Governor Noem Endorses Donald J. Trump for President

Governor Noem Endorses Donald J. Trump for President

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, Governor Kristi Noem endorsed President Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. She delivered the endorsement during remarks at the South Dakota Republican Party’s Monumental Leaders Rally. President Trump then joined Governor Noem onstage.

These remarks are as prepared for delivery:  

Good evening.

Three years ago, during some of our country’s darkest days in recent history, South Dakota inspired the nation by daring to boldly celebrate our God-given Freedom. While leaders across the world used fear to manipulate, lie, and control people, we chose a different path. On July 3rd, we gathered at this nation’s greatest monument and invited the world’s strongest leader to join us. And President Donald J. Trump showed up.

President Trump showed up, like he always does for the American people. 

And he has shown up again here tonight!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people across the country about tonight’s events. They want to know why? Why did you invite President Trump to come help support the South Dakota Republican Party? Why would he waste his time in the middle of a presidential race to go to a small, insignificant state like South Dakota? Is President Trump going to pick you as his favorite Governor? 

So here are the facts:

Chairman John Wiik had this fantastic idea to bring Republicans in our state together to rally us around our shared values and principles. I loved the idea and told him I would do what I could to help. We started discussing inviting all the candidates running to be President of the United States. Tim Scott was asked… and he declined. Vivek Ramaswamy was invited, and he turned the chairman down. Other candidates were asked, and all told us they had better things to do. But when President Trump was invited to come be with you tonight, he said, “I’ll be there!”

You see, that’s why people love President Trump. He doesn’t listen to consultants, or the media, or the political elite to tell him who is important and what his priorities should be. To him, every American is worth fighting for. No one is better than anyone else. No one deserves to be treated differently than anyone else. And he will never forget about us, the little people in the little states that are the backbone of this country. He shows up for every American and fights for us every day.

Some people can’t figure out his popularity – why are people so loyal to him? I’m convinced it’s because we have never seen anything or anyone like him before – and we’ve certainly never seen anyone like him serve in public office before!  

He’s unapologetically himself – he’s real – he’s genuine – he is who he is, and he never pretends to be something he’s not. And those who hate America know he will fight every day to stop them from destroying this country.

When I first asked for your support to serve as your Governor, I talked about my vision for South Dakota. I believed our state could grow, become stronger, expand businesses and industry, pay down our debt, and build stronger families – all while preserving our values and way of life. 

We have done that. And we didn’t do it through more government control or more taxes. We did it by trusting our people and giving them more opportunities to succeed. When the rest of the country was locking down and ordering people to stay home – we did the exact opposite. We invited people to come to South Dakota and used it as an opportunity to tell our story. We were a “city on a hill” during a very dark time – and we represented hope. A light in the darkness. We showed the country how to do better – be better.  

Many are threatened by what South Dakota has done the last several years. Here is why – while big government socialists want more control over you and your family, your money, and your life – we chose personal responsibility. We cut taxes, cut regulations, let families make the best decisions for themselves – and we have thrived.

We have gone from flyover country to one of the fastest growing states in the nation. South Dakota’s real GDP just grew a whopping 10.1%. Our personal incomes just went up by another 9.2%. Those are both top-5 in the nation. Our population has been growing at 5 to 10 times the national average for the past several years. We are a beacon of Freedom to the nation. We have broken tourism records every year since the pandemic. We have grown our economy faster than any other state – and faster than at any time in South Dakota’s history. 

Let me give you all a quick refresher course on South Dakota’s story. In January 2020, I stood before the legislature for my “State of the State” address and declared South Dakota “Open for Business.” Just two months later, our first COVID cases came to South Dakota. I knew one thing: the only way that we were going to get through it was together. We made decisions based on the science, the facts, and the data. And the science did not support mandates or lockdowns. We asked South Dakotans to use common sense, and then we trusted them. We trusted them to use personal responsibility to make the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones. 

And as a community – as a state – we got back to work. Other states were taking a very different approach. They ordered their citizens to shelter in place. Ordered businesses to lock down. Ordered churches to close. Some even sent nursing home patients who had COVID back into their facilities. 

Those decisions weren’t leadership. They were made based on fear and control. South Dakota focused on facts, instead. I respected my oath to the United States and South Dakota Constitutions. I respected our people. I respected their Freedom.

