Let’s see how that goes for Bosworth

From the Argus Leader…. What’s that saying about people who represent themselves? (We all know it).

Former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth fought to keep her medical license at a medical board hearing Friday that was held in response to her felony conviction for election law violations in May.


Bosworth, who represented herself at the hearing, said she’s a good doctor and that she loves what she does, KELO-TV reported.

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Given that her former Attorney got her through the last one of these, arguably by the skin of her teeth, I’m not thinking this is going to go well.

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  1. I see Bosworth’s groupies including her sister Peggy Craig are all out writing letters, testifying, social media and doing what they can in blind faith to help their saint.

    1. So Anonymous, thanks for stating your name….are you insinuating that all the Doctors that testified for Bosworth yesterday are groupies. Go Dr. Talley….former Dean of the Medical School……Groupie. Ha Ha. The Groupie Doctors for Dr. Annette Bosworth…..Priceless. The only groupies I note would be the Cory Kool-Aid drinkers. I hope you folks don’t want to be part of that. I
      side with the Doctors and patients, and Ms. Means that drove all the way from Pine Ridge to testify how Dr. Bosworth is making a difference. Where are the Doctors and patients against Bosworth. Speak up or forever hold your peace.

  2. Prediction: She will RETAIN her license. It’s harder for a doctor to lose their license than it is to get one doctor to testify against another in a malpractice accusation, no matter how egregious the incident. Just as an aside, one of the biggest complications in Sodak is the nearly universal and unjustified respect given to doctors, police and preachers before they’ve earned it. Giving these professions an unmitigated “benefit of the doubt” leaves many of their victims without proper recourse when violations of civil rights occur. Dr. Bosworth and the entire female population of the state (whose reproductive rights are fully discounted) are prime examples.

    1. Woah…haven’t you heard what happened to Dr Picardi? He was convicted (double jeopardy but SD doesn’t follow any set of rules) and is in prison now. Why? “He didn’t pay his fair share of taxes…what he did was NOT illegal, he just didn’t pay his fair share of taxes.” That is according to the court transcript. Actually he did the same thing Annette did…he bucked the ObamaCare/Sanford system. South Dakota is one of the most advance ObamaCare systems and it NEEDS to be honored by all doctors…watch out if you try to educate yourself on how the new medicine is actually ObamaCare. Daugaard has said, “Even though ObamaCare is unpopular in SD we feel it is prudent to proceed with its implementation.”
      Nice one, Gov…keep curtsying to the Sanford lobbyists and socialist healthcare bureaucrats and soon we will all be broke. You realize that Sanford’s CEO has said, “we cannot repeal ObamaCare or Sanford will have to go back to the drawing board.” ..and we all know Sanford writes laws because there is no way they can make the money they do with out help from the politicians.

      1. “Picardi was charged with income tax evasion after an exhaustive federal investigation of his financial practices spanning 10 years from 1999 through 2009. He used an elaborate network of dummy corporations and several foreign banks to divert thousands of dollars in income.”

        Last I checked, Obamacare was enacted in 2010.

        Yet another Hubble-craft fantasy.

      2. gotta say Lora Hubbel, Tara Volesky and the rest of the Bosworth groupies would be a formidable force in the new South Dakota Conspiracy Party. Just think of all the conspiracies and corruption they would blow the lid off of. They just need to get petitions in without legal challenges so they can be recognized as South Dakota’s newest political party!

      1. yeah, porter added four or five new layers of politics to this that weren’t previously there.

  3. You folks should have been there. Can you name one SD Doctor that thinks Dr. Bosworth should have her license taken away? No. They know Dr. Bosworth is a great Dr. or else the former Dean of the Medical school Dr. Talley along with many other Drs. would not have testified for her. Where was Heidelberger and Hickey. Not one opponent was there. They couldn’t find a SD Dr. to testify against Bosworth, so they had to find a shrink from Lawrence Kansas that represents big Hospitals. What a great payday he had.

    1. Actually I do know a couple of doctors who have said she shouldn’t be licensed but those conversations were private

      1. Who are these Doctors? If you can’t put your name to it, you should not be spreading gossip. It just breaks my heart to see how people get enjoyment in destroying the Bosworth family, her parents, her children, her extended family, her many friends and her patients that depend on her……very very sad. I don’t know how these people can sit in church and feel good about themselves.

  4. When you trash the good Dr. Bosworth, you are also trashing all the wonderful Doctors that testified for her yesterday. Pat could you please post the hearing so people can make their own judgments. Thanks. I hope you folks don’t let Cory Heidelberger or Steve Hickey persuade you. You are smarter than that.

  5. 12 felonies–if that doesn’t cause someone to lose their license the board needs to be looked at

    I have talked to many doctors who think Bosworth is an embarrassment to the profession. Testify against her why bother 12 felonies should be an open and shut case, not 1 or 2, TWELVE

  6. It’s common knowledge there’s a large prescription pain pill abuse problem in South of Dakota but someone must be about to lose their prescription. “Ramble On Rose”…

  7. What does taking her license away accomplish? Is she a competent doctor? If I sell shoes should I lose my job if I am convicted of forging nominating petitions? If as a doctor she is incompetent, then she should lose her license. I just don’t see why taking her license on something unrelated makes sense. And for the record, I think she is more or less a nutjob.

  8. I got a lot of static while listening to the live stream and gave up. But when watching the recap on KELO I heard her say that she shouldn’t lose her license because of the way petitions are done here.
    That’s what she thinks: she didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just the way petitions are signed and filed here.

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