Lora Hubbel just has to keep digging that hole deeper…

Lora Hubbel’s latest spin on her attack on the GOP Chair is because he ran for office 6 years after switching parties.

2 months after losing the race for the Republican nomination for Governor in the 2014 Republican primary, Lora Hubbel joined the Independent ticket to run against Republicans.

And less than 6 months after resigning as chairman of the Constitution party, Hubbel announced she was running for Governor as a Republican.

If we’re comparing it to Lora’s track record, 6 years is a pretty darned long time.

(She just has to keep digging that hole deeper, doesn’t she?)

Update – Lora’s still digging away…

I never realized she held such a dim view of Ronald Reagan.  Do you think she also applies that to Constitution Party members…. and former chairwomen?

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  1. Boy, that Lederman sure is playing the long con. First he moves to a new state. Then switches parties. Waits 6 years and then runs for office. Then serves as a Republican in the House and Senate. And then runs for GOP chair. Amazing how he spent over 10 years carrying water for the elephant and just to destroy the Republican Party. Lora Hubbel is quite the investigator to uncover this sinister plot.

    1. “Sinister plot”, not so much. Actually, Lederman seems to be a worthy asset for the SDGOP.

      What will destroy the GOP is a do-nothing Congress. Big donors have pulled back and most recently I read 3 conservative groups have asked the Senate leadership to step down; this includes Thune. Maybe the Citizens for Liberty are on to something?

      Wonder why Tara hasn’t been around to comment? I bet she’s activating what some call the “Bannon Effect”.

      1. except Tara is a liberal parading around with an identity crisis much akin to Lora.

        They run constantly under different banners and have no compass with their thoughts.

        1. I am here now? Could you give me your definition of a Liberal? I am probably more conservative than 90 percent of all the Republicans in Pierre. Nelson and Hubbel would probably have me beat.

  2. KM, I’m pretty sure Anonymous is being sarcastic and stringing together a silly conspiracy (which of course makes sense to Lora).

    I agree on the point of the comment on Senate Leadership but I think it only applies to McConnel. We need a leader who knows how to whip into line both the wild cards on the right and moderate spectrums. Sometimes, being part of something is understanding unity for the good of the whole. On the right, Cruz figured that out but Paul has not. McCain is just a joke. But, others can be brought in line with good leadership. Putting Paul and McCain on a raft by themself works if you can get the rest to be on a team.

  3. “he ran for office 6 years after switching parties”

    Pat, you might want to check on why Iowa had Lederman’s Democratic party registration still listed as active on July 10, 2017. That is what Heidelberger is saying. and if that is correct, then he did not “switch” parties. In was in both parties.

    1. Steve – If I move to another state and notify the post office of my address change, it’s not my responsibility if the new owner doesn’t scrape my name off the mailbox.

  4. Troy – Maybe they’re being sarcastic, surely would help if (/s) was added as a way to indicate that. I’m not ready to be concerned about Lederman’s party switch, but something is brewing in our conservative circles in WH and Pierre and we’re ready to get on board.

    Congress has done nothing promised to us. GOP big donors are backing out, I don’t donate like they do, but we’re putting a pause on what we give. The article I read does include Thune asking to step aside and there’s concern he may be taking on the label a RINO too. We don’t like it, I’ve voted for Thune since I was 18yo.

    McConnel’s got to go – Yes. McCain’s got to go – Yes. Paul Ryan’s got to go – Yes.

    I’m still holding out on Rand Paul, need further convincing he should be on that raft.

  5. “Only 6 years”; how long does Hubbel think it should take to realize you made a mistake in being a Demoncrat? I haven’t seen anything she’s put out there that helps her cause to be an elected official. She should perhaps stick to charity work and raising money for worthy causes. Right now she seems to simply be wasting her time and energy.

  6. Anonymous 9:34 hit the nail on the head. Hubbel’s whining does nothing to add to her credibility, in fact it does just the opposite. Lederman has shown himself to be an asset to the GOP, Hubbel has shown herself to be a detriment.

