I think Rep. Randolph got them all in there….

Wow. In case you haven’t seen House Bill 1215 yet, I get the distinct impression that Representative Randolph has some opinions about LGBT persons.

SD House Bill 1215 by Pat Powers on Scribd

Aside from the fact South Dakota has already lost that battle.. well it’s not aside from that fact, I’m pretty sure that under section 1, subsections 1 and 3 are unconstitutional. . For gosh sakes.

Not to mention, I question whether it might be a stretch to consider the proposed law itself as constitutional under the state’s constitution. Per AG Opinion 17-02:

Our State Constitution mandates that legislative bills meet two requirements.  First, each bill must contain an “enacting clause.”  S.D. Const. Art. 3, § 18.  Second, each bill must contain only one subject that is expressed in the bill’s title.  S.D. Const. Art. 3, § 21

Read that here.

It might be a stretch to say sexual orientation, tax dollars for sex change operations, conversion therapy, drag queen story time, and “a person’s right to practice secular humanism” all fall under “An Act to prohibit the state from endorsing or enforcing certain policies regarding domestic relations.”

What are your thoughts?

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  1. This is an area where CPS might do some good. CPS policies could describe chemical castration and psychological manipulation of the biological and natural imperative of gender assurity as child endangerment and/or abuse.

  2. Embarrassing for the state and party. Great way to lose the support of young conservatives and diminish any chance of maintaining our GOP majority decades from now. But if this is our version of the GOP, we deserve to lose because this is not conservative. Legislators would be wise to send it to the 41st day and denounce it publicly. Make the Grand Ole Party what it should be: a big tent party. Otherwise you continue to alienate younger voters. Time to focus on our real issues and stop legislating your personal fears.

    1. One person’s fear legislation is another person’s weaponized culture and sexuality. At what point did the left stop respecting the science of Biology?

      1. And when did the Right as well?

        At what point should chiropractors start introducing legislation pushed by Bartscher’s bands of idiots? I still think it’s funny he want so hard for Marty and then some how still ended up having to beg Noem for a job.

        At what point did the GOP start wanting Government involved in Conversations between Doctors and patients?

        There are a lot of “at what point” in these conversations, but very little understanding or empathy when considering these terrible pieces of legislation.

        These stupid pieces of legislation only go on to show that South Dakota is stuck in the past. It’s not attracting new, young people to the state- it’s only going to hurt in the long run. There’s a reason why Billie Sutton did so well in the last Governors race. Most South Dakotans are more moderate than this crap. And it’s also terribly written.

        1. The right tries its best to be conservative. They waited for Blasey Ford’s testimony. They waited to see if Trump was guilty of anything. They waited to come after R v W until the science confirmed that conception is the best non-arbitrary point at which human rights are assigned.

          It is a mistake to confuse suspension of judgement for disbelief – especially in an age when scientific data is muddled with for the purposes of personal financial gain (climate science is a great example).


          Even if the science weren’t crystal clear, since we’re dealing with human life and human rights, it would have been better to NOT ruthlessly kill over 30 million human beings until the science was settled. By a long shot, it’s the largest genocide in human history, promulgated mostly against black people.

          But Trump’s the racist.

          1. Tried their best? Try harder!

            Since you brought up Blasey Ford – when will Republicans stand up for all the children that were abused by Catholic priests? I haven’t heard anything…. at all!

            Just because it’s the best option – does not mean it should be the only option. We have a pluralistic society.

            None of my comments were an attack on the President and your inference or any thing of the such is your ignorance.

            It’s not my fault you have only listened to climate deniers – the next generation of people will have to lead because the current is too glued to their Fox News to wake up and pay attention. Every group will always have a couple of bad apples – doesn’t mean everyone is out of ill-intended gain. When the record for the hottest year on record is for the previous 4 years in a row- that might lend to the rational observation that a trend is happening.

            Lets not forget how many people were killed in the on-going wars, how many service members are still in harms way, and how many have paid the ultimate price.

            Lets talk about the $3 trillion price tag and the national debt – which has only continued to explode the national deficit.

            Let’s talk about the deficit we’re going to continue to run because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Republicans had total control of the Federal government and couldn’t cut enough spending to balance the Federal budget.

            You wonder why there is dissention in the ranks – take a look around.

            1. My point was that, being conservative means change comes slowly.

              On this issue, for me, the science makes the transgender, abortion, and homosexuality issues clear when they were not so clear 40 years ago.

              I see the Democrats abandoning science since it doesn’t support bad behavior (killing babies out of convenience). Young people have been somewhat commandeered away from common sense, liberty, and conservatism.

              But, the battle is far from over.

              I suggest you follow Michelle Malkin. She seems to have the goods on the Catholics .. refreshing from a Catholic.

              Here is a netio broadcast regarding “Criminal Catholics” that you might be interested in:


  3. It’s too bad you can’t put gif’s on here, Pat. Because I would put one on of someone beating a dead horse.

    In the words of my ancestors… uff-dah.

  4. I’m surprised Code Counsel Cummings didn’t withhold this bill for being ‘strikingly unconstitutional’, especially since he seems to view that as his prerogative….

  5. Here’s what I just. don’t. understand.

    We’re electing people to spend my time and money (since my tax dollars pay their salaries) to discuss the following:

    (1) A bill to stop Daylight Saving Time in South Dakota

    (2) A bill to remove irreconcilable differences from the list of grounds for divorce. That leaves the only permissible grounds as adultery, extreme cruelty, willful desertion, willful neglect, habitual intemperance, and criminal conviction resulting in incarceration.

    (3) A bill to prohibit all of these: the issuance of marriage licenses to gay couples, class protections for gay people, the recognition that trans people exist, the change of gender classification on birth certificates, bans on conversion therapy, and drag queen story time in public schools and libraries

    (4) A resolution to invite Virginia gun owners to move to South Dakota. (Not making this up.)

    (5) A bill making it illegal to provide any gender-affirming medical treatment to transgender children 16 or under, even with parental permission, and making doctors who provide such treatment subject to imprisonment.

    (6) A bill permitting parents to refuse consent for medical, psychiatric, psychological, or counseling care to a minor child “if the parent reasonably believes that the service would induce, confirm, or promote the child’s belief that the child’s gender is different from that which it was at birth or that the gender with which the child identifies is different from that which it was at birth.”

    (7) A bill requiring school counselors, psychologists, and social workers to out a trans kid to the parents.

    (8) A bill banning surrogacy.

    (9) A bill preventing cities from banning plastic bags and straws.

    (10) A bill to remove sales tax from guns and ammunition. (We do tax nonessentials like food and clothing.

    I found this “great” list floating around Facebook today.


    If we want to be “open for business”, then that means OPEN FOR EVERYONE! (yes, I’m shouting)

    What is the purpose of some of these bills? It’s embarrassing. C’mon SD Legislators – do some solid work. Not this garbage.

    1. “Open for everyone”

      Does that include people who would weaponize information systems to discourage otherwise reasonable people to think rationally on each issue?

      It would seem as though Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife have you by the short neurons. Their mind control program must be working on you.

      You’re on here claiming that the legislature should not look into the chemical castration of children in an age when information systems and social networking can convince otherwise potentially rational people to eat Tide pods.

      That is all.

  6. KRISTEN, if these Bill were not sponsored by those of your district, it isn’t your problem.

    While my Representatives have a combined IQ which qualifies them for special needs, they are in general incapable of finishing a thought sufficient to sponsor a bill so fortunately they seldom embarrass me

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