It might not have been so unified, after all… Argus reporting some friction between Tapio and Interfaith group.

While Neal Tapio attended the Interfaith gathering held in the State Capitol Rotunda this Morning, and posed for a picture with the group in attendance, it sounds like there may have been some friction between Tapio and the group:

Members of the group invited Tapio to join them for a group photo. Tapio, looking uncomfortable, stood with them as cameras clicked and flashed.

Then he turned his back to the cameras and began yelling at those around him, “I don’t like being called a racist.”

The former state director for President Donald Trump then launched into a speech he’s frequently made before. He stressed the need to ban travel to the United States by Muslim individuals, particularly from Muslim-majority countries where groups have supported Sharia law.


As Tapio stepped away from the group he told reporters that the interfaith day was a “political movement.”


In weeks prior, U.S. House candidate Shantel Krebs expressed her support for implementing a national registration system similar to one set up after the 9/11 terror attacks.

Tapio also supported the registration system and on Monday called for the creation of a legislative work group to assess the cost of immigration and refugee resettlement in South Dakota.

Read it all here.

It sounds like this is starting off to being an explosive legislative session! Stay tuned for more fireworks!

47 thoughts on “It might not have been so unified, after all… Argus reporting some friction between Tapio and Interfaith group.”

  1. FTA: “[Phil] Jensen presented Abdallah with an article from a far-right fringe website that reported that an imam had called for the killing of jews.”

    Apparently racist idiots tend to form clumps. Growing up, we had this brush thingy by the back door we used to clean sheep manure off our boots before we went inside. Wondering if they should install human-sized ones at the doors to the Capitol.

    1. I followed the link to the story.

      Tapio looks like he’s about to lose it in the Argus photos. He’s seriously stressed out by this issue.

      1. Wouldn’t you be stressed? Good Lord, just think about poor Olga Oldfartson from Viborg as she fends off the horde of brown people assaulting her in the checkout lane at Jones’ Food Center.

    2. Argus photo caption: “[Phil] Jensen presented Abdallah with an article from a far-right fringe website that reported that an imam had called for the killing of jews.”

      Trusting Argus journalists to define the “far-right fringe” is probably unwise. Do they expect us to believe Muslim leaders never call for the killing of Jews?

      Newsweek reports that three U.S. imams have called for the killing of Jews since last month. Will Argus journalists dismiss Newsweek as part of the “far-right fringe”?

        1. BULL CRAP … MEMRI suggests that the words have a known connotation that Khadra did not say. Repeat: DID NOT SAY!!!

      1. Strong post Anonymous5:51. Thank you for sharing link. I listened to Stefan Molyneux and Adam Kokesh debate immigration and they mentioned imams demanding their followers to vote for Democrats.

    3. David Horowitz was out in California speaking at a university out there, managed to get a female Muslim student to admit she wants to exterminate the Jews. Great video. It’s on youtube

      1. I’ve seen that one, Anne. Did you hear about the South Dakota Catholic girl that said she wants to see all Muslims dead? No, wait ……

        1. Catholics killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims during the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Counter-Reformation and the Spanish-Moro conflict. Most modern Catholics in the U.S. seem less bloodthirsty. To be fair, most modern Muslims in the U.S. do too.

      2. That was in May 2010 at the University of California, San Diego. It’s wrong to suggest that most Muslims want to exterminate the Jews, but it’s also wrong to deny that many of them do.

        1. Here’s the problem: whereas Christians have no problem condemning Nazis, the Westboro Baptists, the KKK, etc, and will do so publicly every time the subjects come up, Muslims tend to run for cover and start complaining about racism and islamophobia. Why is it so hard to condemn Bad behavior?

          1. Anne – It’s not hard for us. I condemn Nazis, Westboro Baptists, and the KKK. Pretty easy.

            It’s surprising Muslims won’t condemn the MBH or Hamas, there’s a rule about lying to all unbelievers: Taqiyya, I think. They could just lie and pretend to denounce these terrorist groups. Maybe the rule not to disgrace Islam trumps Taqiyya?

