Liz May finally announcing. “Liz May for Congress” facebook page owned by Texas consulting firm.

Continuing the worst campaign rollout since Paula Hawks for Congress, it appears that the Liz May for Congress campaign is getting around to making her announcement official, after filing all the paperwork, and putting a facebook page up with a few snapshots:

It appears that May will be making it official tomorrow at the fairgrounds in Rapid City. Right now it says on her page that 11 people are confirmed as going, as she boasts:

As a respected leader and relentless fighter, she has a track record of making hard decisions, and has solved real problems for South Dakotans. Liz Marty May Sticks to Her Guns and will Cull the Herd.

(Good lord, who wrote that awful copy? -pp)

What’s more interesting is noting who is running her only campaign presence at the moment:

The Liz May for Congress facebook page doesn’t even appear to be owned by Liz May, because according to Facebook records, the page for “Liz May for Congress” is owned by Base Engager, LLC., from Tyler, Texas, Jim McIntosh’s consulting firm.

I had mentioned McIntosh’s possible involvement a couple days ago, and the fact that a Texas based political consulting firm owns “Liz May for Congress” should tell you something.

If you’re starting off, and have to pay someone to run your free facebook page for you, what does that say about the groundswell of grassroot support for your campaign?  Not much.

Stand by for more to come on the race for Congress.

8 thoughts on “Liz May finally announcing. “Liz May for Congress” facebook page owned by Texas consulting firm.”

  1. omg, this is a joke. The end game can’t be to win, can it? Is this just a TX consultant using her as a conduit to raise money? May has no geographic base. She could walk in anyplace in SF, RC, Pierre, Aberdeen, etc right now and not one person would recognize her. At least Dr. Boz had a lab coat she could wear while she went all Don Quixote on us.

  2. I’m disappointed that Kristi’s consultant from her gov race is working against both Dusty and Rounds.

    This is incredible.

  3. I wonder how much Liz May is paying McIntosh. He’s a snake oil salesman and seems to have an audience among D-List politicians, irrespective of ideology (Borglum and May). The sooner he moves on to swindle folks in a different state, the better for South Dakota.

  4. She will do better than most think. The largest industry in Sd is the cattle industry by overall dollars. Dusty is adamtly against the wishes of cattle producers in this state. Since this USMCA train wreck for the cattle industry I’ll guarantee you cattle producers will vote for May over Dusty. Evidently Dusty has never heard of guy called Tom Daschle. I’ll vote for any senate candidate who is in favor of COOL even if it’s a democrat. I can’t just stand by and let our congresspeople adamantly hurt the cattle producers of this state. It’s wrong and Thune and Rounds both know it. This vote the party line and ignore the largest industry in Sd is worse than having a democrat in dc.

    1. You can count the cattle industry in dollars and yes it’s very big, but count the votes attached to it and Liz May gets nowhere fast. The fact that she has her name on the ballot in a primary means she will pick up the ‘anti’ Dusty vote. The problem then going forward is people like her and others confuse that 20 or 30% she might get as real support. #folly2020

  5. Mike is right on the money. South Dakota depends on agriculture. Whether you realize it or not, if you live in South Dakota, your income is affected by agriculture, and agriculture is hurting right now. When farmers and ranchers buckle the belt, the entire state better buckle down. So many ranchers are feeling let down by Dusty, you might be surprised just how many votes Liz is going to pull in.

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