Lora’s back. Back again.. Indy Candidate Lora Hubbel files for State Senate in D13.

Had a correspondent reach out today, and noted something that we had all missed, as the SOS had to create a separate list for the people whose candidacies became official after the primary cutoff date, because of creating the primary ballot, etc.

First off, they have the complete list of Libertarian candidates running, in case you were wondering. Not that any of them are going to win. Or run anything resembling a competent campaign.

But then we have the independents, and a couple of fairly familiar names.

On the Democrat side, you have Susan Wismer, who might be the Democrats’ version of Lora Hubbel running for Senate in District 1. And then we have the actual Lora Hubbel, formerly of the Governor’s race, who is running for State Senate in District 13. Just like the last time she said she was going to run for Governor, and as now, opted for less lofty ambitions.

Well, at least now Jack Kolbeck has a foil to use to raise money for the District 13 Senate campaign.

20 thoughts on “Lora’s back. Back again.. Indy Candidate Lora Hubbel files for State Senate in D13.”

  1. Any news about Logan Manhart? I see the Democrats sued saying he voted in Wisconsin.

    Lora– just go away!

  2. Is there a race that Lora hasn’t lost yet? She runs every cycle and has no chance and now as an Independent. Remember this when she is the authority on what REPUBLICANS should do.

  3. As a proud Republican member, I still find it odd that members of my own party, citizens of this Great State of South Dakota continue to mock and make fun of, and attack other citizens who choose to run for public office. It is a God given, protected right of all “Citizens” to run for public office win, lose, or draw. You may not support them, you may not like them, you may have disagreements with them on policy, beliefs, and policy – but what is most important is the fact they choose to place themselves there in the public eye, for all to see, and for all to criticize. As a “republican member” – I chose NOT to attack any citizen who chooses to run, but to wish them the best, for they are attempting to fulfill a dream to represent their family, neighbors, the citizens of this State. I always thought Republicans were above all the hoopla, the negative attacks, childish behavior, but the more I read these blogs, I find that to not be true. As a party, we must stand tall, come together, and support all Citizens, just as our “Constitution” says – WE THE PEOPLE are one collective family regardless of differences in looks, opinion, beliefs, or policy. Stop this childish behavior, and if you have something to say on this forum – LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR REAL NAME.

    Thank You,
    Mike Zitterich
    South Dakota

    1. She has the right to run. We have the right to point out her issues. You DON’T have the right to people’s identities. Toughen up.

    2. Mike, if you aren’t familiar with Lora, do a search on this website. You will know far more than you ever wanted to.

      High points.. Vietnam was God’s punishment for America not joining Israel in bombing Auschwitz in WWII, and if we drink, we may be possessed by demons, because our souls will leave our bodies.

      Not kidding.

      1. I have talked to her in the past, We share information every now then, I have really no issue with her, and I have heard all the same rumors and stories as you have. I just try to not get involved in all that talk. I will respect anyone who wishes to talk. We have had some decent conversations, bounced ideas off each other. I can say, “WE” do not agree on everything, but I try to help her understand our laws, and city ordinances when asked. I dont find her to be a bad person. But then again, I can get along with anyone, even you and those who do not like me or agree with me. I think the most important thing is to just “Talk” to people whether or not we like them or not. Sometimes the best ideas come from places you least expect it.

      2. Just looking at her facebook should give you enough to go on. She is waaaaay out in left field. WAAAAAAY out there.

  4. This Mike Z guy is a joke right? Does he not know who Lora is and all the crap she has done?

    1. Why not educate him then with why you don’t like her vs just slash him?

    2. Yes. He’s insaner than most, even those out of Sioux Falls. Big Ms. Hubbel fan, is this Mr. Zitterich.

  5. When are the people willing to sign her petitions?

    I’d be curious to see if it’s the same people through the years

  6. I understand your sentiments, I simply think it does NOT look for the image of the Republican Party to get into a ‘attack’ and insult fest. I mean, it is one thing to discuss and debate each others policies, and goals, and opinion, but to outright attack people, I would steer clear from. IF want to encourage strong debate, professional debate, that should be the goal. I mean, I am sure not everyone agrees with my opinions and political concepts either. But I try to respect everyone regardless. Is all I am saying. Lets be the better party, lets not turn into ‘them’.

    1. Hey Mike- Lora had attacked so many people it’s not even funny. You need to get your facts straight. You are defending Lora without knowing any history of her crazy accusations and malicious actions. Figure it out and then come back. A simple google search will tell you all you need to know about Lora.

    2. All Lora does is trash GOP members. Your selective desire to prevent conflict seems disingenuous.

      1. Not sure what that means, But I guess I rather show people respect even where I do not agree with them just as much as I agree with others. I guess I see “GOOD” in all people. And if we want to run for public office, we have that right, and I encourage everyone to run for public office.

        1. But Laura does not show others that same respect, Mike. That’s why I find your support of her so perplexing.

  7. She is clearly struggling with paranoid ideation: chemtrails over her house, pet microchips used to track the movements of the owners, putting babies to sleep on their backs will make them more susceptible to government mind control, and vaccines contain unknown adjuvants. When she served in the legislature she did not understand legislation and was convinced that any bill having to do with health and human services was a sneaky attempt to get Obamacare into the state. Over the years we have heard a lot of things. Like a broken clock she is correct twice a day.
    We don’t know if somebody has been encouraging her to keep tilting at windmills or if she is listening to the voices in her head. She has suffered humiliating losses in one election after another yet she keeps coming back for more..

    It’s not funny anymore.

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