31 thoughts on “Hospitalizations WAY up for COVID in Sanford’s latest infographic”

  1. PCR tests lost their emergency use authorizations, didn’t they?

    Wasn’t it in part because it couldn’t distinguish between coronavirus and flu, and in part because the thresholds could be adjusted (abused) to create false positives to increase billing by the hospital (if someone dies anyway, ratchet up the test and bill for tens of thousands of dollars more)?

    1. stop making things up
      the PCR test which was recalled only tested for Covid-19; they are going to use one now which will also test for influenza ant the same time. The number of organisms these tests can check for seems to be unlimited.

      The comprehensive viral panel has been in use for years, and distinguishes among a plethora of infectious organisms.
      And you only have to get your nose swabbed once to be tested for all of them.

      look at the list

  2. Would still like to know what 22 facilities are being referenced and whether they are the same ones every week. Without that, these statistics have the same credibility as a Milli Vanilli concert.

  3. Why don’t they post the number of vaccinated people being treated at home with monoclonal antibody treatment?

    1. Nobody is getting monoclonal antibody treatment at home; it’s given IV in infusion centers.
      Some people are receiving it as post-exposure prophylaxis, so not everybody who receives that treatment will be a confirmed case. It works best if you get it BEFORE you start showing symptoms, as when you have been exposed to tetanus or rabies. Most people are knowledgeable enough about tetanus & rabies to know once you start showing symptoms it is too late, you’re going to die. Covid can do irreversible damage via blood clots and nothing works once that happens, which is why pre-exposure vaccination is still the best protection.

    1. Why are they only using 22 hospitals?

      “Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the organization includes 46 hospitals, 1,525 physicians and more than 200 Good Samaritan Society senior care locations in 26 states and 10 countries.”


      1. Yes, 22 hospitals in SD… 46 total across ND and MN. Guessing they were trying to keep the facts specific to the state they were communicating with. Please stop connecting dots that shouldn’t be connected… get your facts straight. You don ’t help your argument when you try to twist facts for your narrative, very disingenuous and quite frankly hurting people.

        1. How many vaccinated people are being treated with monoclonal antibody treatments that are not hospitalized?

          1. None. Treatments are administered via IV and are completed in a hospital setting. Now, there are probably many who have been treated who are not currently hospitalized, but everyone “being treated” is hospitalized while that is taking place.

  4. This is happening to Rapid City Regional Monument Health and all its facilities throughout West River. Are they faking reports, too?

    1. In the case of Sanford, they only reference “22 facilities”. You don’t know where they are or what the state by state or hospital by hospital breakdowns are or if they’re the same facilities from week to week. A little context is helpful when reading statistics like these.

  5. Of course the numbers are up. Anytime you want to push an agenda you’re going to skew numbers to support your case.

    Any trust SANFORD used to have went out the window with their vaccine mandates. Whether you agree with the vaccine or not, no one should be forced to take it.

    After all, if it was so great, you wouldn’t need to force anyone. They would gladly comply. Notice they never had to force the flu vaccine?


    1. Reminds me of a saying that debate kids like to use: “86% of all statistics used in a debate are created at the time they’re cited.”

    2. If the entire pandemic wasn’t politicized we wouldn’t be talking about the vaccine and refusal to take it. A few years ago, most were talking about the radical left being anti-vax, now its the Trump crowd. It started with Trump claiming the virus was fake / hoax, then it was going to magically go away when Biden took over. Dems capitalized on this political narrative and blamed the pandemic on Trump (who could have handled it better to begin with rather than making crap up), but that is why we are here. Most who are now anti-vax had no issues vaccinating their kids before this, now all of a sudden they are toilet bowl doctors requesting hydroxyqlorquine enemas with peroxide nebulizer treatments. Accept the medical advancements we have created to combat this global pandemic, it is real and people die from this. The “agenda” is conspiracy after conspiracy and I am sick of hearing about it. The best way to stop the “agenda” is ending the pandemic, take the vaccine, or wash your hands / wear a mask if you are sick, but you don’t want to do that. So who’s “agenda” are we talking about here?

