KELO says Williams is going to beaten badly. And Paula Hawks, too.

There always should be one story that makes you laugh out loud. Tonight’s is about Jay Williams:

According to our KELO TV scientific poll, if the election were held today, Thune would defeat Democrat Jay Williams by a wide margin, 65% to 27%, 8% are still undecided.

Only Williams doesn’t see it that way.

“Maybe the polls are trending, because I just saw a poll yesterday where it had 58% to 38%, I had virtually the same numbers as Secretary Clinton had, which I hope is the case,” Williams said.

Read it here.

Man, is Jay Williams going to be beaten badly.   So is Paula Hawks:

According to our KELO-TV scientific poll, Noem leads her Democratic challenger Paula Hawks 59% to 35%, 6% of the voters are still undecided.

Read that here,

6 thoughts on “KELO says Williams is going to beaten badly. And Paula Hawks, too.”

  1. Good…While we may disagree with Thuen and Noem at times I do believe they are both working hard for SD and offer a stark contrast with the Democrat challengers…..

    Vote Noem and Thune and then vote NO on all the ballot measures, but R it is ok to vote Yes

  2. I know they’ll both get beat, and I do hope it is badly; they are both terrible candidates and bad for both South Dakota and the country-just like Hillary and Hamburglar.

  3. Bah. Chumps-for-Trump.

    Anyone endorsing that uninformed, comb-overed, obnoxious, racist, misogynistic, unrepentant, small-handed, moronic, dangerous, cheeto-colored buffoon won’t be getting my vote.

  4. Jay,

    Just some friendly free advice.

    Best answer would have been “The only poll I care about is on Election Day. I’m working to bring my message to the people.”

    Worst answer is to argue you aren’t down 40% but only 20%. Except for Twins fans and Royals fans, nobody remembers or cares how many either finished out of the playoffs. They just know they both didn’t make it. Margin won’t matter with regard to your legacy.

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