How about those announcements?

How about those announcements last night that Democrats were supposedly going to make for their candidates for Congress & US Senate?

Jon Ellis had noted on the 100 eyes program that an allegedly “good” congressional candidate was supposedly coming out as running at the dinner. Jeff Barth had said the party should be announcing for both offices.

But so far this morning, all we’re hearing are crickets:

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee says South Dakota’s history of electing Democrats to Congress and the state’s “independent streak” will ensure competitive races in the 2016 elections.
South Dakota Democratic Party Chairwoman Ann Tornberg says the party hopes to run candidates for both those seats. Wasserman Schultz says South Dakota has “a long history” of electing Democrats.

Read it here.

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

And nada on candidates. Mark this rollout down as a FAIL.

6 thoughts on “How about those announcements?”

  1. they make much more progress getting on blogs like this and shouting that thune is an empty suit and that noem should be primaried because she’s not ‘conservative enough.’ they have to cause as much damage as possible over the long haul, and reveal their candidates at a future time near the campaigns where the usual early interest peak and drop off won’t hurt so bad.

    1. anonymous 1021, i now notice you only start taking about fecal matter when i’m unmasking what you do in here. do it again and prove me right. please.

  2. Well, I mean, if the SDDP never said they would announce a candidate, how can it be a “FAIL”?

    If I say “Joe should run a mile today” or “I heard Joe was going to run a mile today,” can I really fault Joe if he ends up staying at home instead?

    Now, if Joe were to say “I will run a mile today!” and then stays home, that would be a “FAIL”.

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