    3. Brad, the flu vaccines is required by the majority of health care facilities but it was introduced prior to the internet, which has been an awful source of misinformation.

      It started with the increase in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism used to correlate with socio-economic status which indicates that if environmental factors were responsible, something in the homes of wealthy people, which now almost everybody has) was to blame. Since childhood vaccinations were universal, even among the Amish, the last thing which should have been suspected was the vaccines. (I graphed out the stats on autism diagnoses, color TV and microwave oven ownership and found a correlation with the microwave ovens.)

      The anti-vaxxers were off and running with absolutely no data to support the theory that vaccines cause ASD. Meanwhile, pregnant women continued to stand next to microwave ovens and put the toddlers’ high chairs close by. Refusing to vaccinate children while continuing to nuke them makes no sense but whatever… emotions run high.

      Next came the Gardasil shot. The hysteria about that one reached epic proportions, photos of beautiful teenaged girls who died from a variety of causes unrelated to the vaccine appeared on facebook with stories that the Gardasil shot was to blame. Sufficient information was provided that anybody could find the associated VAERS reports which described things like traumatic head injuries and drug overdoses, but hey, the kid got a Gardasil shot so that’s to blame.

      Now the covid vaccines: insane accounts of how the vaccine causes infertility, is 99% graphene, or is made out of aborted babies have persisted (99% car polish, 1% babies.) Facts don’t matter to people who get their medical information from the internet instead of their family physicians. People who got all the other vaccines are now declaring a religious objection to this one, because like many others, testing was done on fetal cell lines from babies who were killed decades ago. (Never mind that homicide victims frequently become organ & tissue donors and no recipient has ever refused because a donor was murdered, suddenly the hysterics are on.) If the vaccine doesn’t kill you in this life, it’ll kill you in the next: you’ll go to Hell if you get vaccinated.

      The internet is a never-ending source of fear-mongering. That’s why so many people think it should be mandatory. It’s easier to mandate it than it is to get people to stop believing the garbage they read on the internet.

    1. Anonymous at 11:06… I check the DOH covid dashboard, as well, and am mystified why this slanted Sanford data is relevant. I say “slanted” because there’s no indication of how many patients are hospitalized for other reasons, then test positive for covid after admission. These are not “covid patients.” The info I’ve seen indicated up to 25 percent of hospital admits fit this category.

      1. Cliff writes: “…how many patients are hospitalized for other reasons, then test positive for covid after admission. These are not “covid patients.”

        They are covid patients… if they have covid. You have no idea what each circumstance involves. You are just manufacturing doubt.

        When 96% of vented patients are UNVACCINATED, you would think you’d be enlightened but… nope.

        1. Elk… Of course they’re counted as covid patients, as hospitals are incentivized financially to identify as many as possible. But their admission was for an entirely different reason. Vaccinated or not simply makes no never mind. Regardless, those numbers are worthless without details — ethnicity, sex, nationality, age, admitted overnight for observation, etc.

          1. Ventilated patients are 96% unvaccinated. And your response is… “vaccinated or not makes no never mind”.

            God help me.

    2. “fear monger”?

      Telling folks that they cannot trust the CDC, Fauci, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Sanford Hospital… now THAT is fear mongering. Some of you keep sowing distrust in the very people who can save so many lives.

      So, who should people trust? You?

      1. I don’t believe he claimed it was a “South Dakota” chart. It’s the Sanford chart he has put up every week or so for a while now. The two are often similar but not identical. He is deceiving nobody and you know it.

  6. I, too, have questioned why these self-serving numbers from Sanford are posted here. (Maybe I’m censored, as well, and don’t know it yet.) In any event, your commentary is always thoughtful and factual, which leads to truth. Keep fighting the good fight.

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