KSFY interviews Boz. Posits that her Community service at Pine Ridge seems a bit ….planned.

Well. KSFY interviews Annette Bosworth tonight. 

It’s an Annette Bosworth who seems a bit hesitant to take responsibility for her actions, using the same old talking points we know so well.

But it is funny that the reporter doesn’t seem to be buying it, and speculates that her community service seems a bit…. convenient.

But Bosworth meeting with Pine Ridge officials about working here before her trial began and then ending up here following her trial to serve community service makes it appear this was planned.

So I asked Bosworth point blank…was it planned? Did she see this an opportunity…with the backing of a Native American tribe… to keep her medical license if the state tried to take it following the trial? This is how she answered that question. “I can have no money. i can have no form of income. I can be here serving the poorest of people and they’ll say its an opportunity. I mean…..how ironic.”


But I asked her isn’t it possible she was prosecuted….simply because she broke the law? “I know it now. I know I have 12 felonies because a mistake was made….absolutely. I get it that. I’m the leader and I am the one holding the bag. But did I intentionally sign an oath that I knew was wrong? No.”

Read the opposite of Annette taking responsibility here.

14 thoughts on “KSFY interviews Boz. Posits that her Community service at Pine Ridge seems a bit ….planned.”

  1. And she’s on KELO already, as well. Her media rehabilitation program is in full gear, clearly. Look for a huge fundraising solicitation in your mailbox soon!

    Would have been interesting had the AG asked, as a condition of probation, that she be barred from fundraising for the term of her probation. Her relentless prying of money from an unsuspecting, largely elderly base (read Base Connects background) is the real crime she’s committed.

  2. It’s been almost 40 years since I had anything to do with the IHS but back then a physician didn’t need a medical license to work for them.i wonder if anything has changed?

    1. A doctor needs to be properly credentialed to work in the Indian Health Service (IHS). However, they do not need to be licensed to practice medicine in a particular US state. There are docs practicing in South Dakota in IHS clinics and hospitals that are not licensed to practice in South Dakota. This presents a problem for community hospitals near IHS facilities, as not all IHS docs can take call in the community hospital.

  3. Does this count as community service? Does the convicted person get to pick, I thought that wasn’t the case. Maybe she will just be asking for credit.

  4. I would think she could work as an addiction counselor without a medical license, although she might have to apply for a different certification to do so.

  5. The same hand is holding the bag that held the pen that signed the petition stating she saw the folks sign the petition. For Pete’s sake, Annette, just once say that it was your fault, you didn’t pay attention (if it wasn’t intentional), and you are the one who is responsible.

  6. One has to have the proper education, degree, training and experience to counsel those with addictions.

    So no, Boz can’t just “switch” over to addiction counseling. Further, she does not have the proper judgement. I’ve heard some of the advice/counsel she’s given in her role at Tall Grass and she would not be appropriate.

  7. I don’t have much of an opinion either way on Boz. I think there are people in power at this moment that have done far worse things than Boz has been convicted of doing. That being said, what do the people here want in the way of punishment for her, and for how long? Would you be satisfied if she worked 5 years as a janitor or would that still be some sort of ploy for sympathy? What exactly do you need from her?

      1. She admitted she signed those 6 petitions months ago. Somebody needs to do a documentary as to what this is really all about.

        1. no documentary just an episode on one of those american greed or scam artist tv shows

          1. Staring Joel Arends and former paid campaign staff of Bosworth. They need to be audited. After all Bosworth gets audited all the time. They can’t get her for that, even though they try every year.

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