If Joe Biden had been President, he would have tried to stop me from protecting you. Thank God President Trump was in the White House at the time – because he let me do my job. 

The results have been absolutely incredible. Earlier this year, South Dakota became the first state in American history to reach a 1.8% unemployment rate. No state had ever had an unemployment rate that low! Our people understand the value of work – and purpose – and serving each other. Incomes have been going up faster than anywhere else. Women owned businesses do better here than virtually any other state. Folks are moving here in record numbers. Our birth rates are the highest in the country. Our new housing developments have led the nation. We have had historic tourism numbers, set new records in hunting and fishing licenses sold, and cut taxes all while bringing in historic revenues because of our economic growth. And while other states struggled with out-of-control crime, violence, and hopelessness, South Dakota enforced our laws, respected our law enforcement officers, and saw declining mental health challenges, declining drug overdoses, and declining suicide rates. By embracing our faith and our Freedom – and by working together – our people are happier.

You see, I believe this is one of the main reasons why South Dakota is so attacked by those who want to see us fail. They will do anything, and destroy anyone to get more control and power. We refused to comply.

All we did here in South Dakota is what Republicans have always said they believed – we just did it – and it worked!

That frightens the liberals – because we have proof that our policies lift people up – help people – improve their opportunities for success. We don’t have to speculate, guess, or be philosophical about the benefits of our principles – we have proof that they work.

Three years ago, on July 3rd at Mount Rushmore, I stood there to honor our nation. I quoted one of the four great leaders carved in stone on that mountain. I quoted my favorite president, Teddy Roosevelt:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

That night, I used those words to introduce our special guest who was with us that evening. I introduced him as “someone who knows precisely what it means to brave the dangers of the arena… someone who strives valiantly; who knows great enthusiasms; who spends himself in a worthy cause; and who has firmly and repeatedly stated his commitment to place Americans, American liberty, American safety, and the American Constitution before anything else.” 

Let me be clear: there are many who chose not to be in the arena – many who take the easy path, who criticize, who don’t show up for our party, our country, and our Constitutional rights. They don’t show up for you when it matters. They didn’t even show up here tonight to welcome a former President of the United States to South Dakota who cared enough to come support our state Republican Party and our great Chairman John Wiik. 

Yes, maybe it’s controversial to be here tonight. Maybe it’s not convenient. But it is not the critic who counts. Thank you all for being respectful – for being here for the man who always shows up for us. May we all know the triumph of high achievement because of those like him who fight for freedom. It is a worthy cause. 

I was at the southern border just two weeks ago. Make no mistake, it is a warzone, and President Biden’s policies are inhumane. He is ignoring our federal laws, perpetuating drug and human trafficking, and undermining our national security. 

The only person in this Presidential race who will fix the situation is President Trump. He started building and funded the wall. He instituted the “Remain in Mexico” Policy. And it worked. He supports our allies, such as Israel and Taiwan, and understands that a strong America brings a safer world.

I trust President Trump to use our military only when it’s in America’s best interests. I have been Commander in Chief of South Dakota’s National Guard. I have had South Dakota Guardsmen and women deployed every single day that I have served as Governor. Before that, I served on the House Armed Services Committee. I know how important American strength is on the world stage. I have seen it firsthand. I have seen President Trump take decisive action time and time again. He exhibits peace through strength. He destroys our enemies swiftly and without hesitation. And he understands that American men and women in uniform should only be deployed as a last resort.

The only person in the race that I trust to do what needs to be done on these issues – is President Trump. I haven’t seen those other candidates fight when it mattered – when it was hard to do the right thing for our country. Some of them talk pretty tough. But where were they when the pandemic was raging, when leaders were taking away people’s constitutional rights? Because government told folks they couldn’t gather together, people lost their freedom of assembly. Because government told people they couldn’t go to church, people lost their freedom of religion. Because government censored what information could be shared and what couldn’t, people lost their freedom of speech.

Where were the other candidates then? They were silent. Cowering. Or worse yet, locking down their own people, pushing mandates, and closing beaches – even arresting people for taking spring break. 

Yes – I will be attacked for speaking the truth to you all tonight. Yes, I expect Joe Biden, these candidates, their political operatives, and the media will perpetuate ugly, hateful misinformation in an attempt to destroy me and my family because of my opinions. It’s nothing new. I’m getting used to it honestly. 

