Governor Kristi Noem at CPAC: Government crushed the economy

From CPAC, Governor Kristi Noem had some words for attendees on exactly what ground our economy to a halt:

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  1. In her speech, Kristi said: “I don’t know if you agree with me, but Dr. Fauci is wrong a lot”

    Oh? Who said it would go away by Easter? Who said it would go away by summer? Who said it was like the flu? Who claimed we were rounding the corner? Who dismissed masks and social distancing all year long? Who was wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong?

    Try another guess, Kristi.

    1. Dr. Fauci, On the worst day SD can expect 10,000 hospitalizations, on the worst day there were about 600.

      Dr. Fauci, SD can expect up to 17,000 dedfron COVID. Active infections are down almost 70%, and we are no where near 17,000 and we won’t be.

      Dr. Fauci, no need to wear masks they aren’t effective, now we not only need to wear one but two masks.

      And who can forget this gem from the fraud fauci there is no need to worry about this virus.

      1. First, Fauci was Trump’s guy. But you now want to blame Fauci for early forecast variances (based on terrible numbers early on from NY region) when Trump and Noem were wrong all year. And wrong now.

        The virus would go away by Easter? I suppose you have conveniently forgotten that whopper. “Rounding the corner” the President said in August.

        And Kristi promoted the biker rally and fairs and was stunned to see our numbers skyrocket in the following months.

        Oh yea. Fauci is the one that was wrong, alright.

          1. He was working under Trump but refused to go along with the lies. Now, some of you attack the credible Fauci in defense of the politician who really did get it all wrong.

              1. Trump appointed Fauci to the Coronavirus Task Force in January 2020. Right?

                He later pushed him off stage when he didn’t cooperate on the political front.

                1. Elke, you are just a Noem hater. Back to what Noem said, Fauci was wrong a lot and she was right. I notice that you were not able to defend Fauci, so you attacked Trump, who btw paved the way for the vaccine productions that are now saving lives. Also, Fauci was wrong more times than what Tim was able to write on.

                    1. And yet another deflection because elk can’t defend what he stated…give it up pal.

  2. Steve writes that I am “deflecting”?

    Where have I ever said that Fauci’s Covid estimates early last year were without error. He gave rough estimates and he warned that they were only estimates. He advised against masks early on, until their use was proven to be helpful. That is true.

    Compare that to Trump and Noem. They still have it all wrong. They hold gatherings where masks and distancing are not encouraged. Group gatherings are OK. No need for more testing. It’s going away. Rounding the corner. On and on. NOBODY got it wrong more than Trump but you point the finger of blame at Fauci??

    Noem encouraged the Rally and fairs only to see our numbers climb to record highs. Deny it if that makes you feel better.

  3. So President Trump and Governor Noem were wrong at every turn….

    -At the end of January President Trump enacted a travel ban to the US from China and other severely affected countries.
    -Joe Biden called Trumps travel ban Xenophobic and racist.
    Who was wrong ?

    -President Trump gets the ball rolling to get a vaccine and treatments under development through emergency declaration. Less than one year later at the end of his term almost 1M people/day were getting vaccines (and SD is doing well under the Governor Noem department of health).
    -Joe Biden takes over in 2021 and decides to follow his own plan of vaccine distribution and in the first few weeks almost 20% of the vaccine has to be thrown out because of delays and confusion over his plan.
    And who screwed up here?

    -Cuomo was advised to spend money preparing for emergencies, i.e., ventilators and PPE. He instead spent the money on a solar panel factory that has turned out to be a first-class Charlie Foxtrot.
    -President Trump enacted the Defense Production Act to get New York ventilators, PPE, and other medical supplies that Cuomo neglected to have his administration purchase. At one point in time Cuomo even stated that President Trump had delivered almost everything New York had asked for.
    Again, who made the wrong decision here?

    -Cuomo enacts a state executive order forcing nursing homes in New York to accept COVD POSITIVE patients and forbids them to deny admission to these patients. Subsequently, this order leads to thousands of patients in nursing homes to become infected and die. And then Cuomo lies about it.
    -President Trump orders the US Army Corps of Engineers to transform the Javits Center into a 3000 bed care facility and orders the USNS Comfort to New York City, another 1000 beds . Virtually none of these beds were used during the crisis; See preceding statement.
    Who was wrong on this one?

    -Cuomo and Newsom, your heroes, crash their respective state economies by enforcing inconsistent, arbitrary closure rules that were driven by politics and special interest groups and then have the arrogance to complain about how the state(s) are suffering and businesses are leaving while patting themselves on the back (and writing a book) for needlessly ruining lives and now want a nice big fat payday from the feds. Also, these liberal governors can’t even live up to/follow their own arbitrary rules they expect everyone else to follow.
    -Governor Noem kept the economy rolling in SD by not forcing business to close due to political correctness. She let South Dakotans and local governments use their own judgment and personal freedoms. Our schools are open, businesses are open, and unemployment is low. She didn’t enact a bunch of arbitrary laws that in the long term wouldn’t have made a difference.
    Who was wrong here?

    1. In reference to President Trump, here is what you stated:

      “the politician who really did get it all wrong”

      I guess you were wrong on this one, too.

      1. I have had my butt handed to me a few times. But not by either of you.

        Steve said Trump should be given great credit for his travel ban. But that didn’t work. Or perhaps you think it did? And, as I said, it was a long time ago.

  4. Don’t you find it a bit ironic that the folks who keep bragging up a travel ban have done little to stop the spread inside our country.

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