Pipeline opponents thwarted at Minnehaha County Commission, PUC Candidate continues disqualifying himself from ever making pipeline decision.

Co2 pipeline opponents fund themselves stymied at the Minnehaha County Commission today in their quest to stop things like ethanol and progress. As noted in the Argus Leader..

Minnehaha County commission’s five-member board voted down a one-year moratorium “on the issuance of any permits and/or approval of land uses for transmission pipelines,” with a 4-1 vote during its weekly meeting Tuesday morning.

Read that here. But the bigger story today is that Democrat PUC Candidate Jeff Barth gave those who are pro-pipeline more ammunition to prove bias to have him disqualified if he would ever elected to the quasi-judicial panel:

PUC candidate uses commission role to attack pipeline supporters at meeting

“I see Dan Lederman is here, who is a top lobbyist for Summit pipeline people and wearing their shirt emblazoned with Summit Pipeline Solutions,” Barth said. “How much are they paying you do that?”

Again, Read that here.

Jeff’s attacks and clearly demonstrated bias against the pipeline and it’s people are going to guarantee that, while he may be using it as a campaign issue, he’s never going to be allowed to hear a pipeline related matter if he should happen to be elected.


6 thoughts on “Pipeline opponents thwarted at Minnehaha County Commission, PUC Candidate continues disqualifying himself from ever making pipeline decision.”

  1. No eminent domain for private gain. If is not a public utility then there should be no granting of eminent domain. Use of eminent domain is taking of private property

  2. Barth is a moron. He clearly doesn’t understand how the PUC process works. He would be an awful commissioner because of his clear bias. The Democrats have bad candidates this cycle across the board.

    1. It is true that I have concerns about endangering human life. It is true that I am opposed to private entities using the power of the State to seize private property for their own use. But it is not true that I have made up my mind about the CO2 pipelines.

      I am not a liar or a rubber stamp like the incumbent.

  3. Many of you may recall that I mounted fierce and credible opposition to DAPL.

    I did this NOT because I had decided whether or not to advocate for or against these pipelines, but because I had not decided yet. Things were moving so fast and both sides were throwing rules and law out the window (did DAPL ever get the USACE easement formally and officially approved before they drilled under Lake Oahe? Did anyone care that the new Black Panther party and other extremely anti-American interests were targeting children and selling drugs on site?).

    As those who know me have come to expect, I commissioned a piece of distinctive and legendary artwork to represent my intentions; slow things down, restrain the project to understand it before making a decision, but do not destroy the project whole-hog.

    The artwork featured a black crow (an old school Scandinavian flag) restraining a black snake (representing the pipeline).

    Here is a link to that artwork that you are welcome to view in the context of this writing, but I do reserve rights for redistribution:

    The image is emblazoned on the back of my motorcycle jacket to this day and is a Jessica and John Dale original artwork, commissioned to capture the ethos of that time.

    Since that time I have come to learn how the Lakota were being used by globalists, who wanted to create a native bloodbath and ignite a civil war to derail the America first agenda.

    Since that time I have learned that while gas and oil are dirty, the manufacturing processes for alternative economies are dirtier, but not as dirty as the methods being used to pervert our free market (Fascism) to foist these electric vehicles upon our people against their consent (Americans are naturally conservative and like to see things from many viewpoints before committing) and without proper safety testing (disposal, fires, EMF/ELF/RF emissions).

    So, as of now, I am fully in favor of running these pipelines after 7 years of careful and deliberate review and even after being disgusted with both sides for their reprehensible behavior in fighting over this issue. Until we can drop refined and distilled devices from orbit, manufactured in space from the asteroid belt, I’m going to enjoy my gas powered SUV.

    Let China truly lead for a chance and convert their economy to EV and we’ll see how that works out.

    Pedal to the metal, boys.

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