Howie/Hubbel accuses Hickey of Bosworthian petition violations.

You’ve got to consider the source, but this morning, Lora Hubbel is on Gordon Howie’s blog accusing State Representative Steve Hickey of not witnessing the signatures on his petitions:

What I found interesting regarding Steve Hickey’s comment, was the response it generated from Lora Hubbel:

“When I traipsed all over District 9 to get my signatures I carried a petition for you also. I got over half of what you needed and took the to your church to get notarized. WHEN I WAS THERE THE PETITION CARRIER FOR YOUR OTHER PETITIONS said that YOUR PETITIONS WERE JUST ON THE COUNTER FOR CHURCH MEMBERS TO SIGN. NO PETITION CARRIER WAS AROUND FOR ALL OF YOUR SIGNATURES. How do I know? Your petition carrier told me so.”

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I asked Steve about it, and he noted that we really need to consider the source:

Hubbel is lashing out with whatever she can grab on to as they ramp up more diversions from the reality that Boz is a lawbreaker.

Since the 2006 abortion battle we have had and have very specific policies and protocols on my and other petition signing at the church. This is garbage at the highest level and the allegation will immediately vaporize if they want to take it to the level of asking all 54 of my petition signers. Until that point I guess it’s my word up against the word of Hubbel and Howie. South Dakota can decide.

Steve also directed me to his further comments under the Howie post, where he noted:

In 2014 my assistant was only a notary for me and didn’t collect signatures. Hubbel is probably referring to the 2012 election and the time Hubbel was in my office I was standing right there at the counter with her talking to my assistant. She is mistaken or fabricating the part about someone telling her petitions sit around our church with no circulator. Baloney. I can provide a whole lot of people to verify that doesn’t happen. In my view this is crap, typical of you and Hubbel, tossing out things about people that aren’t true.

I’ve been very clear my motive for pursuing the issue legally with the Bosworth petitions. Here’s why, Gordon…. As a Christian in the public sphere it is maddening to me that you and Boz – the most overt in displaying your Christianity – morning devotions put on youtube – are known as the most unscrupulous. It’s a horrible witness. Boz in particular. She isn’t being persecuted for righteousness sake as your recent post said. That’s ridiculous. She is getting off easy.

There are tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars (including Utah) or millions (direct mail political scam fundraising), that these Haber/Bosworth people scammed from others. Jackley didn’t have the legal tools to prosecute those – now he does as we clarified the law. But it’s too late. So he is going after what he can.

The second reason I went after her was because it’s high time the SD GOP clean it’s own house and no one at the time was calling her out, including SDWC. Only Troy Jones, Lee Schoenbeck and myself in terms of GOPrs were calling her out. Others were silent probably so it wouldn’t look like it came from another senate campaign – privately they’d tell me just let her self-destruct. I said, no. We need to be the party of integrity. As an elected official I went after her because the GOP needed to show we can clean our own house. As a Christian I went after her because of her lousy witness for Christ tainting others of us Christians in the public square.

Read it here.

What are your thoughts?  Are some of us lax for not saying that some Republican candidates are unfit for office during the campaign?

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  1. PP, You carried a lot of water on this one for the state of SD not just the political party.

    Why does Hickey think he is the only one seeking justice on most issues? He would help his cause if it wasn’t all about me, me, me. Grandstanding doesn’t get you very far and it doesn’t get you many allies.

    I don’t believe Howie’s blog at all. Hickey is a great guy who could use some humility. Wait a minute Hubbel, Howie, Hickey and Stace could all use a big helping of humility. Other than that I like all of them but not when they are busy saying me, me, me and pointing fingers at others while trying to be the self appointed person of purity.

  2. Question #1 is why would Hickey respond to a Howie blog? Does anyone read it? My guess is if it wasn’t linked on the “right side” of the SDWC it wouldn’t be seen by anyone.

    1. Especially when the source is Lora Hubbel reporting back to Gordon Howie.

      Think about this Pastor Hickey. Do not give them the time of day when they are making up accusations against you. They could have called you prior to posting if they wanted the truth but their goal was to smear you.

  3. Pat didn’t do anything negative on Republican candidates during the primary. And, the other Senate campaigns in the primary wouldn’t touch it either. I get that and the reasons for it but she was so far over the line with the scandals.

    Humble pie is a frequent dish for me. However I’ll also add how people tend to confuse confidence with arrogance. They are not the same.

    Here’s a couple things I retorted to Lora just to fill in some of the gaps in the story here…

    Lora – you got 24 signatures for me that year. Thanks again. I turned in 61 so you didn’t collect half. The rest of your comments are false and you are known for throwing wild accusations out there about people so I guess it’s just my turn. I’m getting a chuckle here Lora as a recall some of these things. That day you were standing there in my office you said you were also helping Mike Austed collect signatures (to run against me). I told you that in the redistricting he was no longer in my district. That detail didn’t stop you two. He turned in his signatures and the SOS rejected them a few days later because he was trying to run in a district he didn’t live in.

  4. Yesterday the most powerful human on the planet and the leader of our free world chose to speak in Watertown and today it’s hard to count the “sour grapes” Republicans trying to get any type of ink. (and anonymous … you’re so well spoken it’s time to reveal your name before a hacker does it for you.) lol

  5. What about the remaining 37 signatures, Mr Hickey? Did you witness those people sign?

    1. Read the comments on Howie’s blog and you’ll see my lengthy answers.

      Here’s how it works: people collect signatures for me. They go to my notary who confirms they were the circulator. When that is confirmed she notarizes them. I spelled this out for Howie and then said, now, how sure are you all your signatures in your Obamacare repeal signature drive were legal? Remember he got thousands in a couple of weeks. He responded that he can’t be sure. I can be sure that my measely 61 signatures were all legally obtained .

  6. Lora do you or anyone else have a copy of the 2012 petitions you circulated for s.h.?

  7. Oddly no answer…. Steve Hickey… pretentious pastors give Jesus a really bad name and break His heart….casting the first stone is never a good idea when you are guilty of sin and refuse to answer …

  8. I’m curious about the other 37 signatures. It appears that the question is being avoided.
    This seems hypocritical on the part of Mr. Hickey.

  9. We can justify anything in our own mind if enough of the people around us never disagree with what we think. That said Steve Hickey appears to me to like people around him disagreeing with him. For a Pastor this is a requisite for the Truth. And running from a confrontation is something I have never seen Steve do. Bring it on Anon’s; you are too easy to dismiss to be taken seriously by anyone.

  10. Hickey said, “Humble pie is a frequent dish for me.”

    Kind of arrogant for you to say that. Isn’t it?

  11. Everyone who supports Annette Bosworth and would like to take a stand for her by going to the courtroom in Pierre to show your support during her trial, it will be begin the 18th of May. It will be jury selection first and then the trial scheduled through the next week or so. Your presence can make a difference.
    …Pierre SD .. The county court house .. Jury selection is Monday the 18th. Trial is 20-22. Annette has a sponsor that will pay for the hotel rooms for supporters .. Let her office know if you have someone that wants to be there

    Will that sponsor pay for meals? Can we have popcorn in the courtroom?

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