Gov. Noem Signs “Evil Foreign Governments” Bill into Law

Gov. Noem Signs “Evil Foreign Governments” Bill into Law

 SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Today, Governor Noem signed SB 189 into law. The bill restricts state and local governments from contracting with six “Evil Foreign Governments.” Governor Noem signed the bill at the 114th Fighter Wing at Joe Foss Field in Sioux Falls. You can find photos from the bill signing event here.

“Our taxpayers’ dollars should not be revenue streams for evil foreign governments,” said Governor Noem. “With this legislation, South Dakota will continue to be a beacon of Freedom to the rest of the nation. We will continue to lead by putting the security of our people first and stepping up to preserve Freedom for future generations.”

This bill codifies Governor Noem’s Executive Order 2023-02 by restricting state and local governments from contracting with the following “Evil Foreign Governments:” the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Cuba, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Governor Noem has signed 184 bills into law and vetoed four this legislative session.


15 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Signs “Evil Foreign Governments” Bill into Law”

  1. So only blocking the state government from contracts, personal people and private companies can continue as normal – so A NOTHING BILL!! Yay for the press conferences and hype around not a damn thing.

    Question is will they stop using Smithfield Pork Products?

  2. Evil foreign governments. This administration has a Cartoon Network vibe with its fancy signs and made up events and made up concerns. These signing ceremonies lately have been much ado about next to nothing. I get the feeling the signs and slogans are what matter. It’s not policy for sure as most of the bills boasted about do little to nothing in the end other than provide for a sound bite.

      1. Oh great… Now I can’t get the music of “Spooky Scary Skeletons” out of my head.

        Evil foreign governments
        Send shivers down your spine
        Shrieking skulls will shock your soul
        Seal your doom tonight

        Evil foreign governments
        Speak with such a screech
        You’ll shake and shudder in surprise
        When you hear these zombies shriek

    1. Gotta set the stage for the possible nomination for VP! Love Trump, hate China – all while not accomplishing anything but trying to grab headlines. Sarah Palin 2.0 is not a good thing for SD.

  3. At least she is doing something to make the people aware and making a good start towards a shunning of people who buy from China instead of just whining about it. And yes, none of us should buy from Smithfield.

    1. Or GE. Or Moto (formerly Motorola). Or AMC Theaters. GM would be in a world of hurt without Chinese parts. She and other State employees will not be allowed to stay at Hilton properties. But this law is gonna do nothing except get her on Fox “News” again.

    1. Great question!
      Makes it a bipartisan bill to have big spender like Paulie in the pic.

  4. A meaningless bill done purely for the people too lazy to read it. It seems like she is passing some bills based not on what they accomplish, but for the headlines. It’s annoying and transparent. Enough already.

  5. I wonder how that conversation went down. “Let’s get a sign that with big bold letters that says EVIL FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS.” I imagine everyone thought it was a fantastic idea. Reminds me of watching Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies. Laughable.

  6. I wonder how long Cuba will remain “evil”, as the boomers die off, I think the memories and fears will go away? We have many on the right supporting Russia since they supported Trump financially. They were the ones that set up missiles down there, the regime at the time that allowed it, is gone. If Russia is okay with them, then Cuba should be okay.

  7. Will the Communist Chinese owned Smithfield plant be closed in Sioux Falls? We have an Air National Guard Base nearby and the CCP could have operatives at the plant.

    Is this version by our “Out of State” Governor the “EVIL FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS” or “AXIS of EVIL?” AXIS of EVIL 2.0?

    Would blue states like our neighbor and economic powerhouse Minnesota fall into that category EVIL GOVERBNMENTS even though they help pay our bills since we are a chronic welfare state?

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