But all of us here tonight need to heed the warning in this well-known quote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Do something. Get in the arena.

History cannot and should not be rewritten. 

We must remember what has happened in the past, learn from it, and not allow those who abused their power to ever perpetuate their harm again. 

To President Trump, my message is clear. It is an honor to have you here in South Dakota. These people here — they’re FREE. We are the strongest state in America because you let me do my job, and we seized that moment and told our story.

As you travel this great country, point to South Dakota as the example of what is possible. We just did here what Republicans have always said they believed. We just did it – and it worked!  We don’t have to talk in hypotheticals anymore. We kept businesses open. We kept government out of people’s lives. We cut taxes. Our government lives within its means. We have a surplus, not debt. We fund our pensions. We take care of our veterans. We conserve our natural beauty without government mandates. We fight for true and honest education, because we know how important it is to hand America off to our kids. We stand up for common sense, like fairness in girls’ sports. We do our part to secure the border. We honor America’s heroes. We stand for the flag and kneel for the Almighty. And sing the National Anthem.

This is real America. South Dakota is the example that you should share with the rest of the country. You made America great again once. Let’s do it again.

It is my honor to present to you the man in the arena. He is a man of significance. He is the leader, the fighter, that our country needs. He has my full and complete endorsement for President of the United State of America. I will do everything in my power to help him win to save this great country.  

Ladies and gentlemen, the 45th — and 47th — President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump!


137 thoughts on “Governor Noem Endorses Donald J. Trump for President”

      1. TDS? Do you usually support felons for elected office? So tragically sad and now almost comical that Noem and many other South Dakotans do. Reagan is rolling over in his grave.


    1. Absolutely noticed. And did you also notice when those three in pictures were being displayed on the big screen behind the stage the amount of booing that occurred?

    2. I did notice, both the call out and the booing. I think it speaks volumes a west river Senator being booed on his turf.

      1. wow just like the “two-minutes-hate” in orwell’s “1984.” did their pictures morph into bleating sheep while you all booed the screen? we not only fail to learn lessons from history, we can’t even retain the basic plot of a book we were all compelled to read in high school. wake up people.

        1. Look at that! Ewe pointing your finger at us and there are 3 pointing right back at ewe!

          Ya, follow your own advice and learn from history pal.

          1. translation – recent history is what trump says it is so learn it our way or get out. i’m sure that my calling jan 6 2021 “beer hall putsch 2” wont bother you then.

              1. irrelevant lol whatever. i’d love to play “oh huh you liar” with you all day, but i’ll let history speak for itself.

                  1. i’m listening to history but you’re still duckspeaking. think about that before your next reply. or not.

                    1. “i’m listening to history”

                      And ignoring it and the reality of what is going on concerning Bidum.

                      Duckspeaking? Coming from ewe I take it as a complement.

    3. She writes: “Let me be clear: there are many who chose not to be in the arena – many who take the easy path, who criticize, who don’t show up for our party, our country, and our Constitutional rights. They don’t show up for you when it matters.”

      No, let me be clear… YOU are supporting an insurrectionist. Trump’s own Attorney General has told us that he should be charged with crimes. And ten of Trump’s top appointees have said he is unfit for office. It’s YOU that is the threat to the Constitution.

      Without Thune’s support, Kristi Noem could not have defeated Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Thune should be very disturbed by Noem’s actions. Rounds and Johnson should be concerned as well. She is trying to throw all of them under the bus.

  2. Kristi Noem says: “Ladies and gentlemen, the 45th — and 47th — President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump!”

    And 48th and 49th….

    He made it quite evident that he was going to refuse to leave office after losing the election. He demanded that Pence do the dirty work and ensure he could stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Pence didn’t comply. She is making it perfectly clear… that she would.

  3. The mentality of if you don’t support me 100 percent, then you are 100 percent my enemy is a losing strategy.
    As Republicans we have shared values and the congressional delegation supported Trumps policies and to this day still do. I see more hatred towards these guys than Biden and the democrats. This isn’t how we are going to win elections folks!

  4. “Yes – I will be attacked for speaking the truth to you all tonight.” Kristi Noem

    Even that’s a lie.

  5. ~ “Yes – I will be attacked for speaking the truth to you all tonight.” Kristi Noem

    Even that’s a lie. ~

    And then Elk attacks her.

