KCCR News: Trial date set for the other petition scofflaw

From KCCR News, information on the trial date for the person in trouble for monkeying with their petitions who isn’t Annette Bosworth:

The once independent candidate for U.S. Senate, 34 year old Clayton Walker is facing nine felony charges related to his election petitions. He’s accused of fabricating names and addresses on the sworn documents, which placed him on the Senate ballot as an independent until being kicked off after a challenge.


In the Hughes County Courtroom Tuesday afternoon during a status hearing, Presiding Judge John Brown issued jury selection in this case to begin July 20th of 2015 in Hughes County. Jury selection will be done that Monday, and they will commence on the 22nd of July at 12:00 or 1:00 P.M. for the minimum three day trial.


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