Hot off the press – Noem Job Approval at 62% in new poll, with 89% approval among Republicans!

Hot off the press, in a new polling memo from long-time polling strategist Glen Bolger’s company, Public Opinion Strategies, Governor Kristi Noem’s job rating was tested, coming in with a strong 62% approval rating when people were asked “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Kristi Noem is doing as governor?”

You can read the memo below:

SD Noem Polling Memo by Pat Powers on Scribd

According to recent polling conducted June 27-30, 2020 among five hundred registered voters in the state, fully 62% approve and 32% disapprove of the job Governor Noem is doing. According to the memo, “By intensity, 39% strongly approve and 23% somewhat approve. Only 19% strongly disapprove, while another 13% somewhat disapprove. The remaining 6% said they did not know.

According to the poll, Noem is tremendously well received by the Republican majority in the state, as it was noted “The Governor’s approval rating hits 89% approve/7% disapprove with Republicans, 48% approve/43% disapprove with Independents, and 26% approve/68% disapprove with Democrats.

Read the entire memo above.

35 thoughts on “Hot off the press – Noem Job Approval at 62% in new poll, with 89% approval among Republicans!”

  1. Kudos to those who released the polling memo. We know who conducted the poll, how it was conducted, and, in a rare inclusion in an executive summary, we know the confidence interval (95 out of 100) as well as the margin of error.

    I can’t help believing that the timing of the poll’s release is more than coincidental, given the President’s scheduled visit to Mount Rushmore on Friday. I also note that Bill Kristol has a poll – fanciful in my opinion – on Twitter listing Kristy among four potential VP candidates should Mike Pence not run for a second term.

  2. Michael,

    1) The poll was released the day it was provided and one day after completion. Further, I see no merit in running a poll to parallel with the President’s visit as I can’t imagine the good it would do for either. However, considering the Governor has essentially led us through the peak of Covid fight, I can see the merit to get a read on how the public judges her performance. I’m glad to see my view is broadly held. She did great.

    2) Bill Kristol is a never-Trumper and likes to stir the pot. Thus, I wouldn’t give any credence to his rumors.

    3) I agree that polls should be released with more raw data and information on the methodology to be taken seriously. The worst of all time was when Jay Williams released a poll saying he was in a dead heat with John Thune (Thune got 71% of the vote) and it got recognition by the Argus.

  3. Unless Minnesota can quickly correct course especially with the mass destruction, high crime rates, shootings and now abolishing police departments in Minneapolis/St. Paul Governor Noem will see businesses flock to South Dakota.

    2020 elections will be critical for many reasons with plenty of variables. If South Dakota citizens fall for the dupe of legalizing marijuana I’d argue it would place the state at a substantial disadvantage for economic development creating more challenges for Governor Noem.

    1. My son was planning to work part time in mpls but changed his mind because of the present conditions there. Maybe it’s time for the silent majority of law and order loving citizens to take back their city from the mob.

    2. “the dupe of legalizing marijuana”

      You say that as though criminalizing marijuana use wasn’t a political tool against minorities in the first place.

      1. It wasn’t. Drug uses toll on society is well documented. Are your dome races are more inclined to use drugs?

        1. I didn’t suggest drug use takes no toll on society. What races are more inclined to use drugs, and how do you know that?

  4. I thought polls were #FAKENEWS?

    Must just be the polls we dont agree with.

    1. Your statement is too simplistic, but I guess that goes with the territory of being a Trump hater.

  5. Kristi is the most insecure politician I’ve been around. She needed this to buck her up and get her through the weekend.

  6. This Glen guy sounds totally unbiased.

    “Roll Call newspaper, a newspaper that covers Capitol Hill, noted Glen “has quickly emerged as the pollster of choice for House and Senate Republicans.”

    1. rates the pollster as a B+, with a slight right lean. I would guess the poll is fairly accurate.

      1. has Trump as a near lock to lose at this point, is that accurate as well, or just the part you like?

        1. Er… Polling and statistical analysis is a lot of what Nate Silver and 538 do. As we know, polls aren’t always as accurate as we’d like, but in a vacuum of solid information they can give us some sense of where we’re headed. I don’t “like” or “agree” with polls – like math and chemistry, polls just “are”. The only “poll” that matters is November 3rd.