    1. OK, Al Gonquin… name one county that was stolen from Trump in 2020. And one state, if you can. And then…ahem… prove it. Not like those Mike Lindell symposium fantasies either. Real proof. And then tell us why you didn’t present that proof to a court of law.

      Trump is basing his whole campaign on the lies of a stolen election. And Kristi is “all in” with him. Come on. Stick up for them. Give it a shot. Can’t wait.

      1. Elk demands data to prove a claim. That’s rich being that elkocrit HAS NEVER provided evidence of all his chicken little claims.

        1. Of course. You’ve said that a dozen times now. It’s your go-to line when you’re unable to answer a question.

  6. nixon needed this kind of fan club of support. he should have just stayed in office, given the train wreck of the ford years. who could know?
    re: endorsement – – didn’t see that coming lol

    1. this weird reality show just is not going to stop giving and giving and giving. thanks fox news, thanks a bunch.

  7. If Trump get elected in 2024 he will turn the White House into the Black Flag roach motel. Check in but they don’t checkout.

  8. “We must remember what has happened in the past, learn from it, and not allow those who abused their power to ever perpetuate their harm again.” Kristi Noem

    She says this… while introducing DONALD TRUMP? Baghdad Bob would be proud.

  9. fact: this state’s own republican party organization sponsored an event which included the vicious trashing of the top three national republican office holders. those of us in the party who are outraged by trump’s self serving arrogance every day, we now see that all the hand-wringing about saving the gop from the freedom caucus usurpers, is just empty talk from the long-time rank and file. trump is a guy who’d rather burn down a house if he can’t have it. you have given him the full weight of this state by vague proxy.

    1. Meanwhile Biden is giving the country away to China and doing private deals with them (among other countries) to line his own pockets and enable his son’s expensive addiction . If i were the leader of China, Russia, North Korea, this would be the time to strike. We have a poor old bumbling, stumbling, weak man in office. Instead of supporting a hard taskmaster with a disciplinary manner, who countries fear and respect, some of commenters would rather sit and bad mouth Trump. As far as the Governor’s comments on our national senators and representative, she really did not have to mention them. The loud booing of the majority of 7000 people cemented what the crowd thought of the three before she ever took the stage.

      1. we live in one of two worlds – the world where your rant is the actual truth OR the world where, bit-by-bit, the Q-anon fox-news machine that pumps out that stuff to keep you on their plantation, is being dismantled.
        so we’ll see which world this is i guess. i know fox makes you feel powerful, but way more powerful is a group of republicans who sees it all for what it is.

  10. All of you that don’t support Trump then do you support Biden? Biden has sold our country out for monetary gain, has made this country a laughing stock, and has lied to all of us on any and all occasions yet you fools still complain about the guy who made this country energy independent, created jobs for everyone, price of gas lower than it’s been in many years, inflation low, and got other countries to start paying us for our support, NATO comes to mind, this list is short of what he accomplished yet you still buy in on the fake convictions.

    1. mmm two things – first, actually prove anything you said about joe biden, and it has to be actual proof, not “everybody knows” election year rumors and gossip. second – trump didn’t make anyone energy independent, we got lower gas prices because we’re good little gas addicts. the middle east gives us low cost plentiful cocaine when it looks like we want to make our own cocaine. wow. just, wow. there are magazine articles and books about this stuff.

  11. I can’t support Donald Trump. He just brings chaos and insurrection into our government. Biden is too old. He’s an old Union man, a Democratic ward healer, but he believes in our Constitution. That’s enough for me.

      1. I don’t think you want to start comparing old Joe with Donald the Duck. Donald is not going to win. Neither is worthy of this great nation. Yes, it was still a great nation before Donald the Duck became President. He spoke terrible about our country, and you let him. Makes me sick! You lot that support him should live outside of this great nation for a few days to see how we are living in a truly great country. You and Donald the Duck need to stop whining and start being grateful.

        1. So answer the question(s)…Is money laundering illegal? Is bribery illegal? Is it not illegal to represent and accept moneys from foreign governments without registering the activity with the federal government? Is it not illegal to NOT report income and pay taxes on said income? All of these illegal activities have been uncovered by a congressional investigation on mumblin-stumblin incontinent Joe and his family.


          1. You must be talking about the 2 billion Jared got from the $audis. Funny how that works. You know, that guy who actually worked in the white house and is family with the former president.