            Sidenote: Did you know the KKK was organized and run by Democrats? That’s a fun fact;)

  2. Tapio should do wonders for Dusty’s fundraising going forward. Dusty doesn’t have to do anything but get out of the way.

  3. Then he turned his back to the cameras and began yelling at those around him, “I don’t like being called a racist.”


    1. I think he self-identifies as an idiot, so constantly being referred to by an errant sobriquet causes him some consternation.

  4. He looks like a racist “jerk” if I am being honest. He might like being called what is true.

    1. Oh, here’s a racist comment. I wonder, though, how does someone *look like a racist*? Is there a particular hair, eye or skin color? Peoples’ appearance is now a qualifier for being labeled a racist? I wonder if Jake here hangs out with Mike who has also expressed how upset he is.

      The trolls are out for Tapio and Powers, I wonder why?

    2. I was really hoping you’d enlighten us on how someone looks like a racist, Jake. No luck with your research?

  5. Anyone from Watertown know where Tapio goes to church? I know many say he doesn’t live in Watertown — anyone know if he belongs to a church in Watertown, or anywhere in SD?

    1. That’s kind of frightening, you want to stalk him or worship with him? Does attending church disqualify a candidate from running?

  6. So, the HubblewannbeTrumpiocraft took a page from the Black Lives Matter playbook and tried to highjack a previously scheduled event to beat their own tin (hat) drum. Unfortunatley, being typical polite South Dakotans, the interfaith group welcomed them and spoiled the plan. That clearly ticked off Hubbleio because they were clearly hoping to provoke a confrontation to get some good video. Thwarted from their Brietbart moment, WannabeTumpio’s best response was a weak-assed “don’t call me a racist” as they slunk away with their tails between their legs.

    All we needed was Howie there trying to sell a few t-shirts to complete the circus.

  7. It’s likely too late, since the session has already started, but is there a process in place where a district can re-call their elected legislator? Every day, Tapio finds a new way to embarrass his constituents. I’m sure District 5 would change their mind in a heartbeat if they had a way to throw him out of office.

    Seriously, how does that work? Even if they can’t get rid of him before the session is over, they might just want to make a point by removing him before his term has expired.

  8. Pat Powers, your obsession with this clearly racist st. Sen. Is disturbing. Is he paying you under the table? You’ve given this freshman state legislator excessive coverage. If every legislator got this kind of coverage, you would have to open several more blogs. I’m a Republican and I am honestly disappointed Pat.

    1. So much fun to watch the establishment wonks so clearly terrified of what Neal Tapio represents in this race. Complaining about the amount of coverage he’s receiving, suggesting a recall effort in his home district, scolding Pat Powers for paying attention to his candidacy, all while claiming he has no chance of winning.

      It’s been fun already.

      But it’s only just begun…

      1. 10:51 – Notice how Mike says “freshman state legislator” when others claim Tapio is a “career politician”. They can’t even figure out which attack method to use. We’re probably going to see a lot of “Tapio is a racist” comments too. No worries, Leftists think anyone who disagrees with them is a racist and all the other -ists and -phobias.

    2. People said the same things about my coverage of Annette Bosworth.

      I’m just here for the show. Pass the popcorn, please.

      1. I know, right? It’s fun to eat popcorn and watch your fellow Republicans be attacked with name-calling, false claims, told their crazy and need to be put in a straitjacket, told to STFU and followed around being purposefully harassed.

        Fun, real fun. Thanks for your support;)

          1. I know. I was referring to the “hate speech” being thrown around and its acceptance. What a great show.

            When someone came on and called everyone “retarded”, those posts dropped off quick. I’ve seen jabs at MGohn disappear quickly too.You’ve also banned others for their mean, and hateful comments. I’m not sure the criteria, but I’d definitely be blocking and reporting accts if we were on a different forum.

            I’m all for free-speech, and the attacks show just how “tolerant” Leftists really are, but when is enough, enough.

