If you’re out on the campaign trail, I’d point this out as a don’t.

A reader sent this my way, and I thought I’d share.


Yeah…It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Republican who ran who would go door to door with her pet parrot perched on her shoulder.  If you’re running in Massachusetts or Vermont as a Bernie Sanders type eccentric, you might be ok to let your freak flag fly.

If you’re in the middle of South Dakota?

Well…. If seeing something they don’t see every day is their only exposure to you, a person might want to rethink that one.

20 thoughts on “If you’re out on the campaign trail, I’d point this out as a don’t.”

  1. Because this guy is riding a bike on a beautiful day with a campaign sign attached makes him a freak?

    The cross you are barring might get a little heavy… Since you have the right to judge other.

  2. Our neighborhood now has a Heidelberger watch after the last time he was there and argued with a few neighbors but Cory just had to get the last word in and let everyone know smart he thought he was.

    Where is his frayed straw hat?

    He should really have a helmet on to protect that noggin

    1. you mean to motivate more voters to increase his margin of defeat? Well yes it did work! 🙂

      I wonder when door knocking Cory if he tells District 3 residents that he has called for a boycott of 3/4 of our legislator’s businesses across the state including the Madison School district. He has a sketchy employment history and zero experience in running a business.

  3. As a midway side show, he’s a winner. As a legislator, he’s a loser (with or without a helmet).

    It’s the Heidelbugger on the Heidelbuggy. 😂😂😂

  4. Mr. H looks like a skilled fellow to me. I have never seen a bicycle like that but it does not look easy to ride.

    I see no problem with it. I dare say few others could ride a contraption like that.

  5. Ten years ago this guy likely would have won in Aberdeen. But not with the brown county GOP so strong these days and the dems so weak.

  6. Pat, I’m no fan of the Hamburglar by any stretch, but I don’t know if riding one of these bikes is freaky. I think we’re getting a bit snarky when there is so much actual red meat to attack in his campaign and ideology.

    1. A recumbent bike what Crazy Cory is riding is actually very good for those who have back issues that prevent them from riding a conventional upright bike, Actually recumbents are good for those with balance issues too since they can easily put their feet down at stop signs if need be,

      I agree there is plenty of red meat to make this guy unelectable for any office. If he ever were to get elected to Pierre he would be a political boat anchor for the more reasonable remaining Democratic legislators that are about serving their constituents and not about just themselves. Besides whether across the aisle or not who would work with this guy that will stab you in the back to advance himself and has already torched so many bridges? He has already done it to his own party members.

      1. I understand these bikes are worthless on any kind of an incline, though. I’ve thought they looked interesting to ride, but I just bought a new bike last year so I’ll ride it till the wheels fall off.

        1. Good for you! Recumbents do have a disadvantage on hills but they are faster on the flats than conventional upright bikes. Some riders trick them all out for speed or touring.

          Either way be safe ,have fun, explore, decompress and wear a helmet out there! 🙂

  7. I think we’ve gotten off the beaten track a bit. Yes, physical activity is healthy. But Republican or Democrat, I’d never put a candidate on a bike like this (much less any bike) with signs. It looks silly.

    1. Pat I agree! I am volunteering for a candidate right now and there is no way I advise this person to do this while door knocking or lit dropping. It looks unprofessional for South Dakota and just looks out of place. Perhaps in Portland, the Powderhorn neighborhood in Minneapolis or San Francisco but certainly not South Dakota and Brown County.

      All he would need is a tie dye shirt to complete the image besides that straw hat he has been seen wearing while riding his bike in town.

  8. Cory is probably boycotting the gas & C-Store owners in Aberdeen since they donate to the SDGOP so his lime green Volkswagon Beetle is parked and he rides his bike. Cory & his boycotts.. If elected how is this guy going to get to Pierre?

    “Hello my name is Cory Heidelberger and I was wondering if you would co-sponsor or vote for my bill?”

    “Senator Heidelberger why would I have anything to do with you when you call for a boycott our businesses, our livelihood and accuse my friends and I of things we had no part of?

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