            1. You didn’t answer any of the questions. As I stated above:


  12. Our congressional delegation are all worthless Uniparty members. They deserved every bit of the boos they got.

    1. There are over 300,000 of us registered Republicans in the state of SD. 7000 of the curious or most right wingers showed up Friday night for the county fundraiser. Thune, Rounds and Johnson out class, & are far more educated on national and international matters than T or N. The 293,000+ registered Republicans that chose to not show up for the dog and pony show, will be there to keep Thune, Rounds and Johnson representing us. Thankfully N is a lame duck and on her way back to keeping the ranch going.

      1. Noem is by far and away the most popular person in the SD GOP. This is new territory slamming them. I just wonder what her end game is.

        1. Her end game is obviously to show Trump she’s not afraid of criticizing those critical of his obscene behavior in an attempt to curry favor and become his VP or at least cabinet level stoolie.

          1. Is she looking to leave a legacy? Does this mean she doesn’t want Dusty Johnson or Mike Rounds to follow her as Governor? We know she doesn’t want Taffy.

            This is a very divisive moment. There will not be trust or healing after what she said. That’s why I say something much more is at play. It was written into her press release speech. This can’t be overstated.

            1. I don’t think it’s any more complex than giving trump the heads he wants on a platter today, and no thought to the damage you do long-term in appeasing him.

      2. A large portion of the attendees were from out of state. Kind of like an Insane Clown Posse gathering.

        1. “Kind of like an Insane Clown Posse gathering.”

          That would be herr shortyberger and the dakota septic tank floaters.

          1. I doubt many are not even allowed to drive anymore due to chronic recreational drug use caused dementia as we see the save, recycled and repeated same old phrases there. They could not find their way out of a wet paper bag.

            The Insane Clown Posse were a different type of out of staters not the out of state name callers on DFP.

    2. All fifty Secretaries of State told you that the election was legitimate. Then there were sixty decisions from the courts. Trump’s own Attorney General said the same thing. It was certified. But… you still believe him? You still believe in him? And you think Thune, Rounds and Johnson are the problem?

      Twisting logic like that. How do you do it?

      1. because that’s what happened when glenn beck brought thousands to the civic center thirteen years ago, would be my guess.

  13. Well she can’t put that back in the bottle…

    “Let me be clear: there are many who chose not to be in the arena – many who take the easy path, who criticize, who don’t show up for our party, our country, and our Constitutional rights. They don’t show up for you when it matters. They didn’t even show up here tonight to welcome a former President of the United States to South Dakota”

    I never expected to hear Noem bashing the federal delegation. I figured Trump would do it. Boos filled the room.

    1. i am gobsmacked by the gall on display, to throw red meat to a crowd of tantrumites, and say out loud that johnson, thune and rounds abandoned the party. add to that the dereliction of duty at the top level of the state party to let such a gleeful betrayal happen on a republican stage. all three congress members have decades of faithful service of the highest order and are among the very effective best of those who currently serve in office. but no, they do their jobs instead of take marching orders from trump, jim jordan and marjory taylor green, so “good” republicans must primary them like liz cheney. shameful and backward.

    2. South Dakotans are fair minded people who respect differences of opinion especially on matters of endorsements. And, when you add in that Thune and Rounds serve with Senator Tim Scott and clearly have a close relationship with Scott, her characterization becomes disgusting and divisive.

      She is done in SD. Her only political options are VP, federal appointment or national special interest groups. My bet: In two years she is on the farm and occasionally key-noting an out of state small county Lincoln Day Dinner.

    3. Boos filled the room about the uniparty Senators and Representative who didn’t show up… just so we’re clear. They’re hated nationally, not just locally. Get out of your tiny bubble and ask people what they think of Thune, Rounds, or Dusty. You’ll quickly learn they are not respected and known as sell outs who vote for every corrupt money laundering bill sending billions to Ukraine, raising the debt limit by 5 trillion for Biden, and consistently fail to represent their constituents in DC. Governor Noem isn’t bought and paid for like the 3 DC lifers who’ve made careers out of living off government wages in DC and “donations” to their decades of campaigns. They are not in it for public service – they are permanent government welfare recipients who refuse to act with honor and integrity.

