KSFY Story on Survivor Contestant working for Bosworth. What app?

From KSFY:

It did catch my attention that he expressly said in the story that he developed an app for Annette Bosworth. What app was that?

Given the timeframe he was involved with the Bosworth’s… I can’t help but wonder out loud, if the app he’s mentioning has anything to do with the Bosworth story in the news from last year.

4 thoughts on “KSFY Story on Survivor Contestant working for Bosworth. What app?”

  1. Now it’s all making sense. The kid gets the credit for the Trump/Hillary app, and the Bosworth employee gets the shaft. If Mr. Olson had been able to use his reality tv show connections to get Bosworth/Haber their own reality tv show he would have been paid.

    1. I agree with that comment. They are a reality show int eh making as there is no way you could think all this stuff up if you tried as a writer.

  2. So if I am understanding this correctly: Boz hires Mitchell to develop app, Boz gives credit to her son, Boz doesn’t pay Mitchell. Par for the course.

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