US Senator Mike Rounds on immigration

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  1. I am very disappointed in Senator Rounds, and if he continues this way he will just have lost many voters’ support.

    This country has always welcomed LEGAL immigrants. What is happening on the southern border is an invasion pure and simple. Name one other country in the world that would allow me to walk across its border and would welcome me with open arms and free benefits…I am waiting.

    Rounds needs to reconsider his stance on this.

    1. Einstein was a legal immigrant. I didn’t see where he mentioned anything about illegal immigration. If I am missing where he talked about illegal immigration, let me know!

  2. Albert Einstein was not an illegal immigrant. He came to the United States legally, and then applied for citizenship, and his application was accepted.

    He did not come here in violation of any immigration laws. He didn’t need any amnesty, or any special “pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants.

    In other words, Einstein is completely irrelevant to any discussion of illegal immigration in America today. Is Mike Rounds really too ignorant to understand this? Or is he just pretending to be?

    And he comes out with this nonsense immediately after the national Republican Party just delivered an absolutely pathetic performance in the midterm elections. One of the worst performances in recent memory.

    I can’t say for sure, but I suspect Republicans like Rounds may be one of the reasons for this underperformance. He sounds exactly like a liberal when he talks about immigration. If you are a conservative voter, why bother donating money, volunteering, or even voting for people like this?

    1. Mike Rounds didn’t “come out with this” as you say. It was merely tweeted by someone else.
      If someone asks you about immigration do you just assume they are talking about illegal immigration? Maybe just maybe he was referring to having an efficient legal immigration process and as he has said a million times that the illegals streaming across the border is an absolute mess created by Biden and the democrats policies.
      You want to know who is responsible for the underperformance of Republicans? Just look at the losers and what they campaigned on. John Thune huge victory in Trump country!! Hmmm..

      1. “Mike Rounds didn’t “come out with this” as you say. It was merely tweeted by someone else.”

        The tweet is a quotation of something Rounds said at the Halifax International Security Forum. It is his own statement, not something “merely tweeted by someone else.”

        And he said it at the same time that he is apparently meeting with “immigrant advocacy groups” to possibly strike some kind of deal with Democrats on DACA:

        “Just look at the losers and what they campaigned on. John Thune huge victory in Trump country!! Hmmm..”

        If you’re implying that campaigning against illegal immigration, or being endorsed by Donald Trump, hurt Republican candidates, I don’t see any particular evidence for this.

        Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott made a point of sending migrants to Democrat-controlled jurisdictions in the runup to the election, and both were endorsed by Trump. Abbott won reelection comfortably, and DeSantis won in a landslide.

        And Trump-endorsed Joe Lombardo unseated the incumbent governor of Nevada, while Trump-endorsed Lee Zeldin put in the best performance for a Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York in the last two decades.

  3. Rounds has apparently met with immigration advocacy groups to secure amnesty for illegals. After Reagan’s amnesty, there was never to be another amnesty. The dems plan is to leave the border open and then grant citizenship to all illegals. Why else are they doing tjis????

    1. there has long been a need for an effective and enforceable immigration and visa program, one that would meet the conflicting needs that keep the current system broken. a “just enforce the law” stance keeps the impasse and problems in place. rounds probably isn’t going to say this outright because it’s abundantly clear the far right doesn’t want to hear it. but he’s also not going to strut around the state saying “we should just enforce the law” to give people false comfort either. good.

      1. I agree the immigration system needsto be fixed. But opening the southern border as the dems have done and then wanting to give all the illegals amnesty and citizenship is not fixing anything.

        1. i’m rereading and rereading the rounds post and my post, and it’s clear you are reacting to what you wanted to hear rounds saying, instead of what was actually said. please don’t do that.

  4. The system is not broken…IT NEEDS TO BE ENFORCED! Mayorkas and any other ‘leaders’ of Border Enforcement and Homeland Security who have not fought this flood of ILLEGAL immigrants should be 1-immediately fired, 2-put on trial for malfeasance and 3-if found guilty, stripped of all benefits they would have received upon retirement.
    I reckon most everyone has seen the videos of those thousands of illegals entering different areas of our southern border and getting off the buses in the “sanctuary” cities. Is ANYONE BESIDES ME concerned about the MILITARY AGE of most of the male illegals? Where are they disappearing to? Mayorkas and his ilk have allowed this non-shooting invasion to take place while the illegals report to their respective bases within our borders to gather for what?
    Did these illegals find jobs or are the ‘recipient cities’ giving them money to live on at the expense of the host city and state taxpayers?

  5. Here’s Rounds on national television speaking strongly and effectively about the problems illegal immigration is causing. Give it a watch. He talks border security. He’s solid on this issue if you ask me.

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