Liberal blogger claims that only white male Republicans can be racist in South Dakota

I think Cory Heidelberger turned his ‘wokism’ up past 10 today, because he’s managed to come up with one of the goofiest trains of thought that I think I’ve seen in a while. Because he declares that only ‘White Male Republicans’ can be racist in South Dakota:

Racism flows from the group in power to the group(s) the powerful oppress to maintain their power. White male Republicans don’t like it when racial minorities gain any power, because such minority power, even the meager power of one Lakota chairman of one limited Legislative committee, threatens the racists in power. They thus project their own sins onto the minorities they must continue to oppress.

Racism does not flow the other way, from the less-empowered to the powerful. When Representative Bordeaux used the term “apple,” he was describing an American Indian individual who plays along with the white powers and thus props up their systemic racism.

Read that messed up stuff here.

So, when Legislative Leadership decides to act in advance of a law passed to standardize how a committee’s leadership is chosen to match that of every other committee, it’s racism…

But when someone else uses pejorative, racially charged language insinuating that someone is a native american on the outside and white on the inside and fans the fires of racial division, it can’t be racist… because the person doing such things can’t be racist, because he’s not a white male Republican. And we should all accept that kind of behavior in a lawmaker, because the state official he was referring to is “playing along with the white powers?”

When some prominent Democrats say that the party has a problem with wokism… this is the kind of stuff they’re referring to.

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  1. Not often I agree with Pat, but I do here. This was an especially awful take on CH’s part.

  2. I always thought racism was treating people differently or judging them based on their race, and that this was something that everyone was supposed to try not to do.

    Is Cory’s contention that it’s okay for some people to judge people based on their race or to treat them differently for that reason?

    Seems like a step in the wrong direction.

    1. Martin Luther King must be gturning over in his grave. He wanted people to be judged and treated according to their character. Biden’s administration is promoting the exact opposite in the way they are handing out government largess. And they are stoking racial division in this way.

  3. I have to say, especially in the recent covid thread, that it’s hoppin’ over there.

    But yes, Cory doesn’t back down, does he?

    Fierce, fearless, but wrong on some important issues.

    Apparently, someone over there claimed that someone over here thinks I’m a kook. The horror! Perhaps it’s the anonymous posters which certainly are not from over there .. posting over here .. or something.


  4. He’s quoting the exact basis of Critical Race Theory. CRT is an expansion of the Critical Legal Theory developed a generation ago at Harvard Law School. CLT, in essence, takes the blindfold off Lady Justice’s holding of the scales. ALL disputes should be decided on the basis of status of the plaintiff vs. viewing all equally in the eyes of the law. In Elizabeth Warren-Harvard-speak: all positions of power, wealth, size, etc. are inherently evil and the law, in all cases, must favor the “little guy” over the oppressor.

    So, a minority criminal was oppressed, so his action is not a crime. A rioter was protesting oppression when he burned down your home, so, there is no crime. An oppressed individual can make up stories about your racism, exploitation, abuse, __________ (insert Woke Outrage of the Day here) without recourse, but, if you answer the charges, you can be fired, cancelled, jailed, vilified, etc without regard.

    A perfect world in the eyes of CAH.

    1. Was just watching an interesting presentation from Barnes and Viva with a guest criminal attorney from Canada discussing Canadian gun laws.

      CRT has been integrated – likely by CCP – into Canada’s kooky gun laws and criminal prosecution outcomes. If someone attacks you and you judo chop them several times in self defense, often times the attacker won’t be charged based on how she/he looks. Although, if you are being attacked and you find a flame thrower and turn the psycho into toast, you’re good? It’s a mess. Search Viva Barnes Law and you’ll find it .. look for the interview with the dude that looks like Julian Assange.

      FWIW, I visited Aberdeen once when I was a kid. I remember it being flat and cold.

      Side note – Anyone else find the principles of communism integrated into the latter book of the Little House series?

      South Dakota has some cultural warts likely brought about by how difficult it has been to survive here historically, as well as the fact that, because it is isolated (especially West River), the ability to abuse and maliciously exploit the creativity and work product of others has gone largely unnoticed (COMMUNISTS RACE TO THE BOTTOM). I like having a lot of light on SD right now while I’m getting a lot of attention, and anonymous attacks vector against my family not just in Internet forums.

      Thanks to everyone helping our small businesses off the ground so my family and I can become more self-sufficient and protect ourselves. It’s not fun sometimes.

      I used to feel bad when people hated me for no reason and called me names, but I think name callers usually end-up being the least smart people in the room:

    1. Never, he has placed himself on a mile high pedestal. To admit he is wrong would be an awful long fall. I’m thankful that this POS is no longer educating our youth

      1. I think it is worthwhile to maintain some civility toward Cory even if it is not reciprocated.

        Cory is a formidable master-debater, and he deserves some respect.


        1. Respect isn’t given, it’s earned. If you him and know his past there is nothing to respect

        2. Herr Josef Cory Heidelberger is one of the biggest hypocrites there is. Do as I say not as I do describes CAH and his out of state name caller blog.

  5. Why are you surprised by his words? This is standard Critical Race Theory thinking and teaching.

    CRT has been embraced by many education leaders and is being taught in public schools in the US.

  6. The only prayer atheist Cory Heidelberger has of influencing thought leaders in South Dakota is the one his pastor wife says every day to get him the hell out of the house and out of her hair. He’s just another short guy without any trace of self-awareness.

  7. The standard response to this blog posting from CRT Democratic Marxists of America is that your white fragility and privilege is showing. The Presentation nuns probably employ CAH out of charity and feeling sorry for him at the college.

  8. What else can one expect from the SD Democratic/Socialist propaganda minister Herr Joseph Heidelberger? The little dwarf king has taken to heart the national socialist call that anything white is evil and as long as the subject is white and especially if the subject is conservative and white, anything said in hate is totally acceptable, i.e. the expression of glee when a prominent conservative passes away, the wish of hoping that Governor Noem would contract COVID and die, hoping Republican leaders would die, etc. He does nothing….and admits he does nothing to reign it in and by his action, or lack thereof, he is tacitly approving of it all.

    1. “SD Democratic/Socialist propaganda minister Herr Joseph Heidelberger”

      This is pretty funny .. I’d like to think that Cory would laugh at this one, too.

  9. Y’all should check out next week’s State Bar convention woke agenda. They’re even exploring white fragility.

    1. Most of what I’m seeing makes the most sense if you consider that descendants of America’s founding power are being coaxed into a kill zone. Promoting white fragility is like going right to the triple-dog-dare.

  10. Having known Mr. Heidelberger from my radio days in Madison, and looking at the quote featured, it would appear his thoughts on this are heavy on Pathos, not so much on Logos.

    Then again, isn’t that the case for most political blogs? LOL

  11. It is time for all of us to hold Cory and his family accountable for what Cory does, says, and writes; after all, that’s what CRTs, BLM, the Left, and progressives do.

    It’s time to protest outside his wife’s “church” at every service, and denounce the hate, vile, sexism, and racism that she houses and protects.

    Enough hate in our state.

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