Kristi for Governor Launches “Get the Word Out” Ad Buy

Kristi for Governor Launches “Get the Word Out” Ad Buy

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched a multi-week, six-figure ad buy called “Get the Word Out” as part of Governor Kristi Noem’s reelection efforts.

“Kristi, people need to know all the good news in South Dakota!” says Corinne Arnold, Governor Kristi Noem’s mom. She highlights Governor Noem’s “Open for Business” policies, South Dakota’s strongest economy in America, and the state’s record low unemployment rate.

“Together, we’ve made South Dakota stronger than ever, no matter how you say it,” said Governor Kristi Noem.

Under Governor Noem’s unwavering conservative leadership, South Dakota is thriving. Because of the Governor’s refusal to accept one-size-fits-all, big government overreach, South Dakota has the number one economy in the nation, leads the nation in personal income growth, ranks second for inbound moving, and our schoolchildren lead the nation in educational outcomes.


10 thoughts on “Kristi for Governor Launches “Get the Word Out” Ad Buy”

  1. As a Gen Z constituent that this is trying to appeal to… yikes. There’s still time to delete this cringy ad

    1. Anonymous, Don’t go after her mom like this. Are you sexist? Aegist? Or do you just hate freedom and being 1st at everything? I myself refuse to get tired of all the winning.

    2. It’s not appealing to Gen Z. It’s appealing to older people who just barely understand what these social media networks are.

    3. Agreed, and they spent six figures on this? Lol, it may be time for ol’ Kristi to get her money back!

  2. Wait isn’t this the same mom who gave a loan to her own family farm using the money from her husband’s life insurance policy? Then her daughter turned around and lied about how it all went down for her own political benefit?

    I’d say her daughter reflects poorly on her as a mother.

  3. Come on! It’s a cute ad. Corine is funny and yes , the ad is for Gen Z AND seniors – and everyone in between that can smile

  4. This is a cute ad….but haters gotta hate. Shake it off @govsmom. You rock! Exactly the kind of ad you would expect from a proud mom!

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