Borglum for US Senate 2019 4q FEC: 2k raised, 4k spent, 8k cash on hand, 12k loan

Scyller Borglum, Candidate for US Senate filed her 4th Quarter report for her race today:

Borglum 2019 4q FEC Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

In the 4th Quarter, Borglum raised $2,383.16 total against $3,918.29 spent, leaving her $8,219.38 cash on hand, mainly from a loan made by the candidate to the campaign for $12,000, which the campaign carries as a note.

(And yes, that is me on the report under disbursements, which technically should have been my business, Dakota Campaign Store for envelopes, magnets, etcetera. If you’re needing some of those things, drop me a note, and I’m happy to help.)

We’re still waiting to see the report from Senator Rounds, which I’ll post as soon as it’s available.

10 thoughts on “Borglum for US Senate 2019 4q FEC: 2k raised, 4k spent, 8k cash on hand, 12k loan”

  1. Wow, I was really expecting more from Borglum. In a half year she has only raised about $12,000, which doesn’t even cover the gas for a real campaign. She has proven she has no traction or support. Time to throw in the towel.

  2. LOL. Embarrassing.

    Maybe turning the entire Thune, Dusty, Noem camps against you wasn’t the smartest strategy.

  3. Report shows PP working for Skyler! Wow! Goodbye Rounds, Thune, Johnson subsidy of this pathetic site. Noem cash will probably flow in to keep PPs in the black.

  4. I was really hoping she would do better to because I really like her, but this is embarrassing. At this point it is clear she can’t raise the money needed to run a campaign even for legislature yet alone the US Senate. So why even bother filing petitions to get on the ballot?

  5. Time to go away. Get a real job and do some volunteer work if you want to make a difference. Because this isn’t working. The delusions people have when it comes to running for office just continue to amaze me. Tapio, Borglum, May, Bosworth, Hubbel, and on and on. Running for the Legislature is an entirely different beast than running for statewide office.

    1. I rather admired Tapio’s run. I voted for Dusty, but Tapio did what he could do with what he had I thought. I feel downright embarassed for Lora Hubbel though. She was born without self-awareness or shame so I pity her everytime she publically embarasses herself. She and she alone is the only one keeping her name even remotely relevant.

  6. Completely lacking in awareness and certainly self awareness.

    Believe me, I could go on and on.

  7. I predicted this from the start. This is what it looks like when out-of-state leeches from the Noem campaign attach themselves to young gullible candidates with big dreams and visions of grandeur. She should have taken it slow, enjoyed her time in office, then after she’s got some ground to stand on make a run. I feel like her goal all along was to somehow get into congress and she got ahead of herself. Continuing this path would be political suicide if it isn’t already.

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