Matt Wagner suspends campaign for D8 House

Word out of the Brookings GOP meeting this morning is that Matt Wagner, who had declared his candidacy for District 8 House for the open seat, has suspended his campaign for the office. This leaves incumbent Tim  Reisch, former Lake Co. Sheriff  Tim Walburg, and election truther Rick Weible competing for 2 seats in the Republican primary.

Also coming out of the meeting is that apparently former State Rep. Doug Posr announced he is running for a seat on the Brookings County Commission.

More to come.


5 thoughts on “Matt Wagner suspends campaign for D8 House”

  1. Mr. Weible is going to really jazz this one up.

    Mr. Weible, email grudznick for some election tips.

  2. after watching some of the youtube videos of the Brookings County Commissioners, Doug Post must be a glutton for punishment.
    Imagine having to attend a meeting at 8:30 in tbe morning so you can be informed that you are godless heathens who will all burn in hell, your election officials are all doing a terrible job, and you should concentrate on teaching children to love themselves and you should be giving everybody hugs.
    And you have to listen to this with a straight face.

    The school board cut the public comments down from five minutes to three. The county commissioners should take heed.

  3. Mr. Post is not a godless heathen. grudznick attends those meetings and I have never seen him there. Mr. Post had a failed few years in the legislatures, so this posting prolly suits him well.

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