Is this a preview of Taffy Howard’s campaign speech for GOP Chair? Remember when Lora Hubbel ended up as Minnehaha County Chair? It would be like that.

Word is floating around out there that Taffy Howard might be working behind the scenes on a run for State Republican Party Chair or Vice Chair this next year.  Yes, Taffy Howard of the 86% attendance record.

Tonight on Facebook, Taffy gave us a preview of what her leadership (or lack thereof) would look like, as she spewed a message of venom and disunity on Facebook because House leadership is not looking how she would have liked:

So, because Taffy doesn’t get her way, the majority are all RINO’s running fellow RINO’s against her choices..? Really?  I’m not really seeing how some sort of evil fix was in.

Nevermind that the House and Senate Caucuses selected from among their own membership based on who had the confidence of their colleagues. This might be one reason Congressman Dusty Johnson won in a landslide against Taffy in the GOP Primary election. Because Taffy has no interest whatsoever in considering that (as proven at the ballot box) she might be in the minority.

It’s almost a little scary that there are even rumors that she would even consider attempting to offer herself in consideration for statewide leadership of the South Dakota Republican Party. It’s kind of like when Lora Hubbel found herself as chair of the Minnehaha County Republican Party. More than a decade later, that group is still trying to recover from the damage Lora did.

I’m guessing that’s the kind of leadership Taffy would bring.

Because I don’t get the impression that she has any interest in growing the Republican party. As much as figuratively throwing gasoline on Reagan’s big tent, and burning it down to the ground while yelling “RINO’s” as she danced around the fire. And then washing the ash down a sewer grate in hopes of eliminating people that don’t think as she does.

Yeah..  I don’t think that would end well.

15 thoughts on “Is this a preview of Taffy Howard’s campaign speech for GOP Chair? Remember when Lora Hubbel ended up as Minnehaha County Chair? It would be like that.”

  1. Ironic isn’t it… She should be used to bills she supports not “seeing the light of day” considering her zero-for-god-knows-how-many-bills track record over the past multiple years… I, for one, am beyond pleased by the very gaping Laffy Taffy hole she has left in the state legislature.

  2. Laffy Taffy and her band of misfits will not be missed on appropriations. Maybe we can have conversations now about what we need to do for our state and not just listen to how Tonchi tells them to vote. Maybe we can try progressing this state in a positive direction and leave the pessimism behind. Maybe we can work toward securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity rather than entrenching in partisan politics. Maybe we can find a brighter future without her and her New Jersey super PACs that bought her out.

    1. This hyperbolic word soup doesn’t address anything specifically that you like/dislike about Howard’s preferred policies.

      If she is championing an idea, and that idea is a good idea, we should not behave like 5 year olds fighting over a toy in the sand box.

      It’s not what grown-ups do, is it?

      I see sophomoric .. nay .. childish attitudes across South Dakota when newcomers introduce ideas. The MO is to bash the idea as long as it’s someone else’s idea, then adopt the idea when the person proffering the new idea is sufficiently bludgeoned and out of the picture.

      This process creates disincentive not only to bring the next good idea, but to come-up with the next good idea.

      tldr; Isn’t Howard gone yet so we can adopt her ideas and claim them as our own?

      1. I don’t want to adopt her ideas at all.

        She wants to write welfare checks to every South Dakotan regardless of their need. She has said this every session she has been in Pierre. The only difference is she calls it a “tax refund,” I call it redistribution of wealth and a form of universal income.

        I don’t appreciate her voting for the larger budget estimate. She has done it every time it’s came to the floor. She claim it’s so we show a larger surplus, but it only requires the legislature to balance the larger budget, meaning she wants to spend more (not very conservative).

        I don’t like her policy that Nancy Pelosis house should be allowed to overturn a states certified electors.

        I don’t appreciate when she misses 15% of votes in the legislature.

        I also don’t like when she opposes development for Ellsworth. She should realize that we are always on the chopping block for military base closures, thankfully for our team in DC were not as close to closure as we have. Yet she opposed infrastructure development and housing for the AFB.

        Does that answer sufficiently what I “dislike about her preferred policies?”

  3. The “far-right” had their chance to lead. All they did was pick fights and invoke fear and negativity. Taffy, Liz May, and the like can go pout around with the democrats if they want to stay unhappy. It’s time to get back to work for the people of South Dakota.

    1. The “far right” has moved the overton window.

      The true leadership opportunity has not manifest.

      The guard rails were bent across the road.

      Ain’t mad, though.

      It’s just politics.

      Did you know that “our side” has not yet begun to fight?

      Kind of a scary prospect, isn’t it?

  4. I kind of wish Hansen would get leadership, the extremist views have helped balance the government. Look what it did to the national mid-terms, take a few more freedoms away from South Dakota, and maybe they will wake up and vote for the other party in lieu of a prison state. We need to pay for this new prison they want though, so not sure, we may have to add a few more things to be illegal to fill this new one up.

  5. In 2020, Taffy successfully lead the opposition to a resolution celebrating the Emancipation Act and the Republican Party’s origins in the abolitionist movement. She actually got the votes to do that. It was very embarrassing. The SDGOP was in favor of slavery?

    In 2022, Taffy wanted to refund all the convention fees paid by delegates and “find some other way to pay for the convention.” This was AFTER the convention had already convened, and contracts had been signed..Fortunately she failed.

    It would be difficult to have a state chairwoman who wants to pay for conventions with fairy dust and unicorn poop.

    Having failed at that, she didn’t want the SDGOP to endorse its own candidates. As if the rejection of the resolution in 2020 hadn’t been enough of an embarrassment, this idea was truly beyond the pale. So many of her fans agreed with her, there was a call for division and they counted heads.
    The RINOs all stood up to show they intended to vote for Democrats in November.
    Some of us thought every person who voted against that resolution should have been stripped of their credentials and ejected.

    I don’t know why anybody needs more reasons to understand why Taffy Howard should never be allowed back into the SDGOP.

  6. Former Rep. Howard should probably look back and review the June primary election results, where the Republicans of SD flat-out rejected her.

    Former Rep. Howard should probably look back and review the June SD GOP Convention results, where our party’s most conservative Republicans flat-out rejected her multiple “conservative” hysterics.

    Former Rep. Howard should probably look back and review the legislative outcome of her Prime-sponsored bills over her past six-year term; the peoples’ elected Republican legislators flat-out rejected her hypocritical legislative efforts (Howard’s successful legislation efforts = ZERO).

    Former Rep. Howard: please find a quiet, private, reflective moment to look into a mirror, recognize your natural incompetence, and then go away. And do SD a huge favor – take Lyin’ Liz May with you (for the exact same reasons).

    1. If she runs for party chair, she should be required to pledge her future support of the full slate of Republican candidates, even the ones she doesn’t vote for in a primary or at a convention. I want to see her put her hand on the Bible and swear to it.

      Can you imagine the spectacle of a state party chairperson at a state convention publicly bashing somebody who just won a primary? Can you picture her on the sidewalk outside a convention telling KELO the delegates just nominated the wrong people for constitutional offices?

      That’s what we would be getting in Taffy Howard. God help us.

  7. If this wing nut is chosen as party leader, it’ll end up like Arizona’s GOP with chem trail Kelli Ward.

  8. there was a time when the D party was a leadership party in this state, very able to compete. they and the R party both fought to appeal to the voters as a top priority. the party ratios today tell us who stayed that course and who veered away. they tell us which party was overtaken by their activist wing, as well as which leadership caved to the demands for ideological theoretical purity as the first consideration. leadership is about setting a course and keeping troublemakers out of the wheelhouse.

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