  9. Anne – Thanks for your thoughts. Here’s a Fox news clip of Ben Shapiro and a Muslim activist discussing Linda Sarsour and her call for Jihad. Eventually, Ben asks for the activist to denounce the MBH and Hamas, it goes just as well as you’d expect.

    1. I asked Taneeza Islam the same question in Vermillion. She refused to answer the question. Of course she worked for two Muslim Brotherhood fronts, and the Islamic Center in Sioux Falls is a Muslim Brotherhood Mosque. I am very sure most Muslims are not going along with their Wahhabi based agenda. Sadly the Saudis are funding it, and the global crony capitalist are partners for the sake of reaping the spoils from the oil resources. Interesting how the cultural Neo-Marxist leftist, the SDGOP crony capitalists, and the liberal Christian Interfaith Lutherans are coming together to defend the Jihadis…all for the love of money.

      1. On the ‘South Dacola’ blog, following the money trail has led to some very interesting places and those places are not called Transparency or Honesty.

        Great investigative reporting, Steve. Connections through sales and purchases is solid evidence. Keep it up.

  10. All I know is Christ came for all and prayed we might all be one. Thus, I don’t know how we can be more unified if we don’t come together on occasion to acknowledge where we agree (if nothing more than proclaim there is a God) and dialogue on the differences (even if the dialogue only increases understanding).

    Perpetual acrimony and separation doesn’t sound very much like Christ.

  11. Muslims do not believe in Christ the way you and I do, Troy. Are they encouraged to stay separate? Linda Sarsour thinks Muslim should do just that, not assimilate. Many great Muslims have assimilated and love the freedoms America offers. They’re rejecting Islam. There are many Muslims that are not so great. Chplraj has a link to a list of USA terror attacks carried out in the name of Allah, not in the name of Jesus. 20 men brought America to her knees on 9/11…20 men, that’s it.

    Followers of Islam and Sharia law cannot and will not “coexist” with Western culture. Europe is watching their communities literally burn. Police officers are beaten in France. This attack is filmed and uploaded to the internet, they don’t care about Western laws and have figured out nothing is going to be done about their Bad behavior. I think Merkel has said they need to bring in more refugees to unite families and that will bring peace, the USA is experiencing very negative outcomes of this type of poor vetting and chain migration.

    Hollywood, feminists and Sarsour are silent about the oppression of women in Iran, why? Could it be because there’s an agenda. The LGBT and religious communities are being used and manipulated to help push this agenda. The Koran can give us perspective and when comparing writings with the Bible, there’s obviously very different teachings.

    I know you don’t respect my thoughts, you’ve told me what you think of me, that’s ok. I implore you to watch some videos with Raheel Raza or Robert Spencer concerning Islam in America and gain a more educated perspective…the more you know, your insight grow.

  12. KM,

    Those examples are not to be ignored. That said, do you think we should not come together to acknowledge the items upon which their is agreement nor discuss differences.

    Again, all I know is Christ came to save all and commissioned us to read the Good News. To do so, we must interact with others. How are they to know Him if we reject our commission?

  13. Troy – Yes, come together, we agree. My point, many Muslims don’t see it the same way. Am I allowed to go into a mosque to worship? No, I’d be stopped. Not at my church, everyone is welcome to hear God’s word. If people don’t’ want to come, okay that’s fine. If Muslims reject Islam they’re to be killed. If Muslim women don’t wear a hijab, they’re to be killed, gays…yep, you guessed it, are to be killed. There are videos. The Koran, which is studied and followed by many, many Muslims has writings encouraging to kill all nonbelievers.

    What are we to do when they don’t want to interact with us? Muslims who have rejected Islam, Sharia Law, FGM, honor killings, the oppression of women (check out Iranian women in 1979) these “moderate” Muslims already interact with us. I’ve had drinks with many “moderate” Muslims, MGohn has told us many experiences too.

