Legislative happenings… Stalzer to Senate.

If you were wondering what’s happening in upcoming elections, There’s been a little action in legislative filings in recent weeks.

Jim Stalzer is moving from the House to the Senate in District 11, replacing Senator Omdahl. Dan Kaiser has filed petitions to run again for the House. 

 Long-time Potter County GOP activist John Lake is joining Charlie Hoffman in running for a pair of open seats in District 23. I’d watch for more to come there, but Lake will be competitive.

In the Hills, Richard Mounce has filed in District 30, but the biggest news out west is that State Rep Jacqueline Sly has filed for State Senate in District 33 – signaling a primary election slugfest between she and State Senator Phil Jensen. That will be one to watch with likeable Sly coming off a win on education,  versus the controversial Jensen who will likely be backed by fluorescent postcards attacking Sly in any manner possible. 

Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Legislative happenings… Stalzer to Senate.”

  1. You would think District 11 would be able to produce some better talent. That district has to have some more Christine Erickson-types, instead of Dave “Twisted” Omdahl-types (Stalzer being the latter).

  2. District 33 is a conservative district. Sly will learn the Duniphan, Buckingham, Johnston lesson all over again. Liberals don’t win in that district.

  3. Jensen is one of the least effective Legislators in SD history. He is the King of the “Deferred to the 41st Day” Kingdom. His Prime Sponsored bills rarely make it out of committee. Jensen has no credibility among fellow Legislators. His sponsorship on a bill is seen as a kiss of death. As a campaigner, Jensen touts Christian values, but then utilizes deceitful, dirty campaign tactics. His dishonest fluorescent postcards were an all-time low. Even by Jensen’s low standards. He will get crushed by Jackie Sly.

  4. Johnston’s message was the same, but Johnston did not have a liberal record in the Legislature. He could plausibly deny he was a liberal. Sly cannot. Jackie is finally going to have a tough race on her record.

  5. John Lake will be one heck of a legislator. I agree with the first comment District 23 brings in level headed, talented candidates.

    1. Yes district 23 went from the least effective to among the best when Brown, Cronin, and Hoffman were elected. Jay D. being the exception – he was a guy who rarely spoke but when he did everyone listened.

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