Governor Kristi Noem still advocating for reduction in grocery tax as way forward for South Dakota

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11 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem still advocating for reduction in grocery tax as way forward for South Dakota”

  1. Eliminating the grocery tax is good policy but progressive—helping the lowest income people. She sees the good policy aspects, while the legislators see only the progressive aspect that they are philosophically opposed to.

  2. I agree with Governor Noem that the grocery tax should be permanently repealed. It would help our citizens at every income level. On the brighter side, those who do not really need the funds from the repeal, will have more money for other purchases that are taxed.
    Governor Noem failed to mention that those who live near the borders and go out of state to make food purchases are also making other purchases while they are grocery shopping. The other states are getting the taxes on those purchases instead of our instate businesses. Shop local to help our economy.

    1. Those who are at the lowest income level are quite likely already on SNAP/ EBT benefits so tax relief there is already happening.
      Is it wise to cut the tax and 4 years later need money? You would have major rebellion with trying to put the 4.5 per cent back on; however, if a half penny(.03 exactly the current proposal) has to be reinstated, it is an easier sell.

  3. Feeling a little guilty.

    We own a decent home and our income (and spending) would be above average. So these legislators want to give us a sizable tax break. That’s nice.

    Either the property tax rebate or the reduced general sales tax would be great for us – hundreds of dollars a year. I am sure most of you would be in a similar situation. But less than half of low income South Dakotans own a home. And a general sales tax reduction would be much smaller for them. The food tax repeal is by far the best option for them.

    So… I will feel kinda guilty for screwing the lower income folks out of their promised food tax repeal. Yes, I will feel guilty… so you don’t have to.

    1. You have a problem resisting acting on your lack of self esteem and this driven to sanctimonious virtue signaling. Spend the tax break savings on psychological help. We will all be better if you get well.

      1. “lack of self esteem” AND “sanctimonious”?

        Gee. I was just asking that you not be so damn greedy.

        1. Again with the virtue signaling. Get help.

          BtW, as a senior couple, it is $100 either way for us. But with your mental pathology, running down those who disagree with you makes you feel better. You would feel better about yourself if you get help.

            1. Anonymous at 4:51/5:15 appears to have formal training in online abuse. Hang in there, elk.

        2. mr. elk, i clearly read your tongue-in-cheek meaning, and i will support anything you and gov noem agree on.

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