    I do not reject my commission, but our commission falls on deaf ears. I’m willing to be open-minded, but not to the point my brains fall out. I truly hope you watch informative videos about these concerns. Sam Harris presents an informative debate with Ben Affleck, I’d add that to my suggestions of people to watch.

  14. KM: “My point, many Muslims don’t see it the same way.”

    Exactly. And when one of their leaders is willing to come to Pierre and “break bread” it sets an example for other Muslims. That is a very, very, very good thing.

    And, because it is a very good thing, “serving in teh legislature=serving in the military” Tapio is rightly admonished for his initial and seemingly continuing statements on this.

    Meeting with Americans who have different religions or different views on issues is not an endorsement of those religions or views. It is meeting to share common ground or search for common ground or an opportunity to discuss the differences.

    To your other points:

    “What are we to do when they don’t want to interact with us?” Not relevant to this situation because this is about people who agreed to interact.

    “I do not reject my commission, but our commission falls on deaf ears.” My commission is to speak and spread the Gospel. Christ doesn’t call me to convince anyone. He and the Holy Spirit take that upon themselves.

    If I were to quit doing what He says because I don’t see results or it falls on deaf ears, I have rejected my commission and decided my plan is better than His. Sorry, I’m not going there.

    1. Troy – Yes, a very good thing. Tapio was there too, a very good thing. Maybe he too was seeking information to better understand Muslims and Islam. Maybe something like, knowledge is power? I’m very hesitant to believe Muslims who practice Sharia Law and follow the Koran (not saying this Muslim leader does because I don’t know) and there are valid reasons for this concern. Perception is important, I don’t see anything wrong or hateful about someone asking questions and expressing concerns. Not everyone does it they way you want them to and that’s okay.

      Other points are not relevant to you. They are to me and they are connected. If there’s a Muslim leader breaking bread with Christians great. If Muslims I share a community with reject me and think I should be covered and killed because I’m a nonbeliever, it becomes part of how I perceive this leader. Are they leading or pretending? I don’t attempt to “convince” people the Bible is truth, not sure where you got that, but ok.

      A passage I’m reminded of concerning your last thought…Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour; 1Peter 5:8. I’m not going to force someone to believe in God, but I’m certainly not going to continue the discussion about Jesus with them if they blatantly reject him and think I should die.

      Thank you for the discussion, I do appreciate your thoughts. It’s not fun to be ignored by someone you want to learn from;)

  15. One thing I have heard Muslims claim is that Christians are “corpse-eaters.”
    Fair enough, if someone asked me “do Catholics believe in transubstantiation?”I would have no problem saying “yes.”
    I would not respond with hysterical accusations of bigotry, I would answer the question.

    Likewise, Muslims should have no problem answering the question “should apostates be put to death?”
    It’s a simple question. They should answer it.

  16. KM,

    Our Commission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ which include includes arguing/asserting the Bible is the Word of God, the Truth. I just am not discouraged if it “falls on deaf ears.” My job is the spread the Word. The results are as is according to His plan.

  17. Troy – I agree. We can even spread the Gospel by not saying a word, actions usually speak loudest. However, I bet you don’t continue approaching someone who rejects God’s word and dislikes you because of your beliefs. I don’t. I hope this clarifies my “deaf ears” comment.

    It’s great leaders from all faiths and cultures come together and break bread. It’s a safe and productive time to ask questions and gain a better perspective. At the heart of this event should’ve been American values, the Constitution and our freedoms – everything Western culture represents. This should be the center piece of all political events.

    Tapio will continue to share his thoughts and we’ll listen. Some of what he says we agree with: Liberty for all, freedom and the Constitution as law. He’s most certainly not being politically correct and that grabs our attention. I think he supports diversity of thought and the Left won’t let us have that when it’s not their thoughts. Have you seen some of the comments, my favorite is Jake’s racist insight;)

    I have serious concerns (which I’m allowed to have) if any Muslim leader is saying one thing and the community they’re leading is noticeably behaving differently. Have you spotted a trend? Many of us have. Assimilation is a piece of immigration and I just don’t see this happening in some Muslim communities.

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