      Read our state’s constitution on our federal congressional term limits, which we passed with a 67% approval – all 3 of them could care less! They blatantly disrespect our state constitution by ignoring it entirely, and their constituents – which includes YOU.

      1. Lmfao hated locally and nationally? Have you read any of the pills that constantly show Thune, Rounds, and Johnson as some of the most well liked politicians nationally and among constituents? Or are you just lying to peddle your snake oil?

      2. lol rant much? please keep each other really stoked and angry. i can’t wait to see how far out on a limb you all can go.

  14. Elk, you remain the biggest liar on the SDWC. AG Barr has been clear that Trumps behavior on Jan. 6 was not insurrection. Yet you conflate insurrection with Barr’s view on the documents case to mislead and assert a person who supports Trump supports an insurrectionist.

    In case you wonder, I don’t support Trump and do support our federal delegations decision. I just see liars like you giving air to Trump no different to Schiff.

    1. I said… “You are supporting an insurrectionist. Trump’s own Attorney General has told us that he should be charged with crimes. And ten of Trump’s top appointees have said he is unfit for office.”

      Here is what Bill Barr has had to say:

      On the documents case: Barr said Trump brought the indictment on himself through his “egregious” refusal to return U.S. government documents. (NPR 7/15/23)

      And… Bill Barr – regarding the January 6th case: “But I think this case is the most serious of the cases…”

      “I think this indictment was carefully drawn. And it’s — they are saying that they will prove that Trump knew — that the election wasn’t stolen. And they focused in on the deceitful actions and false, fraudulent actions, such as submitting false slates of electors and trying to use those to create the illusion that there was a bona fide dispute within a state that the Vice President could then rule on. That was a complete fallacy. He doesn’t have a Constitutional right to do that.” (PBS – YouTube)

      And this Barr quote… “As the indictment says, they are not attacking his First Amendment right. He can say whatever he wants, he can even lie. He can even tell people that the election was stolen when he knew better,” “But that does not protect you from entering into a conspiracy.” CNN (8/3/23)

      1. As you have no proof he is an insurrectionist, you brought in an unrelated charge in a dishonest attempt to give credence to your primary charge of insurrection. It is a technique practiced by liars, like Schiff.

        And, unfortunately, the use of lies shows you admit you don’t have solid arguments to convince people of your views. Unfortunately, when people lie about him all the time, you make him a cause celeb and more popular. Like you have done with Noem.

        Honest and even heated discussions are the fuel and armor of a robust democracy. Liars, regardless of political agenda, like you are its greatest threat.

        1. defines insurrection as: an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.

          He gathered and aimed a mob at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He was slow to stop them and he is telling you that he would pardon many of them. It’s all on him. So yes, I believe that qualifies as an insurrection. If you could be objective, you might see that too.

          One more thing. Because some of you are MORE motivated to defend/support him when he is held to account for these things… that is not my problem. It’s an absence of morality on your part. I don’t care if you wave the flag or go to church every week… you’re lacking in integrity.

          1. While what Trump did was despicable and beneath the President of the United States, being despicable and not living up to expectations of the President of the United States is not a crime. Not a single jurisdiction has charged him with insurrection for good reason: What he did doesn’t pass the LEGAL standard of insurrection.

            A democracy depends on honest conversation and not making up standards to meet the world bouncing around in their perverse and depraved head. Your declaration he is an insurrectionist and dishonest use of AG Barr’s views on matters to imply AG Barr thinks he is an insurrectionist gets to the heart of how deeply dishonest you are as a person.

            A obstinate liar says people who refuse to imply one is something for which they haven’t even been charged have an absence of morality. That is rich. You are even worst than Trump as you also cloak yourself in self-righteous sanctity.

            1. You know very well that I used the term “crimes”. Barr believes he should be charged with crimes.

              You are more concerned with how I structure a paragraph than with the behavior of an outlaw President. Unbelievable.

      2. Elk, with all do respect, you may want to consider seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. You are knowingly lying repeatedly in your comments and everything you write is full of hate and ignorant rage. You are uninformed and misinformed – whether unwittingly or willfully – it does not matter. I truly hope you find peace and happiness because your hate is very unbecoming and terribly misplaced. President Trump is not your enemy. One day you will realize how wrong you are about him and everything you think you “know” about your 45th and 47th President.

        God Bless America!

