Hearing rumors….. Tieszen to house?

As I’ve been chatting the AFP attendees up, I’ve heard a rumor more than once regarding one of their legislative colleagues.

What I’m hearing is that State Senator Craig Tieszen, who is termed out of the Senate, may be considering running for a house seat in that District, currently held by Dan Dryden and Jeff Partridge.

There’s still a lot of time to pass, and it’s just rumor at this point. But, it’s one of the rumors I keep hearing.

7 thoughts on “Hearing rumors….. Tieszen to house?”

  1. Well, that’s just what the SDGOP needs.. more liberal Democrats masquerading as Republicans staying in office.

  2. Well, there are currently three liberals from that district, so I guess it wouldn’t change anything.

  3. I do not like the thought of jumping back and forth between houses to primary fellow Republicans. If there is an opening, ok, but prefer there is a break. Let some new people in. Contrary to any one person’s belief we can survive without the same people running every time.

  4. Tieszen would run as a pro-abortion Democrat if he could get away with it. Hopefully, he just walks away. Better yet, hopefully, a real conservative rises in this district and challenges him.

    1. Tieszen would be an improvement over Dryden. Both vote like liberal Dems, but at least Tieszen is friendly,honest, and has a personality; qualities which Dryden doesn’t necessarily possess.

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