Gov. Noem’s “Freedom Works Here” Continues to Bring People to South Dakota

Gov. Noem’s “Freedom Works Here” Continues to Bring People to South Dakota

PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem’s “Freedom Works Here” nationwide workforce recruitment campaign is still telling South Dakota’s story to the rest of the nation. California recently became the first state with over 1,000 applicants.

“These ads have achieved their goal: people are talking about South Dakota. Those of us who were born and raised here know how wonderful the state is – and it’s time for the rest of America to see that, too,” said Governor Noem. “I am so happy to see folks from all over the country looking into moving their families to South Dakota. Freedom-loving Americans from coast to coast want to be a part of the great life we’ve all built for ourselves here in the heartland.”

6,792 people have applied to move to South Dakota through “Freedom Works Here.” Over 1,547 applicants are in the final stages of moving to South Dakota. The most applications have come from California (1,048), Florida (519), Texas (488), Minnesota (374), and New York (312). 183 South Dakotans have also used the campaign as a tool to get plugged into career opportunities. A map showing where applicants are from can be found here.

These numbers represent those working directly through the “Freedom Works Here” program. Even more people are finding jobs and moving to South Dakota of their own accord after seeing the ads.

More information about the Freedom Works Here campaign can be found here.


26 thoughts on “Gov. Noem’s “Freedom Works Here” Continues to Bring People to South Dakota”

  1. I’ve been happy to see some of our elected officials moving away from the boring content and making some entertaining video and print ads.

    Kudos to kristi. She is the right person to promote South dakota. Her being in the videos and showing a sense of humor is good for SD and she is the best sales person we have when it comes to finding someone to be in the videos.

  2. “Oooh, I love to dance a little side-step. Now they see me; now they don’t; I’ve come and gone.”

  3. I hope they are targeting residents of Staten Island. Those folks need Snake Plissken to rescue them.

  4. come to think about it, Kristi could do the Snake Plissken look for her next ad. A sleeveless t-shirt, leather pants, eye patch, and guns, she could totally rock that look.

    1. Yeah, don’t forget the dry ice and maybe a boat with a dragon’s head on the bow. Gotta be entertained everywhere nowadays, don’t we? Church, school, politics. Heck, I won’t even go to a funeral if there aren’t drum sets and electric guitars.

  5. Noem is doing an amazing job. I just worry that Rhoden won’t be able to carry her legacy forward in ’26. It’s important someone with Noem’s vision and policies succeeds her for the future of SD.

    1. i think matt michels proved the l-g isn’t necessarily the next in line. if governor noem becomes vp, rhoden would have two years incumbency under his belt. so there’s that.

      1. Count me as “number two” number two if you want, but I’m with them. It’s better than what I’d have to call myself if I bowed my head to anyone who not only preaches, but mandates, a morality she rejects for herself.

          1. I’m convinced this is just one person who keeps up with this height insult in relation to the dakota free press blog. I have been called “short” or a “CAH short army” whenever I disagree with the autocratic opinion.

            Funny thing is, I never knew about DFP until it was brought up here in the comment sections. I have yet to see a picture, or real life meeting of the owner, and could care less of their height. It is kind of a weird insult for adults to use….

        1. Middle school. . .oh, you mean where “In God We Trust” is stenciled on the walls by order of people who claim to hate government control. Sure. Good thing they didn’t put up the Ten Commandments. Somebody just might read #6 and wonder how that squares with this statement:

          “My relationship with the Lord is my foundation in all things. As a result, the values I hold according to biblical principles impact my decisions: we are called to love, but we’re also instructed to stand for truth. I’m hopeful my leadership reflects that.” — Kristi Noem, NPR interview, March 2018.


          Called to a rather spicy kind of love, I’d say!

          Truth be told, I couldn’t care less if she had an affair or not. But I’m done listening to her gasbag about her strong family values and how the Bible guides her in all things. She’s no better than any of us are. Why does anyone put up with this kind of talk from her?

          1. Oops, I made a mistake. Somewhere, probably in middle school, I learned #6 forbade adultery. No offense meant to those whose churches or synagogues put that one at #7.

  6. I thought it was pay to play to see the results? No story out there yet on the shakedown of locals to pay for her campaign style ads. Keep winning Kristi. It is something to see.

  7. I’m sure all those Californians and New Yorkers are just salivating at South Dakota’s competitive salaries. And I bet those soccer moms will love their healthcare after the zealots have chased all the OB/GYNs to blue states. Oh, and did we tell you about our amazing educational system? Yes, your middle-class dreams for your upwardly mobile children will surely come to fruition here, since attending a school free of CRT is a much stronger indicator of future success than, say, achievement in reading or math.

    So, welcome to your new home! Speaking of which, you might want to verify that your newly-built home doesn’t happen to rest atop an abandoned gypsum mine, because neither Kristi Noem nor any lawmaker here will go bat for you if that sucker caves in.

  8. Vince,

    That’s a fair question. The answer is I don’t hate it. I’m a 4th-generation South Dakotan, born and raised, who took work in the defense sector and ended up on the coast after several transfers. That was my choice and I don’t lie awake with regrets. When I got to retirement age I returned because our way — the Dakota way — is better. I want to see it last.

    Hate South Dakota? Not even close! I left the coast in a heartbeat to retire at home, only to find that the governor of this state wants to bring the coast here.

    Vince, do you really want people who think nothing of dropping half a million on a house coming here and driving up your property taxes? Do you want people who think an hour-long commute is “short” planning the future layout of your city or town? When their kids on scooters and other motorized toys zip past people walking with canes and walkers, what will you think then? Trust me, it’s a problem I encountered out there. They’re nice enough folks, but their attitude is that it’s all their world. That’s not the South Dakota I’m from or that I want to see. How about you?

    When they start voting and getting on city councils, school boards, and holding state-level offices, will they be thinking with your community’s needs and values in mind or will they be thinking with their needs and values in mind? Take a hard look at what’s going on out there and see what those values are. Is it safe to assume they’re really South Dakotans at heart, or are they just looking to make your backyard their backyard? You think they care about your grandparents’ ranch where you used to hunt with your dad or what the Black Hills or the Missouri River mean to you? That’s where their future gated communities and mini-mansions will be if they have their way.

    Why is the governor of South Dakota going out of her way to cater to Californians, Floridians, and New Yorkers? It’s great for a few realtors, developers, and landlords who will get a higher-paying clientele. But folks who have been here for generations will find themselves pushed out and marginalized. Say what you want about all the jobs this will supposedly create, I don’t see how more baristas, waiters, and cashiers making just over minimum wage will lift our people very far or boost our GDP. It’s not like the people moving here are creating high-income professional occupations in the state. They’re taking the few jobs like that that exist here for themselves or working remotely.

    The governor should be for South Dakotans. But she has passed us over to seek out a better class of people than you and me. That’s wrong.

    Sorry to disagree, Vince, but I haven’t seen a strong enough argument for the other side yet. Everyone just seems to assume the magic will happen on its own. As for the governor herself, she doesn’t seem to like too many hard questions.

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