Release: Five Former DCI Directors Endorse Jackley for Attorney General

Five Former DCI Directors Endorse Jackley for Attorney General

May 17, 2022: Today, the five former Directors of the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) announced their endorsement of Marty Jackley for Attorney General. The Directors served a span of 26 years and include:

· Brian Zeeb (2018-2019)
· Bryan Gortmaker (2008-2018)
· Jim Vlahakis (2006 – 2008)
· Kevin Thom (2002-2006)
· Doug Lake (1996-2002)

The DCI is a key part of the office of the Attorney General. “The men and women of the DCI work tirelessly with our Sheriffs, Police Officers, Tribal and Federal partners to keep our homes and streets safe. I am very honored to have their support, along with the support of nearly every Sheriff and State’s Attorney in our state.” said Marty Jackley.

Former Director and now Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom stated, “We need an Attorney General that will work with law enforcement to better protect our communities. Marty has a proven record of leading our Attorney General’s office and working with the DCI, Sheriffs, and local law enforcement to fight crime.”

“Marty is the leader that South Dakota needs in the Attorney General’s Office. Having worked with Marty for 9 years as the Director of the DCI, I had a front row seat to witness Marty’s talents as the top prosecutor and civil litigator for South Dakota. Marty knows how to battle for victims of crime and for the rights of South Dakota citizens in the court room. The depth of relationships and the respect that Marty has among South Dakota’s law enforcement is unmatched. Smart, hardworking and focused, South Dakota wins with Marty as Attorney General.” stated Former Director Bryan Gortmaker, 29 years with SD Division of Criminal Investigation.

Former Director and now Yankton County Sheriff Jim Vlahakis said, “Marty has been at our side tackling crime head on as Attorney General, US Attorney and a State’s Attorney which is why so many of us in law enforcement are standing behind him now. With his proven record we know what kind of Attorney General he will be for all of South Dakota.”


41 thoughts on “Release: Five Former DCI Directors Endorse Jackley for Attorney General”

    1. Nice one, I guess you work on Mary’s compaigin. All I have heard was how much things did not run smoothly under Marty. He was never there to sign things on time as he was always campaigning, he ran up high debt, and had multiple positions open all the time that he didn’t fill.

      1. Is this Dave or Tim? Shows how clueless you are to what the environment is in our own building. Please leave quietly and let the real attorneys take over.

    2. The AG’s office is in crisis. These 5 know what it is like under the current administration and they know morale is at an all time low.

      1. Not that I am aware of. I know many people in the AG office and morale is high. That said that things have never run smoother for the past 4 years than under the current AG Ravnsborg. Sorry but you are spewing false propaganda.

        1. Literally everything you said is wrong. I have been working closely with the AGs office and DCI for many years. None, and I mean none, of them have that opinion. It is evidently clear that certain people are trying to push your narrative to garner support for the Nat/Rav regime. It won’t work. Because it’s not true.

          1. @Anon, sorry but you are clearing on Marty’s team. I know and have talked to many people in the AGs office and what you are talking about is just fake news.

            Let’s talk about Marty leaving the AG’s office with $1 Million in debt, let’s talk about the backlog he created, how about the many open positions he didn’t take the time to fill.

            That’s right, you have zero facts to support other than stating you may have worked with the AGs office and DCI. What a load of horse …..

              1. Nice try, facts are crushing you anonymous. You have zero evidence to your claim of current employees being unhappy. You have lost this discussion.

                1. The original post is on target. If you want proof, take a look at all the employees that left during the reign of Ravnsborg and his two buddies. Lots of Attorneys, Agents, and civilian employees. Those three idiots ran off a lot of good people with their idiocy. The remaining employees are counting the days. And quite frankly, if Natvig and Ravnsborg don’t see what the situation really is, it just bolsters my point.

                  Ps; Knowing how they work, I would bet 90% of the pro Ravnsborg posts are from his two idiot cronies.

                  Please just leave without doing any additional damage to the office.

                  1. It was great they ran off some of these people, I wish they would have come sooner —it needed happening…Gortmaker GONE, Zeeb GONE, Rechtenbaugh GONE, Bierne GONE—and good riddance we are a much better organization without those good ole boys! And where did they go —couple went to their DPS Crony buddy Craig Price!

                    If we bring them back maybe there can be more sexual harassment, coverups and big payouts of tax payer dollars!! Good god people, wake up!

                    1. Easy Dave. Please just start packing your office and put your house on the market already.

            1. I worked at the AGs office under Marty’s tenure and am now a states atty who works with the AGs office and DCI almost daily. Yes, I am 100% on team Marty. This was a large part of the conversation at the recent states attys conference. Not a single states atty I spoke with (and it was many) or any of the AG employees I have spoken with (which is also many) or any of the DCI agents I work with on an almost daily basis have the feelings you’re stating they do. Jason has had almost zero presence at the office since this accident. The only leadership he is showing is the complete lack of it. Stop lying. Again, literally everything you’re saying is blatantly false. Which you certainly can continue to do. But the reality of it is, Marty already has the convention sealed up. Because unlike Rav, Marty isn’t grasping at straws to sign up delegates who don’t even know they have to attend the convention to vote. And many of the delegates who Rav has gotten to sign have already flipped to Marty. Best of luck in your alternate reality.

