Horror short right before Jurassic World in Sioux Falls

From a reader:

Hi Pat,
I’m an avid reader of your blog, and have posted a time or two.

I was taking in the new Jurassic World today with my son and was absolutely floored when a commercial for Annette (no last name needed) came on the screen. Had to be about 60 seconds long and was mostly about her “groundbreaking” work treating people with depression.

Thought you’d get a kick out it.

I know it’s a really, really bad thing to film the movie, but is it illegal to record the commercials in movie theaters? I wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble. But I’d love to see all of it.  

And find out if a disclaimer has been added about her services being “a limited time offer.”

6 thoughts on “Horror short right before Jurassic World in Sioux Falls”

  1. She’s got a 5 part video (each part about 60 seconds) on her Facebook page, very nicely produced, comparing her ordeal to the crucifixion of Christ. I fully expect her to show Stigmata any day now.

  2. as a rule, i’m against any t-v style advertising in any movie theater coming attractions que.

  3. Enquirer:

    I agree, but I also understand that first-run movie theaters don’t make money from showing movies. Our admission fees go to the movie’s distributors, not the “exhibitors” (theaters). The theaters recoup their expenses and make their money from what they can sell you while you’re visiting their theater – food & beverage, arcade machines – and the opportunity for advertisers to display their wares to you while you’re waiting to watch the movie.

    Dr. Bosworth is helping pay for our moviegoing experience. I’m surprised she has the advertising budget available, given her legal fees, debts, and (presumably) reduced time in practice due to trials, fundraising, etc.

  4. i know. *sigh.* i know. yet i oppose them as i endure them. i understand that they’re not going away.

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