10 thoughts on “Jeb Bush pokes at Donald Trump’s foreign policy experience. Or lack thereof.”

  1. Did you catch Jeb getting flustered by Tapper on CNN? Difference between 911 and Bengazi when laying blame…Jeb makes George look good and is simply a horrible, horrible (would underline if able) candidate. Wouldn’t give him a dime at this point.

    1. So, I’m assisting by pointing out an ad? Don’t be such a dipstick. And an anonymous one at that.

      It’s interesting, and humorous political news, so I posted it. Anyone who reads more into it really needs to spend less time on the Internets.

      1. Well, I guess I should be happy there is something on this site about the Presidential race. As a dipstick who spends too much time on the internet, I should not read any establishment leanings into this site. Shame on my naivete.

  2. When I see these Jeb Bush ads against Trump, I’m always reminded of the early years of NBC Saturday Night, before it was SNL. A great comedy film highlighted the eeeeevils of video gaming. At the end you see the expose was sponsored by the Recording industry, trying to get teens to go back to spending all their money on vinyl albums and cassettes. That’s what these always feel like. Bush won’t find his way by trying to lead everyone back to the traditional form of campaigning. Just sharing an impression.

    1. He did marry a Latina woman; doesn’t that give him credibility in the area of foreign experience? (Tongue firmly in cheek)

      1. Maybe foreign relations. My tongue is also firmly in cheek. Bush is way down on my list of preferred candidates. Trump is not my number one. In the event either of these guys is opposing Hillary or Biden or Bernie, I would vote for either one in a heartbeat.

  3. Fight Jeb Fight! And yet Trump is still leading in poll after poll.

    As long as this has carried on, doesn’t it mean the Trump is leading and so popular because so many Republicans think just like he does on all these issues?

    Surely Republicans are not going to favor him if they disagree with him, right?

    1. He’s doing what Democrats generally do, which is stick religiously to a World View that has maximum appeal to the biases and misperceptions of the support base, even though it’s erroneous as heck. Most of the party doesn’t prefer Trump and that isn’t so widely reported, when it’s more fun to say “you all are like Trump, admit it.” No. Just the ones who prefer his b-s.

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