Governor Noem Announces Staff Changes for the New Year

Governor Noem Announces Staff Changes for the New Year

Governor Kristi Noem today announced the addition of Maggie Seidel as Senior Advisor and Policy Director, as well as the departures of Joshua Shields, Chief of Staff to the Governor’s Office, and Emily Kiel, Communications Director.  


Seidel joins the team after having served as Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy Communications for the American Property Casualty Insurance Association. Prior to that she worked for the Charles Koch Institute, the Consumer Bankers Association as well as conservative Members of Congress from Nebraska, Virginia, Texas, and New Jersey on Capitol Hill. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from George Mason University. 


“I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the Governor’s team,” said Seidel. “Her vision for South Dakota and its wonderful people is one that should be replicated across the country. Her commitment to preserving liberty and long-term, sustainable economic growth is inspiring, and I look forward to helping her advance her agenda on behalf of the people of the state of South Dakota.”


“Josh has been an integral part of my leadership team over the last year, and we will miss him,” said Noem. “I am very thankful for his dedication and hard work for the people of South Dakota. Josh worked longer hours than most of us realize, and his expertise and insight has been so helpful to me personally. I’m certain God will continue to bless him and his family.”


“It has been one of the great honors of my life to serve my home state of South Dakota,” said Shields. “I am thankful for the opportunity the Governor provided me to help make a difference on behalf of the citizens of our great state. While there is more work to be done, we have accomplished much in the first year of Governor Noem’s tenure, and the team is well-equipped to build on that success in year two.”


Prior to serving as Chief of Staff, Shields was the Chief of Policy & Communications in the Governor’s Office. Previously, Shields worked in politics, policy, and communications in varying capacities including with then-Congresswoman Noem. Shields also served as Noem’s campaign manager for her first congressional run in 2010.  


Governor Noem’s Communications Director, Emily Kiel, also will be pursuing new endeavors in the New Year.


“Emily has been fantastic to work with this year,” said Noem. “The people of South Dakota are blessed that she will continue to serve them in state government.”


During the transition, Seidel will assist with the day-to-day management of the communications team. 


Tony Venhuizen, who is outside legal counsel to the Governor’s Office and previously served as Chief of Staff to Governor Dennis Daugaard, will take on additional duties, on a temporary basis, for the 2020 Legislative Session. Venhuizen will focus on legislative relations and administrative matters.


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      1. Well maybe if she would have gotten rid of the Daugaard people instead of shuffling the deck chairs around with the same people…..

  1. #implosion, she needs to be primaried no one can work for her that much is crystal clear.

  2. Kennedy Noem and Beth Hollitz consolidate power three weeks before session. Just exactly what the governor and the state of South Dakota needs. Yikes!

    1. Not always a fan of Shields but he brought policy chops to the table. He bought a house in Pierre and is the only person on Noem’s leadership team who actually shows up to work every day.

      Kristi needs to figure out what her direction is. Right now it looks like very poor leadership.

    1. When nothing happens in session small government conservatives smile… sounds good to me… no hemp bill.. no growing of government… looking for the downside of nothing happening in session

      1. So the absence of a hemp bill is good for small government? You’re clueless about what “small government” is, aren’t you…

  3. This is becoming embarrassing.

    No one can stand Tony and then a Washington person…urgh

    Never seen a governor with so many black marks the first year in office

    1. Regretting your primary vote over what? Tell us, where does it hurt? I’ve got a little doll you can show us on if it hurts to much to tell us out loud!

      1. Thats funny because you compared someone’s regrets about their vote for governor to sexual assault. Height of comedy here on dakotwarcollege. Moral majority, really.

        1. Seems it was Marty who lost the 1.5M sexual harassment suit you and I paid the bill for. Another tidbit of his more notable history, was charging a child advocate and states attorney with a high crime when they were the only folks standing with the native children who had been abused for years under the watchful eye of DSS. Ya there’s a bit of sex involved and no, it’s not funny, Reverend!

          1. Oh, so now you express moral outrage a day after making light of sexual assault. Try to remain consistent.

              1. LOL, so, Noem and her supporters thus far have used the following as scapegoats for this trainwreck:

                1. Liberal media
                2. Jackley

                Next stop: FBI and deep state? Accept some responsibility. Sometimes you are just screwing up and need to admit it.

                1. Liberal media in SD? Hardly a liberal base to feed a liberal media in SD
                  Own your history, Marty.

                  Please explain this train wreck?

                  1. I’m not Marty, but nice attempt to continue planting paranoia to avoid addressing Noem’s shortcomings.

  4. Wow this is big news. Released right before Christmas where not many people will pay attention. Anyone know the inside story? Was it the handling or rather mishandling of meth and raises the last month? A competence issue? How they treated people? Something different? Doesn’t sound like they are leaving on their own decision.

