The “voice of the South Dakota Democrats” off the air.

I notice today that Larry Kurtz (long banned from this and other websites for his profanity, hate speech, etc) who had been promoting his website “South Dakota Progressive” as the voice of the South Dakota Democrat party, complete with links to the party, it’s candidates, etc, has announced that it is shutting down.

It comes on the heels of several bizarre and easily disproven posts such as claiming that I have been diagnosed with cancer, Mike Rounds is resigning, and claims that Kurtz had been given scurrilous information on Kristi Noem by Shantel Krebs. (Shantel told me, btw, that she’s “absolutely never talked to the guy.”)

Yeah, this is the same idiot who claims all cops are wife abusers, and exposure to plastic is a cause of homosexuality.

Fast forward to today, and most of the bizarre claims have been taken down, along with any of the branding that connected him with the South Dakota Democrat party. And a post from August has been revised to make it look like he announced going off the internet back three months ago.

Served with legal papers? Or were the Democrats demanding that he remove any and all association with them?

10 thoughts on “The “voice of the South Dakota Democrats” off the air.”

  1. I think Lar was just running his bloggings to annoy the Democrat party and if they complained he would have probably stuck it out longer. I think Lar probably just had too much exposure to plastics and weeds and has gone insaner than most.

    1. Grudz he should really be Larry the Libertarian. It would be a better fit and our good friend Bob the convicted felon would love to have him. Fighting to legalize all mind altering drugs. Enjoy the Trip! 🙂

      1. Lar and Bob are both Libertarian in nature but Lar won’t sign the pledge cards that Mr. Newland passes out. He doesn’t want to pay the dues.

  2. Larry Kurtz and his obscene behavior, hate for religion, hate this, hate that, 24/7 obsession with legalizing mind altering drugs along with other the Krazys and their non-ending conspiracy theories at Dakotans for Pot are the poster boys of what is left of the South Dakota Democratic Party.

    I hope he gets a sued. He keeps claiming & boasting he will be testifying at the next SD Legislative session regarding pot.

  3. As much as he is detestable, I would encourage him to remain “on the air”.

    When these crazies go underground with their perceived grievances, bad things tend to happen. Its better to have them rant above board, and despicable as that sounds.

    1. Krazy Larry is posting again on one of his other hate filled blogs. Posterboy for the South Dakota Democratic Party and another libby blogger’s sidekick.

  4. I see that South Dakota Magazine summarily dumped Heidlelburger as a “columnist” recently.

    Even moderate SD Dems are distancing themselves from the hate of the whacked out Dem Left in SD.

    I wonder how long Madville Times will survive as a nonentity?

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me. That blog has the same mainly stoners commenting every day for hours and hours and hours. If you post anything questioning and challenging the narrative watch out! It’s best to let them solve world problems in their little chemically mind altered worlds. 🙂

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