9 thoughts on “Jackley campaign encouraging people to follow in last days of primary”

  1. “Marty on the move”

    Marty’s definitely moving! He keeps trying to run away from the truth on stuff like turning a blind eye to criminal activities from his campaign donors.

    1. This poll was taken before Noem released new information about Marty’s shady deals. After that has circulated, one expects her lead to widen.

  2. One candidate is articulate.
    One candidate has a sense of humor.
    One candidate has not violated Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.
    SD voters have this all figured out.

    1. I wonder what Reagan would think of an ever-increasing government agency’s budget being used to look the other way in response to obvious criminality (in exchange for a campaign donation to boot)

  3. Marty’s office of government lawyers has grown 21% larger under Marty’s watch.

    Marty’s office of government lawyers spends 44% more tax dollars under Marty’s watch.

    South Dakota’s government workforce has decreased 3% since Marty took office.

    Not so conservative after all, eh Marty?

  4. The problem with Noem throwing mud:

    Our federal debt load up 33% since Noem went to congress.

    Giant failure

  5. The difference between Noem and Jackley: Noem had 434 other people in the House alone to try to convince in order to decrease federal debt. Jackley had executive power of his office and look how much more government he created with it.

    I rather vote for the one who fought trying to keep their campaign promises (even if reducing the national debt is unrealistically achievable for a sole SD Rep.) than the one who says he believes in smaller government but who’s record shows that when he is in an executive role actively creates more government.

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