Governor Noem attends Aberdeen Prayer Breakfast, notes her faith helps her love her critics.

The Aberdeen American News (via the Argus) has a story on the Governor’s speech to a recent prayer breakfast in Aberdeen, where in addition to telling people they should not live in a state of perpetually being offended, Governor Noem notes that her faith helps her love her critics as well as her supporters.

“We live in a world that’s addicted to being offended, don’t we? People love to be offended by each other, but this pastor said people are going to throw offenses out at you all the time,” Noem said. “You’re the one who decides if you want to bend over, pick it up and carry it around with you, but then you’re the one carrying the burden.”


She is no stranger to being criticized by South Dakotans or others across the country. It’s something she said has taught her how to love differently.

“There’s one thing 2020 has taught me is that I’ve got a few critics out there, but I also need to realize that I need to love them,” Noem said.

Read the entire story here.

8 thoughts on “Governor Noem attends Aberdeen Prayer Breakfast, notes her faith helps her love her critics.”

  1. Awesome Aberdeen Mayors Prayer Breakfast
    Featuring Governor Kristi Noem! We prayed
    for Aberdeen Area; the Governor and South Dakota!

  2. Wow. What a lack of self awareness. “People love to be offended by others…”. That’s clearly been your teams playbook. Offend the libs for your gain. Like it’s a sport or sad effort to stay relevant. Again, wow.

    1. Please……the liberal democrats wrote the playbook on being offensive. You talk about a lack of self awareness why don’t you take that self righteous finger of accusation your waiving around and point it right back at yourself.

    2. If your post is a claim that Governor Noem is offended by others you should look at the left side of things; liberals (I don’t know if you are one or not) are offended by everything that does not fit into their little Pandora’s box of acceptability. What group came up with cancel culture and doxxing? Liberals.

      The liberals/progressives of today are the Big Brother sycophants, and they are determined to push the country into total government control, and I don’t think is even open for debate.

  3. Now, I’m not a real religious man. I just try to discern what’s good, try to do what’s good, believe the 10 commandments being followed makes my family stronger.

    So, I try not to get on that “your going to hell” side track in judgement of other folks.

    .. and this is refreshing.

    1. Sorry, but Noem still comes across as so fake when she takes and gives speeches. I voted for her because I am a republican but have a hard time with her fakeness.

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