Light posting ahead. Cat forcing SDWC to go on vacation.

Just a heads up – It will probably be light posting this next week. A cat is forcing me to take a vacation.

No, really.

If you recall this past February, my wife’s father passed away. At the funeral my wife met up with her aunt from Florida who had been speaking with her brother over the preceding months while he was being treated for Leukemia. Apparently, he had talked quite a bit about his favorite cat, “Tony.”  And her Aunt offered to take the cat.

Long story short, while my oldest at home is working before she heads off to college, and a couple of kids are at TAR Camp this next week, the wife and I are driving Tony the cat to her Aunt’s residence in Venice, Florida. Yes, yes. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

I think there will be a day or so stop at her brother’s lake cabin at Shell Knob, Missouri on the way down. And I’d love to stop at Diamond State Park on the way back.

But otherwise, it’s SDWC blogging from the road all next week. When I’m not driving, of course.

3 thoughts on “Light posting ahead. Cat forcing SDWC to go on vacation.”

  1. Speaking as a cat lover and owner, there is no better reason for a road trip than to give a cat a new home!!

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