Rapid City School Board candidate refers to educators as “Tyrants of the Teacher’s Lounge,” fillings heads with “perverted ideas.” – UPDATE!!

And people wonder why Administrators, Teachers, etc., are abandoning ship at the Rapid City School District at a record pace? Rapid City School Board candidate Janyce Hockenbary seems to be a couple of syllables away from demanding that people burn the witches.

If that letter doesn’t motivate Rapid City residents to vote against the wave of batsh*t crazy that the Rapid City school board seems gripped by, I’m not sure what will.


The bus wheels are rolling. Just got a report that at the candidate forum tonight with Elevate Rapid City, Janyce Hockenbary may be claiming that she did not write the letter! Despite it saying paid for by Janyce Hockenbary.

And there’s that other part…

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  1. “Administrators abandoning ship…” Simon’s still in Rapid City? I thought she got the message that she’s not wanted and left! I don’t live in the RCAS district, but have read about and heard enough horror stories of what the students must endure…especially with bullying teachers. It’s good that the team of Baker, Doney, Carr and Thomas have command of the RCAS board situation for the benefit and safety of the students. The VOTERS made good decisions in the last election and will do so again. Being a free country with our 1st Amendment rights, it’s good to see opposing views. If you do not agree with the views of certain candidates, then perhaps you should consider running against that person if you have a better plan and can sell it to the voters.

    1. You should not comment on things you know nothing about!! Our school board is an embarrassment to our community and has placed us back in the dark ages. Fortunately, this is our last year in the district. Perhaps you should stop listening to the “conspiracy theories” that spew from the Citizens for Liberty group. My thought and prayers go out to the dedicated teacher who deal with the backlash. It’s a very dark day in education…

    1. I like how having knowledge makes you a “liberal”. Those liberals think 2+2=4 when we all know that 2+2=5, my “news” show I watch told me this. Apparently those liberals don’t do their research like I do!

  2. We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control

    Hey teacher, leave those kids alone!

    All in all your just another brick in the wall

  3. If the statistics cited which include only Half the graduates are ready to do college level work is true, that really is shameful.
    We have heard for years that 1/3 of the incoming freshmen at the state colleges require remediation when they arrive. That tells me their high school diplomas are a joke.
    SD does not have a testing program similar to other states where children take a standardized test at different grade levels and if they fail it, they don’t go on to the next grade. This was what we experienced in Georgia and it put tremendous pressure on the kids.
    The situation here is now so bad I think we need to consider requiring all high school seniors to sit for the GED, and if they don’t pass it, they don’t graduate. If a school district has a high failure rate, maybe enough parents will get mad enough to fix the problem.

  4. Having been a teacher for the last five years (six total), I can honestly say that my colleagues do no political indoctrination of any kind. While there are those isolated cases where a few teachers do espouse politics to their students, those cases tend to get blown up by national media. Unfortunately the majority of rank-and-file teachers who keep their politics out of the classroom get painted with the same brush.

    Personally, I think a teacher who tries to force his or her politics on their students (be it liberal or conservative) doesn’t deserve to be in the classroom. Our job is to help students develop critical thinking skills, not fill them with a bunch of political balderdash.

    Frankly, if I really wanted to “indoctrinate” students, they’d show up for class on time. They’d also have their assignments done on time, leave their phones in their bookbags (or lockers)… and occasionally bring their poor teacher a Cherry Coke Zero from Sonic!**

    **This last paragraph is commonly referred to as a “joke”, something that a lot of commenters on here tend to forget.

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