22 thoughts on “Hospitalizations going up on COVID, per Sanford Health”

  1. I would really like to know the 22 facilities referenced in the disclaimer buried at the bottom of the graphic. Since they don’t tell you the facilities, you don’t know the states this graphic may represent, or what percentage of the overall Covid infected population.

    1. You want Sanford Health, a covered entity under HIPAA, to relase video of people on ventilators?

    1. Vermont’s vulnerable populations are virtually 100% vaccinated. About 80 percent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated. They have had 323 deaths. South Dakota has had 2,161.

      duggersd writes: “Vaccinated or not vaccinated, it does not seem to make a difference.” Well, the evidence proving that statement false is literally… everywhere.

      South Dakota too.

    2. vaccinated or unvaccinated, if you are over 85 years of age you have a 13% chance of dying in a given year, of something. If you are in frail health a common cold will finish you off. Prior to Covid, most death certificates did not identify the virus involved.
      Parainfluenza3 almost killed me in 2019. The only reason I know it was Parainfluenza3 was because I was hospitalized; most people who catch that one don’t get very sick. With Covid, everybody is getting tested to see if that’s what is giving them the sniffles.
      Vaccination reduces the severity of covid to that of a common cold. Mass testing is identifying the virus.
      The statistics are making it clear that unvaccinated people are at a much higher risk of hospitalization, intubation, and death.

      1. Ms. Beal, thanks as always for presenting facts that matter. One other thing to consider is, the average hospital stay nationally has fallen, which indicates the covid mutations are less dangerous, and that hospital stays are more for observation, not therapeutics.

        Still, I’m sure we can count on our hospitals continuing their scare campaigns of how terribly crowded they are. The problem is not lack of beds, but lousy staffing. Or am I off-base here?

        1. Cliff writes: “Still, I’m sure we can count on our hospitals continuing their scare campaigns of how terribly crowded they are.”

          Perhaps you missed the fact that over 20 South Dakotans have died of Covid… since Friday. Or is that just part of their “scare campaign”, Cliff?

          1. Eighteen of those 20 people who died were likely frail elderly folk who naturally have less immune response. Respiratory illnesses can be lethal, especially for those over 65, who account for nearly 90 percent of covid deaths in South Dakota and worldwide.

            Hospitals, with public officials’ and media help, have from the get-go painted covid as equally dangerous to all. Peddling falsehoods is a scare campaign. As for “overcrowding,” everybody got wise when hospitals laid off nurses and other staff last year. The predictable spikes in hospital admissions in the fall and winter were well within historical norms.

            1. “Were likely…….” Did you you just pull random fraction out of thin air and present it as a rebuttal?

              1. Anonymous at 7:47…. Not thin air, just the rock-solid numbers of the age cohort of those who’ve died of covid the past 18 months. I say “likely” in the context of a week’s number, which should conform to the aggregate numbers that are well established.

            2. Yesterday. 2 in their fifties. 3 in their sixties and one older than that. Died. But Cliff tells us that they were “likely frail elderly folk”.

              I happen to be pro-life. To me, that is not an acceptable justification… even if it were true.

              1. Again, Elk, small sample sizes make lousy stats. You focus on one day. I look at 18 months. The average age of people dying with covid-19 is 80, and those 65 and over account for just under 90 percent of deaths from the virus, which is the gust of wind that overwhelms us all at the end. Why is that so hard to accept?

                Glad you’re pro-life.

                  1. Elk at 11:15… In the nine months of the vaccine, the cohort mortality numbers have not budged. Your point?

  2. VT, CT, RI, ME & MA have the highest vaccination rates. WV, ID, WY, AL & MS have the lowest. How does this week’s death rate compare between the groups? I don’t think I even have to tell you… but it isn’t close.

      1. A single week’s figures doesn’t provide a true picture. Over the life of this virus — now at 18 months — South Dakota’s death rate rose to 7th last winter, but is now 13th, and will likely keep trending in that direction.

        It’s amazing how covid-related deaths in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire have been so low, but that’s more a matter of geography and environment, not vaccines or Medieval suppression techniques, as it’s something most other states and nations haven’t duplicated. Rhode Island and Massachusetts are in the top 10 in the death rate, and Connecticut will soon pass South Dakota.

        As for the other states mentioned, yeah, Mississippi and Alabama have high rates, but again, that’s more geography and environment, as Southern states spike early. West Virginia, Idaho, and Wyoming are remain below that national average in deaths.

        1. It’s “a matter of geography and environment”? I kinda like that excuse. A guy could use that Houdini maneuver for just about any sticky situation.

          But, you are still just trying to poke holes in reality, Cliff.

          1. Elk at 8:36… If their results were repeatable, everybody would copy them. But their results are unique. Is your understanding of data and nature so limited that you can’t ever say, “Gee, I don’t know why”?

            1. Of course. I say “I don’t know why” more often the older I get. But when the evidence is as obvious as it is, in regards to vaccine efficacy, I won’t deny it.

              South Dakota’s adult population is roughly 2/3rds vaccinated. That Sanford chart above indicates that this vaccinated group accounts for only 8 percent of hospitalizations and about 4% of patients on ventilators.

              But you… you don’t see that? Or is it that you won’t see it? It just has to be something else. Or maybe the hospital is deceiving us. Wow.

              1. It’s not about vaccine efficacy. I was raised in a medical family, and am resistant to the nonsense that vaccines will save us all with this virus. They won’t. Rather they’ll make the symptoms less severe. If your natural immunity is good, you have almost zero chance of dying from Covid. If your natural immunity is not so good, yeah, it’s better not to get this or any virus.

                The politics of this virus is what separates us.

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