              1. You are just lying out of your teeth. How big is your nose right now Pinocchio. You have zero evidence and zero facts to support. You are clearly working for Marty’s team. It is sad how much you keep lying about things.

                1. Do I know Marty, yes. Do I support Marty, yes. Do I work for Marty, no. Shockingly, you don’t have to work for someone to support them. I guess first hand knowledge of the actual AG employees and DCI agents isn’t enough facts and evidence for you. Not sure what more it takes. I know what the truth is, and I have a strong suspicion that you do but it’s just something you can’t accept. The best part about this is that anyone who works at the AGs office and any DCI agent reading this thread is laughing at you. And so is everyone else. Just keep on living in your safe space. June 23 will be here soon enough.

    1. Kevin is on the front lines fighting for freedom of law enforcement. Do you realize 40% of the states crime is marijuana? What would happen if we allowed people to use marijuana legally? Hundreds of law enforcement officers would have less crimes associated with their time spent on the day. Soon communities may think we have too many law enforcement officers, and next thing you know, people think they can live, do, and say whatever they want without consequence and you will kill jobs. This ripple effect will continue, prisons may not be as full, and we’ll hear more of that rap music on the road. I just saw a man in Wal-Mart with long hair, what is next? We need to respect the freedom of law enforcement and stop with this voting stuff and let them decide for us. We also need to stop letting this constitution get in their way, if the federal government can search without a warrant (patriot act), then why can’t Kevin Thom?

  1. Weren’t Gortmaker and Zeeb the ones retaliating against Laura Zulstra? And a jury awarded her a million or more? Asking for a friend

  2. 36 days, Rav/Nat boys.

    The whole state is deeply ashamed…except for Ravnsborg and Natvig.

    But, a legal question. IF you are impeached and removed from office, can you collect unemployment insurance?

    1. You are right, the state is deeply ashamed of how Noem has used her position of power to influence things.

      1. That, and the AG killing Joe and not taking any responsibility or showing any grace.

        1. You again, it was ruled an accident. They do happen. I pray you never get into an accident and have a governor that only cares about herself and is willing to break the law herself with undue influence towards your case.

  3. This is excellent news and the five previous directors have made a wise, informed choice to support Marty. There is no more honest, reputable, and capable candidate to represent us as Attorney General than Marty Jackley. Well done, directors.

  4. At least under the current leadership I have not had to run Marty’s girlfriends through official systems to see if they are posting online

    1. I just bought a big pack of straws. Let me know if you need some more to grasp at.

  5. I read all this pro-ranvsborg / natvig nonsense and just chuckle. You got 36 days, guys. Post crap while you can cuz you are Adda-Didi, Adios, Asta La Vista, See ya wouldnt wanna be ya.

    Soon to be a humorous footnote in an obscure book about guys who flamed out.

  6. Love these pro Jackley good ole boys

    Marty runs a completely political office into the ground for 9 years in his quest for Governor at all cost losing GEARUP cases, giving sweetheart deals to joop bolen, retaliating against his own employee and Ravnsborg comes in and has to fix it but let’s say he’s screwed it up. Ridiculous.

    Sorry we the people have been paying attention—go listen to committee hearings where multiple members discuss the debt that the current AG inherited from Marty. There even had to be a fee increase because of Marty’s mismanagement. Look it up!

    Tons of things documented if you spent the time, but I am sure you’d rather everyone kiss your behind and be ineffective like Jackley.

    I am sure your response will be more fluff- if you SB70 weak on crime people have the guts to respond. Remember Marty testified for it and all of law enforcement hates it, but Marty is good and calling you all the time to make it look like he is actually doing something

    1. Says the guy who literally ran someone over and killed them.

      Ravnsborg is a menace to society as is Natvig. SD Republicans are not anti law enforcement. They would never put DCI and the AG’s office thought more years of incompetence and self serving Ravnsborg and Natvig ever again.

      1. Its too bad all the evidence point to Joe stumbling in the road, not on the shoulder. Its too bad this is all political and Noem had to interject herself into everything to influence the outcome.

        1. No, not all evidence points to that. Stop lying. You can have your own opinion, NOT your own facts.

  7. The ones living in the alternate universe are the Jackley supporters

    All the scandals professional and personal he has had and he is running is beyond me.

  8. Never in my years watching state government, have I ever seen such unqualified and utterly clueless morons in management.

    But like sand through the hourglass, …….time is running out on them. Expect to see more goofiness in the last 35 days.

    Things are looking up. Tomorrow is 34 days. 33, 32, 31……our year and a half of unrelenting pain and statewide embarrassment is about DONE.

    But i do like the notion that they are both grinding up precious, fleeting time, reading and responding to these posts. Stick with it, boys!

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