Governor Noem notes the word to non-profits and NGO’s is they face scrutiny if they facilitate bringing illegal aliens to SD

In a news article this morning, in addition for harsh words towards the Vice-President for her lack of activity on the border crisis, Governor Kristi Noem laid out that she has instructed non-profits and NGO’s that they had better not be bringing illegal aliens to South Dakota:

“When Arizona and Texas requested help, I sent my National Guard. In fact, I was the first governor to send National Guard. Most other governors were responding with law enforcement, but recognizing the unique situation we have down there, it literally is a war zone, so we had members volunteer to go as a unit to partner with the Texas Guard and work with Border Patrol, and they were there for a period of time.

“And now I’ll be sending down some of my National Guard, Lakota helicopters, to help us with surveillance, but for us in particular, you know, I telegraphed pretty widely to my NGOs and nonprofits that if they cooperated with facilitating people that were crossing the border illegally in our state, that they would have a difficult time with their state contracts and licenses if they worked to break our federal laws in partnership with what this administration is doing.”

Read the entire story here.

11 thoughts on “Governor Noem notes the word to non-profits and NGO’s is they face scrutiny if they facilitate bringing illegal aliens to SD”

  1. Governor Noem is taking on radical sects of the Catholic, Lutheran, and other churches. This is the right direction.

    Regarding drugs coming across the border, she’ll have to take-on the FBI, KKK, CIA, and USMC. This is the row to hoe .. the long pull. For our soldiers on the battlefield, Morphine was/is a critical and compassionate tool (set aside the issue of getting goaded into globalist wars benefiting China disproportionately for the last 100+ years). However, the extension of this to the recreational black market in the US created a beachhead for China’s Communists to advance upon the mainland with their weaponized globalist politico-economic (Communism) social warfare ideology.

    Governor Noem must retain this opioid tool for legitimate medicine and war, but truncate the supply chain reaching into the US.

    Legal cannabis is the best way forward. It is not addictive, is economical, and effective. We must be allowed to learn to use it more responsibly so our government can refocus in other areas. We do NOT need a marijuana gestapo. We simply need to freedom to grow this plant (and others for food).

    The border situation is incentivized by the drug and sex trade, but it is enabled by our own military. Will these helicopters come back empty?

  2. Will an executive order be forthcoming, or will everything be done “informally?”

    I also wonder what happens when a nonprofit provides services with federal funds or philanthropic funds and doesn’t use state funds for the purpose. Would the nonprofit risk losing state funding for services unrelated to illegal immigration?

    Finally, I don’t know what federal legal restrictions might be placed on agencies trying to ascertain whether clients are legal US residents.

    Like a lot of simple ideas, it sounds like this could get messy real fast.

  3. There was news footage a while back of illegal immigrants arriving by bus at a Catholic charity being met by a man who greeted them enthusiastically, saying “congratulations, you made it! you’re FREE!”
    Watching that I thought it’s no wonder they aren’t showing up for their court appearances to have their asylum requests heard, this NGO’s nitwit is telling them they don’t have to.

    The Governor should take a look at Smithfield, though.
    Over 20 years ago, I asked a recent arrival how he managed to find his way to Sioux Falls. (Doesn’t anybody else wonder about this? How do people in Mexico even know there is a meat packing plant in South Dakota willing to hire them? And how is it they locate it so easily?)
    He told me Smithfield is advertising for workers in the media markets south of the border.
    It’s no wonder they think they have been invited to come here, they’re responding to advertising,
    Smithfield hires them, at the same time reporting the illegals to the authorities, who tell them to “hire them so we’ll know where to pick them up.”
    In the 3 years I worked there they raided the place only once. They knew exactly whom they were looking for, which made me wonder if the illegal employees figured out what was going on.
    But Smithfield would get a few years’ of labor out of them, and quickly replace them with fresh recruits. It’s really human trafficking when you think about it.
    It’s what all these organizations are doing with immigrants, legal and illegal: human trafficking.
    It’s time we all started calling it out.

  4. The solution to the illegal immigrant problem is simple: If we don’t hire them, they won’t come. Illegals send a sizable amount of their earned income back over the border to assist their families. Things are desperate in their home countries. So..they are motivated. Who hires them??? Ann Beal is correct, packing plants, seasonal ag contractors, and dairy farms (reported that one half of the dairy cows in Wisconsin are milked by an illegal alien). Restaurants, tourist business, dry wall, roofing, and black top companies. We have been totally dishonest with ourselves about this issue. Illegal aliens fulfill a need in the labor market…cheaply. The Catholics and the Lutherans aren’t the problem.

    1. In other words, “dey took er jerbs!”…that nobody wanted. It’s the same as drugs – if Americans didn’t want them they wouldn’t be coming over the border. Simple as that but that doesn’t make a very good sound bite for politicians.

      1. Oh yes…that is some sound logic for allowing immigration law to be broken with impunity. Absolutely brilliant (that’s sarcasm).

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