    “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  7. Hubbel ran against republicans and was a running mate on the ticket of a nonrepublican candidate (Mike Myers) who was an obama supporter and who advocated for universal healthcare. In addition, Hubbel changed her registration from the constitution party to a republican….she only changed back to republican to try to get elected. So how on earth does Hubbel believe she is the standard-bearer for being republican? SAD!

    1. You don’t know what you are talking about. Myers was brilliant. He and Lora got along great. She is as RED as they come. She will make the Republican Party conservative again.

  8. Having been registered to vote in four other states before landing here I wonder how many places I am still registered to vote.

    1. Good question. When I ran for Sioux Falls School Board in 1999, one of my 11(!) opponents was registered in two South Dakota counties (Minnehaha and Lyman), and voted in Lyman County. While I understand that South Dakota has since coordinated county voter registration lists to avoid concurrent multiple-county registration, there is no such system between states.

  9. KM,

    The following are Obamacare Republicans as in some way or another they contributed to the reality nothing has been done:

    1) These are the first and the charter members of Obamacare Republicans: The members of the Freedom Caucus in the House who didn’t get the first draft out of the House. That was back when we were still in the honeymoon period and it was the most conservative version considered. Since then, it has been watered down chasing votes.

    2) In order of disingenuous words and actions: John McCain, Rand Paul, Dean Heller

    3) Nut jobs in Missouri, Indiana, Delaware, Montana, & North Dakota who arrogantly stood on their faux “principles” and gave us Democrat Senators when they should be Republicans.

    4) Nutjobs in Alaska who forced a person in a conservative state to move to the middle. These people made Murkowski into someone who won’t trust conservatives.

    5) Collins is and always has been a moderate able to get elected in a liberal state. She is better than a Democrat but someone we just have to accept isn’t there on a tough vote or she will be gone. She does good in committee so I think inside she is a better Republican and more conservative than her reputation.

    1. Good points.

      I do see that Rand Paul is still pushing for better health insurance options. We’re now able to purchase insurance across state lines and form Health Associations.

      I have a real hard time agreeing with #5. Conservative Review seems to think she is trouble for the GOP platform and promises made to us, much like McCain.

  10. KM:

    1) I’m all for Paul pushing the envelope to as far right as is possible but taking his marbles when it doesn’t go as far as he wants makes him effectively a Senator Sanders or McCain- making it less likely we get any reform. I measure by the results of their actions. Paul is an Obamacare Republican charter member. BTW, when he announced for President he was in a my top three choices. I love his philosophy and vision. But, peeing in the wind all the time makes him a nobody.

    2) The reality is Maine is socially liberal and fiscally right of center. We aren’t going to get a solid conservative on social or fiscal matters but with Collins who is pretty good on spending. I don’t let the pursuit of perfect stop me from having better than nothing.

    1. Troy, calling an arch conservative an “Obamacare Republican” for not voting for a bill that was named “Repeal and Replace” when it fact it was Repeal and Keep, is more than a little misleading. It is 180 degrees wrong. And by saying a liberal Republican in Maine is better than a liberal Democrat is the recipe for baking RINOs

  11. Steve,

    First Paul is a Libertarian and not a conservative.

    Second, the fact is his votes and efforts have been instrumental Obamacare is still the law of the land.

    Refusing to call him by the fruit of his efforts is what is misleading. When nary a change is made to Ibamacare, we will be able to thank Obamacare Republicans cochaired by McCAin and Paul.

  12. “Obamacare is still the law of the land.”

    Thanks to RINOs who refuse to repeal it. Forget the replace fraud.

    What is the difference between libertarian and conservative?

    1. Steve,

      I’m not going to explain the difference. If you don’t know it after all your commentary, you will never grasp it.

      RINOS and Obamacare Republicans is a distinction without a difference on this matter. They are who I listed above.

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