    1. This CoS is a revolving door job now.

      Unless she turns it around soon this will be a very unproductive session.

    1. The fact that you think there are still disgruntled Jackley supporters highlights and even bigger problem.

      In your mind Jackley supporters are still ticked after she won and has been governor for a year?

      If that is the case then her office needs to bring the party together.

      Compiled by the meth and other negative news lately she needs the entire GOP coalescing around her.

      Something I would have thought they did over the past 18 months.

      We don’t need to make it easier for Billie in ’22.

      1. Just another never Trumper at the least or a Rip Van Winkle who hasn’t comprehended the last 3 years in DC at best.

        BTW, your math is typical of the swamp creatures. Governor Noem has been in office a few days under 12 months.

        1. I think the 18 month reference was from the primary—I didn’t comment before –just an observation to clarify

          1. Ah, possibly. My take, it took Sen Thune and Sen Rounds on orders from President Trump, to get Marty’s ear, not far out from November. I doubt after November 18 and two tough wins, that anybody was gunning for immediate solidarity.

  5. So is Tony the chief of staff again or who is the chief of staff

  6. A primary challenge esp from Jackley elects Billie… no thank you… but she needs to pull it together

    1. Right now….Noem wouldn’t beat Billie. This can all be forgotten by the end of her term if she doesn’t continue down the path she is going.

        1. A primary divided the party and almost got Billie elected…2%…..with an all out effort by everyone…..she could again win the primary but at what cost in the general is what I take people to be saying.

  7. Badly? It was the closest race in a long time and she’s likely lost the support of many moderates. I, for one, hope she continues this disaster and is a one termer.

      1. 2% general is what people are talking about after a divided primary which she won because of the scorched earth Laura Kaiser ads

  8. This was actually a good move by Noem. Her taking charge and taking care of some of the problems and arrogance from that office.

  9. Many legislators do not make good administrators. Starting to see very good pathway for Billie or Mike Heater. Perhaps time for Thune to send in strike team to right the ship?

  10. The closest election I recall was Sen Johnson vs John Thune with Thune going down by .1% or 500 +/- votes.

  11. You even hear Sandlin wants to leave her position with Augie? Your ‘crush’ humor was indicative of Sandlins flawed campaign. Stephanie was outworked 10 to 1 by Gov Noem! Sandlin is a force to be reckoned with wherever she plants her feet. I doubt she’d make that mistake twice.

    My thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to Governor Noem today and in this new year ahead.

    1. You know, after this thread showed a lot of people’s disenchantment with the governor, you came on here and started spamming the thread with nonsense and flinging accusations at others. How are you affiliated with Noem?

      1. A lot of disenchanted people? Like all 6 of you?

        As my friend Bill Janklow used to say, ‘prove me wrong.’ My affiliation with Governor Noem is party. She is my states Governor as President Trump is my country’s President. How are you affiliated with Marty Jackley?

        Prove me wrong on anything I’ve stated here. Exposure is always good!

        Intern? You’re funny.

        1. I am not affiliated with Jackley at all. I am growing more than a little tired of your childish accusations. Not once have you attempted to discuss any of the issues commenters have brought up regarding the turnover with the Noem administration, her sending money to out of state businesses for her ill-conceived meth campaign, etc. So, how about trying?

          1. If Marty supporters are still disenfranchised that is on the current admin to reach out and put the past behind us.

            I believe the bible calls it an olive branch.

            Personally I think the animosity is over. Jack needs to learn that.

  12. Happy New Years eve day.
    I don’t believe my opinion or yours, personally, has any bearing on facts.

    Here’s a bit of light for anon with the coward whimper, and yes, this does have relevance to our Governors changes in bringing the people to staff with vision of a better state response to social programs and justice.

    Part of a response from Candidate, former Judge Timothy Bjorkman to AG Jackley in a Mercer interview follows. ‘In his various responses, Mr. Jackley has laid responsibility for the outcome of the Bollen matters on the Legislature, the federal government, the trial judge, and even me for raising questions! Notably, though, he hasn’t acknowledged any personal responsibility for his decisions. After all, how could Mr. Jackley or anyone else expect a judge to order someone to prison when the prosecutor himself doesn’t even ask for it?’

    What is DCI’s purpose?

    DCI thought Bollen deserved prison with 5 charges and Marty did not, charging him with only 1 for his scheme of reportedly pulling 100 million from SD/Fed.

    DCI brought ~35 charges of rape and abuse against Richard Mette and his wife Wendy, with Jackley dropping all but 1 against Richard. Richard was given a meager 15 year sentence for destroying the lives of several native children, a crime alone that’s normally worthy of the term, life.

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