        1. You write: “President Trump is not your enemy. One day you will realize how wrong you are about him and everything you think you “know” about your 45th and 47th President.”

          Erin, is that like… a Jedi Mind Trick… or something?

          1. the evidence clearly shows that if you take a side against trump, he is very quickly NOT your friend, and actually IS your enemy. it is delusional to think the opposite to fit some fantasy you have about trump being some divine being.

  15. Calling all you Noem & Trump haters, please move to Minnesota!
    But more importantly, we must have your TAX revenue.
    Thank you my fellow comrades.

    1. Better idea: why don’t you Trump lovers just slide west a few miles until you’re inside the Wyoming border?
      Wyoming needs your tax dollars AND population numbers. Plus no pesky Trump Derangement people to bother you there. It’s a point of pride.

    1. hahaha. that’s funny. trump is already hearing from advisors that pushback from overturning roe v wade has cost him a percentage of moderates he had support from in 2016, so it’s interesting that he gently tells crowds that ending roe v wade while he’s running for president wasn’t the best move, though he obviously won’t admit to them that he’s pro-choice and thinks the overturn was badly timed if not stupid.
      a push right now to magnify that by saddling him with the worst vp choice since palin is just what he needs.

  16. Did they really do that? Did Noem’s staff display “TRUMP/NOEM 2024” on the screen as Trump entered the stage in Rapid City? Wow. That’s a bizarre display of self-promotion.

    Just eleven months ago…

    “My plans are to stay here for four years. Absolutely,” Noem said. “That’s what I want to do. Stay home here in South Dakota. That’s why I wake up every day blessed to be here.” Kristi Noem (KeloTV 10/12/22)


  17. The SD GOP is kristi Noem’s party. That’s all I got to say. She is untouchable in a Republican primary.

    1. there is no way anytime very soon, to even put this to a test. so yeah. keep saying it over and over like it means something.

      1. Ha! The MSM brainwashing worked on you! Everyone who doesn’t agree with you is “in a cult!” Your IQ must be well below triple digits if you’re still falling for the lies from the world’s most discredited propagandists… I feel sorry for you.

        1. if you worship someone in spite of the abundant evidence of their unworthiness, and even reject the evidence sight unseen, i think you are in a cult.
          obviously you believe this to be true of us, as we know it’s true of you. we can’t both be right so i guess we’ll see who’s right.

  18. I don’t need proof Trump is an insurrectionist. There are Attorney Generals, State’s Attorneys, Federal Prosecutors and Grand Juries who have assembled proof and indictments. What’s more the proof to me was evident. I saw the insurrection, and Trump’s active participation in its’ execution on television. Now, Juries of citizens will decide, based on the evidence and the truth of the indictments, the extent to which Trump violated the Law and the extent of his punishment.The Constitution will prevail.

  19. I already knew Trump was terrible, but this has to show her supporters what a political opportunist Noem is. Ask her if the election was stolen to see if she is one of you, Trump fans.

  20. If there is a Trump/Noem ticket that by a miracle wins the general election we can expect Trump will never leave office until death? The United States of America will become officially a Banana Republic. Elections will be just for show.

    1. “If there is a Trump/Noem ticket that by a miracle wins the general election we can expect Trump will never leave office until death?”

      Got any proof of that? Direct, indisputable evidence of a recording or document where he stated that was his goal? Not just speculation or what you think, but no kidding evidence.

          1. it’s an educated guess, based on knowledge and history to project a course of future events. it is probable a 2nd trump term would find him exploring ways to re-amend that amendment by lawsuit or executive action.

      1. Erin cult de-programming can be very beneficial after the election. History is repeating itself again with the emergence of Fascism.

      2. i’ve never seen these shows. more people see these shows on fox when fox laughs at them, which means you know more about these two than i do.

  21. “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections,”

    Who said that? Who openly admires dictators? Who calls for the imprisonment of opponents?

    Come on now… how could anyone think he would refuse to leave the White House after another term? The courts wouldn’t allow it. He would have to ignore the Supreme Court. (Although he would have appointed four or five of them by then.)

    But… no way. Don’t be silly. He wouldn’t do that.

    1. Ha. We all know that elk is a liar. He’s a liar’s liar and a dolt. And, apparently, very naive as well.

      Here is the truth. Trump has already tried refusing to leave office after his term ended. Of course he would do it again. He would need to remain in the Presidency, and save us from… somebody.