          1. Polls are worthless anymore. Every single poll in 2016 had Clinton winning in a total landslide. Every pundit, Nate Silver included, said it was impossible for her to lose. She got trounced in the Electoral College. When I see polls saying Biden, who is Senile at best, winning by double digits I shake my head and think are they really going to repeat the SAME mistake in 2016. I remember watching the news for days after 2016 and Dems and their allies in the Media talking about how they needed to do better and not take this guy lightly, yet here we are again believing polls. I believe none of them, it’s all an illusion. Hillary at least had her mental facilities and Biden is a mentally gone, no way Old Joe wins in November. I bet they replace him soon with the “clubs” choice.

            1. Yeah……… While I also don’t put too much stock in polls (especially this early), I will say that the economy, healthcare, the pandemic, and 4 years of tweets just might factor in somewhere. We shall see Nov. 3rd.

    2. Perhaps he is a likable person and is known for accurate results. The latter would probably be why Dems wouldn’t like him.

      Would you ever admit bias for a Dem pollster? Probably not.

  7. We have a lot of great Republican leaders here in South Dakota, that respect the rule of law and freedom.

    I can’t even imagine living in a liberal state like California or New York.

  8. Californians have the freedom to use cannabis if they’re not hurting anyone. SD lacks that freedom and I expect we’ll see a lot of propaganda to keep it that way.

    1. Californians also have the right to knowingly give someone HIV(which is a death sentence) and its only a misdemeanor. Kalifornia is the LAST state we should be taking “freedom” lessons from.

    2. Yeah Californians have problems walking on sidewalks without stepping on feces with the smell of pot, urine and some druggie laying on the sidewalk in metro areas. If you want that type of freedom then you should move to California.

  9. As Michael says at the top, we have one of the more rare opportunities to discern the accuracy by looking at the methodology, etc..

    Regarding the movement from Minnesota, it is real. In addition to businesses which move, we are getting a nice influx of people who can work from home as independent contractors are buying both homes in Sioux Falls (a realtor said a couple from NY just bought a 4,000 sq. ft. house unseen) but also the Hills and on our Lakes.

    The 4th of July exposure will also stimulate both business and personal moves. Governor Noem has set the stage for a surge in economic growth and diversification.

    George Mickelson once told me his economic development goal was SD again was a two US Rep State (he knew it wouldn’t happen under his watch). I don’t remember how many more people we needed then but it is between 200,000 and 300,000 more. I know that it looks like a stretch but here is what we have (no particular order) to attract people:

    1) Clean air and water
    2) No density of population (safer from pandemics)
    3) No income tax & low taxes in general
    4) Great public and private schools
    5) Actual law enforcement keeping crime down
    6) Great affordable housing options
    7) Great hospitals and retirement options
    8) Good summer ice cream options like B&G Milky Way in Sioux Falls and Zesto in Pierre

    1. Troy I would just prefer those “New Yorkers” and their views stay put!!! Problem with these types of folks is they bring their “voting record” with them. These people are fleeing places like that due to the high taxes and crime yet are not smart enough to understand they voted for this kind of junk year over year then bring that same mentality here. No Thank you. Now I know SD is not perfect and we have a lot ot clean up but, I would prefer they move somewhere else

      1. Apparently I missed something – had no idea all New Yorkers hold the same views.

      2. Not only New Yorkers but include Californication, Oregon, and Washington.

  10. Bye bye Billy and Kommie Kelsea. He had a chance with R’s divided last time, not looking good for round 2.

  11. I for one am not wetting my pants in excitement. For years we acted like starving squirrels who found a nut when a business wanted come to SD. We paid millions back to Transcanada for a dumb pipeline. Please please let’s sharpen our policies to attract ONLY quality jobs. We should be taking on a managed growth plan which will take some serious business and industry chops of which this governor’s office has none demonstrated by the spending of $350,000 of future fund dollars on fireworks! They don’t know how to use it so apparently anything economic development related counts? Troy should be appalled.

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