Little housekeeping.. SDWC political twitter feed is back, ads available, etcetera

Just a few housekeeping items worth mentioning.

The SDWC Political Twitter feed is back for a trial run, as long as it manages not to bog down loading times. I had pared down a number of the scripts appearing on the page, but as soon as I went to cloudflare to kill some of the bots, traffic from China, and other things scanning my site, load times are much better so I’m able to give it a return shot.

I’ve had several inquiries, but I do still have a couple prime spots available for advertising on the website. Drop me a note today if you’d like to get locked in. (And as I love my long term advertisers, I do discount 1 month for every 6 month commitment.)

Had a speaking engagement with the SDSU Political Science Club last night, and it went very well. I’m usually pretty speaking-engagement averse, as I really hate talking about myself. And when I post, I edit and re-edit. But I managed to fill a half hour without too much difficulty and don’t think I sounded too stupid.  It’s my ultimate goal to start doing a weekly vlog post, so that might mean forward motion in that direction. We’ll see.

This morning, I had a legislator reach out on why I haven’t written anything about the House ‘Grouse’ redistricting map. I told him that important thing to note is the three previous columns on redistricting were all guest columns. If a member of the House committee wants to send me a column on why their map is best, if they want to write it up, I will run it.

And that goes the same for guest columns on other topics.  I always welcome those who want to contribute on current topics of political interest, as I’m usually crazy busy and that’s good content I don’t have to write.   Is that an invitation to send me stuff bashing candidates? No. It’s an invitation to expand the knowledge of readers on topics they might be misinformed about or should be better versed in.  Send me a note here, and we can discuss.

Other that that, as we’re getting into the campaign season, I’m planning to discuss candidate and campaign related topics. Any facet of campaigning you are interested in discussing or knowing more about? As I was telling the SDSU students last night, I’ve been doing this stuff for more than 30 years, so hopefully I can provide some insight candidates and workers can find useful. Leave a note in the comment section, and I’ll cover it in the weeks coming up.

Stay tuned!

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  1. This dead horse is still attracting buyers. I think trump has actually convinced himself that there must be voter fraud and is willing to wreck the country to pursue this hoax

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