Jackley PAC fundraiser coming up in Sioux Falls on June 27th.

Attorney General Marty Jackley is having a fundraiser for his PAC on the 27th in Sioux Falls, hosted by a number of notables, including a couple of current legislators, a constitutional officer, and others…


13 thoughts on “Jackley PAC fundraiser coming up in Sioux Falls on June 27th.”

  1. I’d be interested to know how many of these donors feel they are picking sides already in the 2018 race, or simply supporting an AG that they like?

    Also, does this list have any new names from the last Jackley fundraiser in SF? I feel like a lot are the same.

    1. Same old. It’s a new year so new checks can be written. It’s an ok list but not a WOW list for Sioux Falls.

  2. I see the version you have caught the misspelling. At least that infraction isn’t so bad as the plaque my wife had made up for my granddaughter’s baptism which used Jones instead of the baby’s last name. LOL

  3. Marty’s weakness as a candidate are Mickelson ‘s strengths. He’s a good prosecutor but weak candidate.

    1. Please share with us Mickelson’s strengths as a candidate. Beyond his last name and the network for goodwill he inherited from his father. So far I have yet to see anything else to make me want to support him.

  4. I haven’t picked a candidate either and I agree with 11:01. MM has legacy carrying him but I think a lot of people are scratching their heads at how unimpressed they are at this point. MJ has certainly honed his political skills, checked the right boxes yet leaves me uninspired at this point.
    I think there is a real deficit of people who are of the right political stripe, have a multi-faceted background, are visionary, and inspiring.
    I’m not necessarily suggesting Corey Brown but here’s a guy who is a veteran, a business owner/farm family, economic development director for Potter county, broad legislative experience including leadership, isn’t beholden to east or west river, is conservative but not crazy, has taken strong stances/leadership on big issues, and works well with others.
    There’s nobody like that on the horizon.

  5. Jackley and Mickelson seem to be good men, and both of them would be better than any of the liberals or progressives (i.e. socialists) that the Democrat Party will nominate. I am not, however, confident that Mickelson would be anything more than a moderate governor and that he would not turn on conservatives as has our current governor. I am much more confident in Jackley’s conservative principles.

    1. A lot of people are looking for door number 3. Matt Michels? Mike Huether? Corey Brown?

      1. Huether, a Democrat? I doubt if he’d change his political affiliation to run for governor.

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