    2. Elk,

      Who openly went beyond saying it but actually used his authority to willfully and knowingly violate the Constitution multiple times, like trying to unconstitutionally spend over $400Billion without Congressional approval? Joe Biden

      Who openly goes beyond admiring dictators and uses he office to compromise US interests for his foreign handlers? Joe Biden

      Who openly uses his government authority to prosecute in order imprison his political opponents while himself using the same authority to protect the family grift business? Joe Biden.

      I concede Donald Trump is a horrible person and is not who should be elected/re-elected for what he did on January 6 and how he allowed Faucci to reek havoc on our nation but why do you project onto Donald Trump actions Joe Biden is doing in real time and say nothing about Biden?

      Why can’t you concede some people might see Donald Trump a lesser threat and the best person to irradiate that greater threat? While I don’t think Trump is the best choice, he is the lesser of two evils.

      1. “A lesser threat”? He thinks he can discharge the Constitution when he sees fit. He thinks he can ignore election results. Not since the Civil War, has there been a greater threat.

        Biden has no business running for office either. He is too feeble. But he is NOT prosecuting Trump. A Special Counsel was appointed to investigate outrageous and illegal behavior. We’ve seen the evidence with our own eyes. We’ve heard the tapes.

        The top-secret documents case, Georgia election interference case and January 6th conspiracy were all Trump’s doing. Biden didn’t invent those things. Trump orchestrated them. He will have to be tried, found guilty AND lose all appeals before being held responsible. He has an army of lawyers. He is not a victim. He is a grave threat.

      2. Biden tests the boundaries of his authority. I believe, however, that he will abide by the courts’ decisions when they rule against him.

        But Trump openly called for the… “termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, EVEN THOSE FOUND IN THE CONSTITUTION”. The person who can say that – should never get near the Oval Office. Ever.

        1. Elk, in addition to being intellectually dishonest, an habitual liar, you are by far the stupidest person on the War College as you can’t even recognize how transparent you are in your dishonesty. Must suck to be you and go through life like this.

          1. Ad hominem.

            I do know what that means. Your insults don’t bother me in the least. Unfortunately, they seem to be all you’ve got. Now that… is a sad way to go through life.

            1. Elk,

              You clearly don’t understand the definition of ad hominem. I’m not “attacking” you to avoid your thoughts. I’m dismissing your intelligence, integrity and veracity because of what you say. Again, you are so dim you don’t even have a clue how transparent your words confirm stupidity and dishonesty.

                  1. Stupid sticks together for good reason. You birds of a feather deserve each other. Unfortunately people like you are why we can’t have nice things and we end up with Trump.

          2. Anon @11:22 – Let it go. You can’t reason with someone who is low level intellectually compounded with a narcissist personality.

                1. Nope. I’m a Romney/Hunstman kinda guy. But hey, just deflect all critique of you being a derp to your heart’s content.

                  1. Yaaa….Hmmm…I wouldn’t want to admit I was a dakota septic tank floater either.

                    And seriously, you have the nerve to call someone a derp when you support Romney? Good God! Take a look in the mirror …derp.

  22. no one else weighed in on trump’s meet the press interview sunday so i will.
    he is ridiculous. he is full of snappy solutions to huge problems that are simplistically dumb, or impossible to achieve. he hasn’t made a single adjustment to his behavior based on the many failures of his time in office, or what a shambles the party that he rules over has become.
    he and his devout followers worry about what a laughingstock biden makes of the usa- but they deny what a smug intentional ignorance trump brought to every summit and symposium and cabinet meeting and bill signing, while the world actually laughed at us.
    many of us fought hard to explain it away or excuse it until we couldn’t any more, and we knew we couldn’t keep supporting a party leader who built the party into his own personal defense fund and vengeance vehicle – who stumbled through tactical mistakes again and again, to the applause of an eroding base who saw the mistakes as strength.
    the sunday interview showed that trump hasn’t grown or changed in any way whatsoever. if he wins four more years in the white house he’ll just hit the campaign trail and push for four more years because he doesn’t really know how to do much more than campaign, and make cheap on-the-spot promises cribbed from top-of-mind focus groups. ukraine? “get them together in a room”. stand by taiwan against china? “ why would we signal our plans by declaring we’d defend them?”
    no more of this. no more of this people.

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