Taffy Howard group photo from her congressional announcement this AM.

So, Taffy Howard posted this photo from her announcement this AM in Sioux Falls..

Not a large crowd on this one.. I’m seeing State Rep. Tom Pischke, Former State Rep. Manny Steele, a couple family members, and a smattering of others.  Her announcement in Rapid City ended up being canceled due to weather.

Funny that Tom Pischke is there, as he was a big backer of Liz May last primary. I think May had more people at her announcement for that race.

What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Taffy Howard group photo from her congressional announcement this AM.”

    1. Fortunately we do. The election fraud was shown to be a hoax in the very first forensic audit in the state most likely to have it.

      1. Tom’s bills only make sense to other Mad Dads who don’t want to pay child support

        Most of us understand that when fathers don’t support their children, the taxpayers do
        So he sounds like a Democrat to me

  1. my thoughts are that the photographer used to wrong camera lens and everybody looks too short

  2. Should’ve had Stace, Lora, Tapio, Bosworth and all the rest of the SuperFriends in the picture.

  3. Bizarre. The thing is there’s people telling her she’s the best and she can easily win. They’re probably comparing her to Noem. But that’s a non starter for so many reasons – none of which Taffy’s crew will ever comprehend, because they always think they are right. Once again – she’ll be an answer to a trivia question sometime down the road. I can tell you right now, that most people will never hear her name because she won’t have the money and those of us who do know her name will forget it within weeks of the election.

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