IM23 an end run around right to work laws.

Union members aren’t happy that South Dakotans have the option of saying “no thank you, I don’t want to join.”  So, like a record club you can’t escape, they want to chain anyone working for a company to them, and take their money against their will:

Supporters of Initiated Measure 23, which would give corporate or nonprofit organizations the right to charge fees for services provided, said the ballot measure corrects unfairness in state law. Opponents say people shouldn’t be forced to make payments to a union as a condition of a job.

“It’s designed to force people who choose not to belong to unions to pay them fees anyway,” said opponent David Owen, president of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “We think that’s an end-run around right-to-work, and we don’t think that’s right.”


The ballot measure reads: “Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, an organization, corporate or nonprofit, has the right to charge a fee for any service provided by the organization.”

The measure doesn’t refer specifically to unions because it’s meant to apply to everyone who provides a service, said Marc Poulos, director of Americans for Fairness, a group based in Illinois that’s supporting the initiative.


Supporters of the South Dakota ballot initiative have raised about $250,000 from the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49 and Americans for Fairness as of the latest campaign finance disclosure deadline.

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It is offensive that the union thugs want to force people to pay dues to a union they want nothing to do with. The last time I checked, this is still the United States in 2016, and people aren’t forced to join a labor collective to work.

This is one awful out of state ballot measure that South Dakotans should firmly and unilaterally reject.

6 thoughts on “IM23 an end run around right to work laws.”

  1. Another measure I’ll be voting against, along with Weiland’s socialist measure. I always try to voted against socialism, however it is disguised.

  2. The measure is worded so deceptively. Organizations already have the right to charge you for services provided. As long as the both parties agree to the price and service provided. Would this require all person above 65 to pay AARP dues? All gun owners to pay NRA dues? All businesses to pay Chamber of Commerce dues?

  3. I have absolutely no problem with this appearing on the ballot, in fact I support the ability of South Dakotans to have a say.

    But what really irks me and what I believe is completely wrong is that this measure is so vague that it’s deceptive.

    What the hell does this mean?

    “Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, an organization, corporate or nonprofit, has the right to charge a fee for any service provided by the organization.”

    If I read just that and don’t bother to read the explanation (like many voters at the ballot box) I would think “sounds good to me” and vote to support.

    Of course it’s a terrible measure, cloaked in purposeful vagueness to deceive.

    As South Dakota considers meaningful elections reform, one of the things we need to look at is establishing a requirement that measures brought to the ballot box are clear in purpose and effect.

    Seems to me that people of good will from all political stripes should be able to agree on the importance of clarity on any issue that is brought forward to the ballot box.

    1. except that is their intent Fred…if they actually told you they wanted to charge union dues it would never pass…so once again these groups try to win by confusing the voters…..

      NO ON 23!

  4. Union thugs? Really? I think of thug as threatening, and no unions in SD threaten me. Stop being lazy with your repub-bite typing and call it what it is …

    1. if you are forcing me to pay my money and I don’t want you to…sounds like aTHUG to me!

      NO on 23!

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