Kristi for Governor Launches

Kristi for Governor Launches

 PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched, a website that shows how closely Representative Jamie Smith aligns with President Joe Biden and how out of touch he is with South Dakota values.

The website quotes Rep. Jamie Smith on his admiration for President Biden: “We desperately need a candidate who can bring strong, steady leadership to the White House – that’s Joe Biden…. Joe represents the best of America.” Only 39% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden, according to a compilation of approval polls.

The website also points out Jamie Smith’s “F” rating from the NRA, his record of raising taxes, his support for Biden’s open border policy, his agenda to indoctrinate our children, his bowing to the leftist mob, and his opposition to securing our elections.

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12 thoughts on “Kristi for Governor Launches”

  1. Simply labeling things as liberal, and that equals bad, didn’t really work on the ballot initiative issues. Will Kristi provide any direct criticism of policy, or just try to get South Dakotan’s to associate everything he is running on is bad because the Republican party hasn’t endorsed him? You have one party calling the 2020 election a cheat as they (GOP) invalidated 2 of 3 measures in 2016, and 1 of 2 measures in 2020. This reminder will be posed as another initiative measure in November, everyone can see that and think “didn’t I already vote on this” next to Sarah Palin 2.0 when they vote for Governor.

    1. Someone should ask Noems mother how she feels being such a failure as a parent in raising a daughter that’s honest.

    1. At least I’m honest. Noem is far from it. Heck remember that time she had to bring out a felon to help her campaign?

  2. This all looks very familiar.

    Noem is attacking her Democrat opponent for voting for Democrats. If I recall correctly, that is how she squeaked out a victory over Sutton.

    Will it work again? I don’t know. But it makes me think that she is a little nervous. Again.

    1. A few weeks ago, I wrote here on War College that I thought South Dakota may not vote to ban abortion in a general election. Our 2008 abortion vote failed by ten points. Of course I was falsely accused of being pro-choice for stating the obvious.

      Kansas polls similar to South Dakota on the issue and their ballot measure failed by 18 points yesterday. A stunning loss.

      You wonder why we’ve had no special session on abortion? You may have your answer. Will Jamie Smith bring up the issue? After yesterday… maybe.

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