”

  1. “I want free and fair elections where dead people are not able to vote, or where Democrats get a chance to vote two or three times.” Seriously? Ballot box stuffing? When have our ballot boxes been stuffed with bogus ballots? You do realize that our polling places are overseen by Republicans and Democrats, and most of our Auditors are Republicans, and the Secretary of State is a Republican. Truly a dumb move on the part of the group of legislators, and the Governor.

  2. I will do something…after the elections have already happened! Oh wait that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

  3. Kristi Noem acknowledges… “South Dakota’s already excellent election laws”.

    That is not what those 24 legislators want to hear. You can’t pacify them with a pat on the head.

    1. She thinks she is a female version of Trump. Noem comes across poorly trying to act like Trump all the time.

  4. Why does Government love to “Audit” American Citizens, but when it comes to the Citizens wanting to “Audit” the Government, the government always puts up a road block?

    Nothing with AUDITING the government, audit the complete electoral system of recorded Domiciles, Master Voter Registration File, and All Ballots Requested, and Received,

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  5. Another set of meaningless platitudes to appease a horde of deluded morons worried about an imagined problem.

  6. The election fraud going on here involves the filing of false statements (a class 6 felony under SDCL 22-11-28) by people who filed to be Precinct Committee men and women, who signed statements that if elected they would serve, when they actually had no intention of fulfilling their job duties.

    That is the fraud going on, and many of them were recruited to file those false statements by activists in the Republican party. The Governor knows who they were.

  7. When Tonchi joins the SOS team we won’t have to worry about election integrity anymore in South Dakota.

    1. What will this Tonchi do that is not being done now? What will be done to improve what SOS already has in place that works well? We already have safe, secure elections despite this elongated fantasy ranting of the Republican party’s dear leader.

      1. You obviously don’t know liberty like tonchi. She will run out the communist sympathizers and out of state liberal activists bringing respect back to our election process. She’s the only one to match (not literally of course) the heft Jason Gant brought to that office.

  8. How are she and all the other Trumplicans gonna respond their dear leader’s demand on his failing TruthySocial that he be made president immediately?

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