13 thoughts on “Marty Jackley keynotes in front of a full house at the Davison Co Lincoln Day Dinner”

    1. Noem spoke at Brookings and Brown County LDDs. I don’t think anyone is getting boxed out….

  1. How is the speaker at a SD GOP sponsored LIncoln Day Dinner; being South Dakota’s elected Attorney General, boxing out South Dakota’s one only also, US Representative ?

    Really Anon how is this happening in your opinion??

    1. I’m not sure I understand the comment above either but my guess is that it references the early entry of Mike Rounds into the US Senate race. Rounds got in the race in November 2012 and raised money and locked up support early. Most good candidates do not want to run against other good candidates and will go to great lengths to avoid such a race.

      It was the most brilliant aspect of the Rounds 2014 campaign.

      Right now it looks (at least from what I’m hearing) Jackley and Mickelson are working it hard across the state. It is perhaps the worst kept secret in SD that they are running for governor.

      Do donors and volunteers really wait for Noem?

      1. Yes, it is the worst kept secret. He was talking about the governor’s race at a Summit League tournament basketball game in March. He nor the two goofballs with him were not subtle about it at all.

        1. Just FYI Jason Ravnsborg and Lee Stranahan were not technically WITH Marty Jackley. They were stalking him.

          1. Just FYI, those two were nowhere near Marty and his guy pals. I believe one is a DCI agent … who probably should not be based on things I heard him say about other fans sitting near him. Not sure about the other’s profession. It was a very interesting trio and not in a good way. Conversation wise.

      2. Anyone worth their salt knows that Noem is also looking at that race. Mickelson and Jackley just have to be more proactive because they don’t have the same name ID and donor base that Noem already has.

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